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idk sometimes you just want to write awkward beejs under the table

the oral sex meme

  • comment with your character.
  • respond to others
  • get down and dirty, hot and wet. spell the abc's with your tongue or recite some tongue twisters. orgasms are the name of the game, and gratuitous oral sex is the name of the game!
  • post picture prompts OR write starters OR whatever!
  • have a grand ol' time
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crowe altius, ff: kingsglaive.

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[ooc: how about these two indulge themselves?]
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[ OOC / always and always. i'm up for either of them giving! ]
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[Ardyn sent a message to Crowe to meet up in his private quarters; his bedroom. He hadn't spoken or seen her in days and now desired her greatly. It seemed the needs of the flesh couldn't be escaped so easily. The Chancellor poured himself out a glass of red wine while he waited for her to show.]