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idk sometimes you just want to write awkward beejs under the table

the oral sex meme

  • comment with your character.
  • respond to others
  • get down and dirty, hot and wet. spell the abc's with your tongue or recite some tongue twisters. orgasms are the name of the game, and gratuitous oral sex is the name of the game!
  • post picture prompts OR write starters OR whatever!
  • have a grand ol' time
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rey - a star war

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[ no star war villains plz.]
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[ If Finn stopped to wonder how things had gotten this far - how he had pushed aside the cloth that drapes over Rey's waist, how he had discarded the pants she wore and carefully studied each brilliant part of her new bare to him, - he was sure that he'd lose his nerve. He wasn't quite sure how he had found it in the first place. A mistaken brush of his hand and turned into hesitant touches and stares until they tumbled toward the cot so they could continue their quiet discoveries.

Finn had never, ever dreamed of a personal contact like this. Each touch of Rey's skin was like water to his unattended thirst. And it seemed to him that she was just as eager. Her hands traced along his jaw and neck, finding skin-to-skin contact wherever she could. They hadn't spared many words, likely because they were both afraid of breaking whatever spell they were under. There were questions answered in breathless affirmatives.

He had looked at Rey when he had reached the hem of her pants, a silent question passing between them. She understood and answered with a gentle "yes" and nod of her head.

He lowered his head to her thigh, letting his lips just graze the warm, smooth skin there. Even still, he needed to test the water - needed to be sure this was alright. ]
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[ Her life had been a barren wasteland when it came to physical touch ( she lived quite literally in a barren wasteland). The way she lived didn't give her the opportunity to touch many people. The people on Jakku were rough, to say the very least. Most took things by force, something Rey knew all too well, something she'd managed to fight off. Affection wasn't a luxury she was afforded.

And now that she has it, she's desperate for more, to feel every touch. The only sound that comes from her lips are soft, tiny gasps, her breathing more labored than it should be, considering she's spent hours climbing the skeletons of destroyers and running through sand dunes.

Her hands move restlessly once he's down her body, one hand sliding over the top of his head, the other moving to grasp at the edge of her cot. His name slips from her lips when he kisses her inner thigh, her eyes fluttering, clearly entranced by what his mouth was doing.]