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...are we dating?

The Dating Meme

Dating is, when you think about, really weird. It's a totally different thing for different people. Some are friends for years before they date; others start dating on the same day they met. Sometimes, there's a lot mushy stuff involved; other times, the couple acts just like friends. None of this is necessarily right or wrong.

Whatever it is, your character and the character you reply to are now dating. How? That's up to you. Whether it be awkward or not, the relationship will be uniquely theirs.

How to Play
-Comment with your character and preferences.
-Reply to others.
-Have fun.

1. Best Friends to More: Oh, wow, you've been this person's friend forever! But then you realize you have feelings for them, and they for you. Will things change when you change your status?
2. The Sudden Decision: Hey, I just met you, and this is crazy, but here I am, date me maybe?
3. Confession: You've had feelings for this person for, like, ages, and you want to ask them to date you. Or maybe the confession just slips out...
4. Hate Date: You really don't like this person; actually, you hate them. But you don't want them to be with anyone else!
5. I Guess We're Dating: Huh. We are dating, aren't we? Everyone else knew before us...
6. Slow Decision: For the more mature and seasoned, they might fall into something sweet without needing to rush.
7. Been Burned Before: One of you has had a bad relationship, and now both of you have to bear that brunt if you want to date now.
8. Innocence: This is your first real relationship, so you have to figure it out together. That's harder than it looks.
9. Courting: You're from an old-fashioned world or are old-fashioned yourself, so it's courting, not dating. Still, maybe you can sneak away from the chaperon.
10. First Date: Your first true date. What's it like? What would happen if...I don't went bad?
11. First Kiss: Of course.
12. First Time: Together or in general.
13. The Perfect Couple: The couple that never argues and is more like best friends than a couple.
14. The Not-So-Perfect Couple: Ugh, these guys always argue and seem to despise each other. Why are they even together?
15. Comfortable: You can do anything around or in front of your honey.
16. Not Cut Out for Dating: One of you is anti-social, a jerk, a stoic badass, whatever. You're not dating material...yet here you are.
17. Getting on Each Others' Nerves: Spending too much time together can get even the most patient people annoyed with the person they're dating.
18. Know What You Like: It's almost like they can read your mind, whether it be in the kitchen, at the store, or in the bedroom.
19. Trouble in Paradise: Maybe it's external factors, or perhaps internal, but whatever the case may be, things aren't looking so sunny.
20. Test the Strength: Someone else has an obvious crush on the person you're dating. What do you do?
21. Pregnancy Scare: Hey, it happens. So, how do you feel when the period turns up missing?
22. Getting Serious: Things are getting way deep with this person. They may be the one...or maybe they think they are, while you're not too sure.
23. Old Hat: This relationship is dull. Can you get back the spark?
24. End It: You don't want to date them anymore. You want to see other people.
25. Taking It to the Next Level: You don't want to date them anymore. You want to marry them.
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I don't know what else but at least 11 :v possibly 10 and 16 too??

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[Cloud still doesn't know how this happened, but confused and uncertain or not, he doesn't really... mind. Not that he can't help but wonder how long this might last since it's not like anyone's really paid much... attention to him before and that's for a reason, isn't it?

But the hand around his is warm, and maybe it's a little funny Noctis is still managing to fish (so far) one-handed. Tilting his head back from watching the stars, Cloud bites his lip, hesitating.]

... Any bites?
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Just cute. So much cute.

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[It's not often that Noctis finds someone he's this comfortable around and maybe that has a lot to do with why he found himself drawn to Cloud. The other had never treated him like he was different; like he was untouchable. The same kindness the blonde showed to everyone had been used on Noctis.

And the prince had fallen. Hard.

Absently his fingers tighten around Cloud's as he looks away from the water to glance at the blonde, lips curving into a lopsided sort of smile.]

Not tonight. Seems like all the fish are busy doing other things.
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:D yay good

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[It's the smile just as much as the slight tightening of the grip around his hand that makes him meet the smile with a small, shy one of his own and decide that, uncertain or not... it should be okay to enjoy this for however long it lasts, right? Leaning forward to peer into the dark water beneath the pier, he can't really see anything; it's perfectly still.]

... Sorry. Guess we should've gotten here a little earlier. [Grimacing a little as he straightens up again, Cloud meets Noctis' gaze and ducks his head, stomach suddenly warm and fluttery, and it's his turn to squeeze their joined hands a little tighter.] ... At least, it's not cloudy.

[If he was feeling a little bolder, he might have made a joke about how the sky matched Noctis' name, but as it is, he's just happy it's a clear night, and that the warm air and distant chirring of insects makes it easy to, for now, not think about another star-strewn night. This is important in other ways.]
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It's alright. I can go fishing anytime. [He can't help but laugh a little at the other's statement and he sets his pole aside, not bothering to reel it in right now.] There's something kind of hilarious about you using that word.

[Sorry, Cloud. He can't help it. Together they make a cloudy night.

Swaying slightly to bump into the other, Noctis ends up resting against him slightly as he looks down at their joined hands.]

It's been a good night, despite the lack of fish. [Throwing caution to the wind, the prince takes a page out of Gladio's book--being suave and all--and lifts their hands so he can press a kiss to Cloud's knuckles.] I'm just glad I got to spend time with you.

[Hopefully that comes off as smooth as he wants it to. Please ignore the blushing, Cloud.]
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Noctis. [Cloud can't decide whether to scowl in silent threat or just frown, so unfortunately he ends up pouting instead, even if he doesn't quite notice it. At least there wasn't a full joke made out of that, but it's also like he can avoid it. The sky is cloudy all the time, after all... Huffing softly, Cloud smiles a little anyway as Noctis bumps into his shoulder]

... Uh-huh. It has--- [Breath catching a little, Cloud cuts off, staring and feeling kind of silly for the way his stomach is suddenly full of butterflies at the soft brush of lips against his knuckles.

His hand twitches a little in Noctis' grip as he bites his lip and looks down, a blush on his cheeks to match the one Noctis is sporting. Maybe it's weird, but the fact that he did see that before he had to look away is mostly what gets him to look up again quite soon.]
Um. Yeah. Me too...

[... Yeah, like that is eloquent at all, and Cloud almost groans and retreats. Almost, though he's looking down at his hand wrapped around the prince's again, blush darker than before.]

... Guess it worked out, even with no fish. [Taking a breath, Cloud looks up through his bangs, a small, shy smile on his face.] Sorry I, didn't ask in person though...

[It seems like he should have, but every time he'd considered to do so, completely aside from his insecurity about why Noctis was interested in him, Cloud had just about died at the thought, so in the end he'd sent an email. Easier that way.]