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...are we dating?

The Dating Meme

Dating is, when you think about, really weird. It's a totally different thing for different people. Some are friends for years before they date; others start dating on the same day they met. Sometimes, there's a lot mushy stuff involved; other times, the couple acts just like friends. None of this is necessarily right or wrong.

Whatever it is, your character and the character you reply to are now dating. How? That's up to you. Whether it be awkward or not, the relationship will be uniquely theirs.

How to Play
-Comment with your character and preferences.
-Reply to others.
-Have fun.

1. Best Friends to More: Oh, wow, you've been this person's friend forever! But then you realize you have feelings for them, and they for you. Will things change when you change your status?
2. The Sudden Decision: Hey, I just met you, and this is crazy, but here I am, date me maybe?
3. Confession: You've had feelings for this person for, like, ages, and you want to ask them to date you. Or maybe the confession just slips out...
4. Hate Date: You really don't like this person; actually, you hate them. But you don't want them to be with anyone else!
5. I Guess We're Dating: Huh. We are dating, aren't we? Everyone else knew before us...
6. Slow Decision: For the more mature and seasoned, they might fall into something sweet without needing to rush.
7. Been Burned Before: One of you has had a bad relationship, and now both of you have to bear that brunt if you want to date now.
8. Innocence: This is your first real relationship, so you have to figure it out together. That's harder than it looks.
9. Courting: You're from an old-fashioned world or are old-fashioned yourself, so it's courting, not dating. Still, maybe you can sneak away from the chaperon.
10. First Date: Your first true date. What's it like? What would happen if...I don't went bad?
11. First Kiss: Of course.
12. First Time: Together or in general.
13. The Perfect Couple: The couple that never argues and is more like best friends than a couple.
14. The Not-So-Perfect Couple: Ugh, these guys always argue and seem to despise each other. Why are they even together?
15. Comfortable: You can do anything around or in front of your honey.
16. Not Cut Out for Dating: One of you is anti-social, a jerk, a stoic badass, whatever. You're not dating material...yet here you are.
17. Getting on Each Others' Nerves: Spending too much time together can get even the most patient people annoyed with the person they're dating.
18. Know What You Like: It's almost like they can read your mind, whether it be in the kitchen, at the store, or in the bedroom.
19. Trouble in Paradise: Maybe it's external factors, or perhaps internal, but whatever the case may be, things aren't looking so sunny.
20. Test the Strength: Someone else has an obvious crush on the person you're dating. What do you do?
21. Pregnancy Scare: Hey, it happens. So, how do you feel when the period turns up missing?
22. Getting Serious: Things are getting way deep with this person. They may be the one...or maybe they think they are, while you're not too sure.
23. Old Hat: This relationship is dull. Can you get back the spark?
24. End It: You don't want to date them anymore. You want to see other people.
25. Taking It to the Next Level: You don't want to date them anymore. You want to marry them.
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Noctis Lucis Caelum | Final Fantasy XV

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I don't know what else but at least 11 :v possibly 10 and 16 too??

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[Cloud still doesn't know how this happened, but confused and uncertain or not, he doesn't really... mind. Not that he can't help but wonder how long this might last since it's not like anyone's really paid much... attention to him before and that's for a reason, isn't it?

But the hand around his is warm, and maybe it's a little funny Noctis is still managing to fish (so far) one-handed. Tilting his head back from watching the stars, Cloud bites his lip, hesitating.]

... Any bites?
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Just cute. So much cute.

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[It's not often that Noctis finds someone he's this comfortable around and maybe that has a lot to do with why he found himself drawn to Cloud. The other had never treated him like he was different; like he was untouchable. The same kindness the blonde showed to everyone had been used on Noctis.

And the prince had fallen. Hard.

Absently his fingers tighten around Cloud's as he looks away from the water to glance at the blonde, lips curving into a lopsided sort of smile.]

Not tonight. Seems like all the fish are busy doing other things.
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:D yay good

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[It's the smile just as much as the slight tightening of the grip around his hand that makes him meet the smile with a small, shy one of his own and decide that, uncertain or not... it should be okay to enjoy this for however long it lasts, right? Leaning forward to peer into the dark water beneath the pier, he can't really see anything; it's perfectly still.]

... Sorry. Guess we should've gotten here a little earlier. [Grimacing a little as he straightens up again, Cloud meets Noctis' gaze and ducks his head, stomach suddenly warm and fluttery, and it's his turn to squeeze their joined hands a little tighter.] ... At least, it's not cloudy.

[If he was feeling a little bolder, he might have made a joke about how the sky matched Noctis' name, but as it is, he's just happy it's a clear night, and that the warm air and distant chirring of insects makes it easy to, for now, not think about another star-strewn night. This is important in other ways.]
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It's alright. I can go fishing anytime. [He can't help but laugh a little at the other's statement and he sets his pole aside, not bothering to reel it in right now.] There's something kind of hilarious about you using that word.

[Sorry, Cloud. He can't help it. Together they make a cloudy night.

Swaying slightly to bump into the other, Noctis ends up resting against him slightly as he looks down at their joined hands.]

It's been a good night, despite the lack of fish. [Throwing caution to the wind, the prince takes a page out of Gladio's book--being suave and all--and lifts their hands so he can press a kiss to Cloud's knuckles.] I'm just glad I got to spend time with you.

[Hopefully that comes off as smooth as he wants it to. Please ignore the blushing, Cloud.]
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Noctis. [Cloud can't decide whether to scowl in silent threat or just frown, so unfortunately he ends up pouting instead, even if he doesn't quite notice it. At least there wasn't a full joke made out of that, but it's also like he can avoid it. The sky is cloudy all the time, after all... Huffing softly, Cloud smiles a little anyway as Noctis bumps into his shoulder]

... Uh-huh. It has--- [Breath catching a little, Cloud cuts off, staring and feeling kind of silly for the way his stomach is suddenly full of butterflies at the soft brush of lips against his knuckles.

His hand twitches a little in Noctis' grip as he bites his lip and looks down, a blush on his cheeks to match the one Noctis is sporting. Maybe it's weird, but the fact that he did see that before he had to look away is mostly what gets him to look up again quite soon.]
Um. Yeah. Me too...

[... Yeah, like that is eloquent at all, and Cloud almost groans and retreats. Almost, though he's looking down at his hand wrapped around the prince's again, blush darker than before.]

... Guess it worked out, even with no fish. [Taking a breath, Cloud looks up through his bangs, a small, shy smile on his face.] Sorry I, didn't ask in person though...

[It seems like he should have, but every time he'd considered to do so, completely aside from his insecurity about why Noctis was interested in him, Cloud had just about died at the thought, so in the end he'd sent an email. Easier that way.]
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[It gets a laugh out of the prince though there's not malice in it; just all in good fun as he gives the other a soft smile.]

Hey, my name means night sky so I can't say much.

[The way the other fumbles over his words when Noctis kisses his hand has the prince feeling momentarily victorious. The advice Gladio had given him is definitely helping even though he's a lot more awkward than the other man probably is. But hey! A victory is a victory!

Giving Cloud's hand a squeeze, Noctis lowers their hands again, shrugging slightly.]

You don't have to apologize. Honestly I..probably..would have done the same. I'm really not good with asking stuff like this to someone's face.

[Mostly because he'd never really done it before.]
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[At least there's that - Cloud never would have thought he'd meet someone with a name that was similarly easy to make fun of. Of course, given the older form, Noctis' was at least a little harder than his.]

Got there before you, huh. [Still smiling shyly, though it has widened a little, Cloud cocks his head, gaze lowering to watch their joined hands instead and Noctis' thumb resting on his knuckles.] It just... seemed like the sort of thing you should do in person.

[Nevermind it seems to be a theme for him, sending a message to ask someone to meet him... At least this time, he'd been far less worried what the recipient thought of him. Not that he hadn't been nervous, and worried he might have asked for too much, gone too far to ruin this, whatever it was. He hadn't, obviously, and that thought shoots an awkward, warm flutter through his stomach.]

... Guess that makes two of us, though...

[Which feels rather reassuring, even if it might be easier if at least one of them were more at... ease? Maybe. Glancing up through his bangs and maybe landing on Noctis' lips for a moment too long, remembering the light brush against the back of his hand, Cloud rather wants... more. But how to, well. Do that?]
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[Not by much, though. His friends still found a lot of clever ways to make a pun out of his name.]

To be honest, I probably would have asked through text too. [It's said sheepishly but it's true. This is Noctis we're talking about. Mister Prince isn't exactly the most social butterfly around and it's just so much easier to talk to people through text.

At least with Cloud he feels comfortable. It's like how he feels around Ignis, Gladio and Prompto but there's..more warmth to this. There's always an excited knot in his stomach whenever he knows he's going to be seeing Cloud and even now, sitting here like this, the knot is still there.

He glances over at his companion just in time to catch him watching in return and he smiles a bit shyly himself as he squeezes Cloud's hand.]

What's on your mind?
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[There's a silent little moment and then Cloud's laughing softly. That really does make it two of them, then, and it is reassuring. There's not... really a lot of people that doesn't somehow mind how he is. The number who doesn't is actually far easier to count.]

Um--- [He glances up again, almost reflexively, at the question, unintentionally stopping right where he was looking before and then snapping his gaze up to meet Noctis' eyes, but by then there's already a blush slowly spreading over his cheeks. One which just deepens when he meets the stare and then looks away, shaking his head.]

Not... um. Nothing.

[A lie, but while he might scrape up enough courage to lean over in a bit, actually saying it? Cloud can't exactly find the words. It'd be easier to just... do it, but with Noctis' eyes on him...]
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[He knows you're lying. He sees that blush.

As the other tries to look away, Noctis's free hand comes up to catch his chin and turn his head back. An eyebrow lifts as he looks at the other, smiling softly at the sight of the blush.]

Come on, what's up?

[His grip shifts from the other's chin so he can cup his cheek instead, his own head tilting.]

I didn't do something to upset you, right?
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[Frowning (all right, admittedly more like pouting) at Noctis when he's pulled back to face him, the blush, of course, refuses to leave. Nothing made better when his cheek is cupped, instead. He feels like he's burning up - though some of that shyness is doused in awkward alarm, then.]

What? No! [Grimacing, Cloud frowns.] Sorry. I, want to...

[But trying to say it leaves the words stuck on his tongue as Cloud's blush darkens and he bites his lip, frowning rather fiercely by now. He should say it. Should ask first, but glancing up at the stare still aimed at him makes him falter again and finally he shakes his head, takes a breath, and leans forward.

It's... probably not much of a kiss. Cloud knows what he's supposed to be doing in theory, of course, and this isn't complicated, but he hesitated a moment right before he pushed forward enough to let their lips brush, and the second that happened a little jolt of excited anxiety shoots through him.

Jerking back, Cloud glances up, barely meets Noctis' eyes, and then looks away again.]

... that.
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Oh okay.

Noctis is a bit stunned for two reasons. One, he was expecting that. Two, he wasn't expecting that from Cloud. The blonde was always so shy and usually it was Noctis making the moves or initiating things but hey he was definitely not going to complain about this.

Not at all.

He snaps out of his moment of shock and a warm smile appears on his lips, the prince reaching for and turning Cloud's chin so he can meet the other's gaze again.]

You..sure you didn't mean this?

[And then he's leaning in to kiss the blonde in return, the prince trying to ignore just how much he, himself, is blushing right now.]

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a mix of everything

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[It's so dumb that she's so nervous about this. It isn't the first a boy had asked her out on a date, but it would be the first real true date she's ever had.

And why she's going on it, and why Noctis even asked her is beyond Aqua right now. She figures there was a little bit of encouragement from his friends. Gladio and Ignis advising Noctis, and Prompto encouraging her. Why else would the blonde want to go out shopping with her?

To pick out the perfect outfit that his best friend will like obviously. Aqua was a little too nervous during the whole endeavour to really enjoy the outting, and some of his choices were a little much. A long ball gown or a flared dress? Not exactly functional in case they run into some daemons.

So instead it's something simple. A dark collared halter top with violet decorative designs, tall black boots and leggings, with just one of her blue sashes tied around her waist and her long white one to be used aa a shawl. Simple, but powerful and cute. At least according to Prompto.

For now there's little she can do but wait for Noctis to arrive at their designated meeting place. She only hopes that Prince hasn't nodded off somewhere and left her in the lurch.]
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[Whereas Aqua had been on dates before, Noctis had never. At all. One couldn't really count the dinners he'd been made to go to with visiting nobles or delegates because he hadn't cared about any of them. Hell, he and Luna had never done anything like this either so it was probably a good thing that the wedding wasn't..really...a thing.

Needless to say, a certain Prince had looked to Gladio and Ignis for help and it was probably a really good thing. (Prompto wouldn't have given the best advice, let's be honest.)

His suit jacket and tie had been left behind, leaving the prince in a pair of well pressed black slacks and a dark gray, almost black button up shirt that was neatly tucked in but the top few buttons had been left undone. At Gladio's suggestion the sleeves had been carefully folded to his elbows to make him look just a touch more casual but still like he was taking the date seriously. The look was finished off with a pair of black dress shoes that had been cleaned up and polished and his usually untameable hair been gotten under control a bit.

He felt so weird all dressed up like this..but really it had more to do with his nerves over going on a date with Aqua.]

...Hey. [He was a few minutes late as he stopped a few steps away from his date, one hand in his pocket while the other rubbed at the back of his neck.] Sorry I'm a little late..
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[Honestly, after all the travelling and fighting and mishaps that they've all gotten into on the road, she really shouldn't be as nervous as she is. Aqua finds her focus and her eyes solely on the blue star charm resting in her hands, trying to find strength and courage from looking at it. She sincerely hopes this goes well, and every once and a while, wonders about the two boys and what they would think about all this.

One would be excited and tease her no doubt. The other would probably size Noctis up. It makes her smile fondly just thinking about them.

Noctis's voice is enough to bring Aqua out of her thoughts as she looks up and at the Prince, taking in his own attire. She was half expecting him to wear his usual suit jacket, but he looks good... even if his hair looks a bit odd like that. Maybe she's just used to his usual style.

She tucks away the charm into a small black pouch and smiles softly at him. Maybe if she just doesn't focus too much on this being an actual date, it might calm her nerves a bit more.

She shakes her head, fully turning to him with a deep breath.]
That's alright. I wasn't waiting long.

[Although she had been wondering if he got stuck with his fishing again...]
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[Looking up and at her properly, Noctis looses his words for a moment. He can't help but stare for a second and it's just long enough that the blush staining his cheeks becomes even more visible now. Sure he'd been traveling with Aqua for awhile now and he'd always thought she was pretty...but he was wrong. She's gorgeous.

He blinks and snaps himself out of his daze, glancing off to the side as he tries to compose himself, the blush starting to reach his ears.]

So..ah..ready? For dinner, I mean.

[Smooth. Very smooth. He's going to be so good at this tonight.]
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[The blush that spreads on him, makes her face go red as well. She could compose herself, but when someone presented her with a concept like a date or was blushing about said date as well, she can't help but follow suit...

She glances down for a moment to keep herself together, takes a deep breath and smiles again, closing the gap between them. Her hands and fingers are laced together, the silver mastery mark pinned to her shawl gleams in the twilight.]

Ready if you are. [And a little playfully.] I'm... trusting your judgement tonight. I still don't know all about your restaurants here.
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[It takes everything he has not to step away when she moves closer, old habits still dying hard for him as he tries to control his blushing.]

Definitely ready.

[The playful banter gets a small huff of laughter out of him--a good sign!]

Wow, Aqua, way to put the pressure on.

[After a moment of hesitation he turns slightly, bending his arm to offer it to her.]

Come on. Let's see if I can impress you.
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[It might make him laugh, but she almost looks a little stunned at herself, her own blush spreading. The last thing she wanted to do was pressure him even more. She glances away for a mere moment.]

That... that's not what I meant.

[But maybe, secretly, it is? She really wants this to go well for the both of them, even if she has no real clue how to date.

Her face heats up again when he speaks of impressing her. Honestly, offering his arm to her like that really does remind her that Noctis is a prince. He hardly ever acts like it on the road, and she can't be sure if she likes it or not.

Doesn't stop her from wrapping her arm around his, a shy smile spreading across her face.]

You're already off to a good start, if that counts.
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I know. I'm just teasing.

[Trying to lighten the mood a bit and maybe hide just how awkward he really is in this sort of situation. But he wants to try; God does he want to try and do this right because it's Aqua and he wants to impress her so badly.

The feel of her arm around his helps him relax, just a bit at least, and he reaches up to rub the back of his head with his free hand as he starts to lead her down the street.]

Good. At least I'm doing something right.
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[Oh! Teasing heh? She glances away with a sheepish smile and laugh, feeling a little embarrassed. As nervous as she is, Aqua would rather Noctis relax and not focus on impressing her.

She doesn't need to be impressed to enjoy someone's company. Least of all with a prince on a romantic date.]

You're fine, Noctis. Just... don't worry? [She's not sure if she should be saying that or not. How she wishes someone could give her a manual on how to date.

Her eyes follow his free hand, looking him over again.]
You fixed your hair? [Although that's not how she wants to word it. She likes his usually style.]
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[He can't help it; he just wants to make a good impressive. And he may have listened to a little too much advice from the others. Especially Gladio.]

Easier said than done. [It comes out softly, like he doesn't want to admit it but he is worrying. He's worrying about making this a fun night for Aqua and making sure he doesn't make an ass of himself.

A blush sweeps his cheeks when she mentions his hair and he reaches up with his free hand as if he's about to run a hand through it before he stops himself.]

Yeah it...Ignis said I should try and tame it. I think I might have tamed it too much.
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[Noctis, you should know by now that she has a ton of patience and forgiveness. Aqua's got quite a bit of tolerance too. She won't think you're an ass.

And at least he has someone to ask for advice. Prompto helped her, but it's not quite the same.]
You're doing fine. I... [She glances away sheepishly, a blush on her own face.] ...haven't done this much before so my experience is limited, but you're okay.

[It looks good and proper, but too formal. He should really save the hair gel for more royal events.

Even if he stops himself, Aqua might just reach up with her own free hand and give it a gentle tussle in the back. Just enough to loosen it up to resemble his usual style.]

There. Better.
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I..haven't exactly either.

[Never. He'd never been on a date before.

Noctis stops out of surprise as she reaches up, a muffled noise of protest escaping him as she ruffles his hair. He has a half a mind to pout at her but he can't help but let out a laugh, a fond look touching his face as he runs a hand through his hair properly now.]

Alright, I get it. No more hair gel.

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