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...are we dating?

The Dating Meme

Dating is, when you think about, really weird. It's a totally different thing for different people. Some are friends for years before they date; others start dating on the same day they met. Sometimes, there's a lot mushy stuff involved; other times, the couple acts just like friends. None of this is necessarily right or wrong.

Whatever it is, your character and the character you reply to are now dating. How? That's up to you. Whether it be awkward or not, the relationship will be uniquely theirs.

How to Play
-Comment with your character and preferences.
-Reply to others.
-Have fun.

1. Best Friends to More: Oh, wow, you've been this person's friend forever! But then you realize you have feelings for them, and they for you. Will things change when you change your status?
2. The Sudden Decision: Hey, I just met you, and this is crazy, but here I am, date me maybe?
3. Confession: You've had feelings for this person for, like, ages, and you want to ask them to date you. Or maybe the confession just slips out...
4. Hate Date: You really don't like this person; actually, you hate them. But you don't want them to be with anyone else!
5. I Guess We're Dating: Huh. We are dating, aren't we? Everyone else knew before us...
6. Slow Decision: For the more mature and seasoned, they might fall into something sweet without needing to rush.
7. Been Burned Before: One of you has had a bad relationship, and now both of you have to bear that brunt if you want to date now.
8. Innocence: This is your first real relationship, so you have to figure it out together. That's harder than it looks.
9. Courting: You're from an old-fashioned world or are old-fashioned yourself, so it's courting, not dating. Still, maybe you can sneak away from the chaperon.
10. First Date: Your first true date. What's it like? What would happen if...I don't went bad?
11. First Kiss: Of course.
12. First Time: Together or in general.
13. The Perfect Couple: The couple that never argues and is more like best friends than a couple.
14. The Not-So-Perfect Couple: Ugh, these guys always argue and seem to despise each other. Why are they even together?
15. Comfortable: You can do anything around or in front of your honey.
16. Not Cut Out for Dating: One of you is anti-social, a jerk, a stoic badass, whatever. You're not dating material...yet here you are.
17. Getting on Each Others' Nerves: Spending too much time together can get even the most patient people annoyed with the person they're dating.
18. Know What You Like: It's almost like they can read your mind, whether it be in the kitchen, at the store, or in the bedroom.
19. Trouble in Paradise: Maybe it's external factors, or perhaps internal, but whatever the case may be, things aren't looking so sunny.
20. Test the Strength: Someone else has an obvious crush on the person you're dating. What do you do?
21. Pregnancy Scare: Hey, it happens. So, how do you feel when the period turns up missing?
22. Getting Serious: Things are getting way deep with this person. They may be the one...or maybe they think they are, while you're not too sure.
23. Old Hat: This relationship is dull. Can you get back the spark?
24. End It: You don't want to date them anymore. You want to see other people.
25. Taking It to the Next Level: You don't want to date them anymore. You want to marry them.
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Colette Wise | Original | OTA

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New York on a Sunday evening is just as frenetic as it is any other time, a swarm of people rushing through their lives. For Jonothon Starsmore, the pace of the city is a comfort and the sheer number of people means he is less conspicuous.

No, he's not too worried about standing out this evening. He's nervous for an entirely different reason: he has a date. A date with a girl he's never properly met but only texted. Even that was accidental. For all he knows, this is a prank or a trap.

But in case it isn't, he's made sure to wear nice boots.

He waits at a table in a coffee shop with a cup of tea he can't drink and tries not to look terrified.
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Getting a random text from a guy is not the best way for anyone to pick up a date, but then Colette hasn't been doing much of the trying to pick guys up lately. Even now she feels a twinge of guilt that's mostly neutralized by the excitement of possibility. There are so many ways the night could go.

She gets some iced tea, makes it toxic sweet, and looks around the room. Her own black mini-dress over floral leggings might not stand out, but she figures it's kind of cute. Jono, by virtue of his face wrap, does stand out slightly more, and she's able to make her way over.

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The voice that speaks his name is not quite what he'd expected - he'd been anticipating something more girlish - but pleasant. The moment he he hears it and looks up he realises it really is too late to call this off.

Crap. She's beautiful.

~Ullo. Colette, yeah?~

He has no voice, not really. Just thought transferred from one mind to another. As such there is nothing to 'hear' audibly, but his speech is still clearly English, still somehow softly melodic.
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Colette doesn't realize she hadn't thought about how the man in the picture would communicate until his words are in her head. Paper or hand gestures, but not the psychic communication that is odd and pleasant by turns. In her opinion, it's much more soothing than her own pack a day smoker voice that is the gift of her inner vulture. All of which has her self conscious as she brushes back a stray strand of hair out of her face.

"That's me."

Not entirely sure what to do without the protection and distance of text between them, she looks and locates the chair across from him. "Mind if I take a seat?"
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Pretty girls really do trip him up, so he blinks stupidly for a second.

~Oh, yes, of course! Please.~ He gets up to get her chair, then realises that it's a bit late and he'll look dumb. But now he's standing.


He awkwardly gestures instead.

~Thanks fer coming.~
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Colette ironically manages to miss most of his awkwardness because she's trying to mix checking Jono out with not being a total dork herself. She decides the picture really wasn't flattering in about the time Jono gestures to the seat.

"My pleasure, really. I haven't had many adventures lately, and texting you was definitely one of those."

She sits in the chair, setting her drink down.
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He sits again as well. One hand reflexively pushes his mop of hair back - a useless gesture since it just flops back into his eyes.

~Thanks again. It's not often a total stranger will walk you through wot to do in case of deer death.~

He can stay cool, he thinks. Just be casual, and not be weird. Easy.

~I mean I guess you've seen them before. Not that I think you run around killing deer. Not that that's horrible. Unless yer vegan.~

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There's something about having someone talk in her head that's weird and kind of comfortable at the same time. Colette is used to weird, and a guy who can get in her head isn't new. Completely different kind of guy. But still.

Also, he's funny. Rambling and unintentional, but funny.

"Definitely not vegan, no. Not a hunter, either, but plenty of people have wrecked a car because of deer back home. And I have a hard time ignoring a dude in distress."

Realizing that description could be obnoxious, she takes a drink from her tea, figuring it's hard to say anything stupid with her mouth on a straw.
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~It's definitely not something that happens where I'm from, so I most definitely was in distress.~

He puts his hands around his mug, just liking the warmth.

~I think the most I ever saw before moving to the States was a badger in Wimbledon Commons. ~
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"You mean you don't randomly run into weird animals on your way through the streets of London?" Colette says it teasingly, though there's something exotic to the thought of a life so devoid of those casual encounters with wildlife she had throughout her formative years.

Also, if he already brought up vegan, she's not sure if she wants to lead with the raising beef cattle thing.
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~Just the people, which I rather suspect may count. Although that's any big city, innit? New York is just full of weird. I think that's why I like it.

Have you lived here long?~

He's betting not - there's a sweetness to her demeanor he associates with small towns.
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"Depends on whether you believe the sewer gator stories, but the people? Definitely count."

She shakes her head, not really upset at being pegged as not being one of the real city folk. Coming from where she did is too written in the bone for her.

"Couple years. Just long enough to be less shocked by the strange and yet still find it more interesting than bothersome. How about you? Where are you settled?"
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~Never seen any gators meself,~ thinking instead of the people living down there.

~A few years is enough time to start finding the heart of a place, I think.~

He pushes his hair back again. Flop - back down.

~Oh, I'm all the way out in bloody Westchester at the moment. It's pretty enough but I would prefer the city proper.

Where yer from, does everyone have the same charming accent?~
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"Me, either. At least not in the sewers." Colette has been to a few zoos in her life time.

She nods about the time, and watches the hair flop. It's tempting to push it back, but Colette is keenly aware of the fact she's generally more comfortable with casual touch than most people in the city.

"Upstate is pretty," she says, half guessing that's where Westchester is.

He gets an easy laugh for the question, because it's not like she doesn't get asked fairly regularly, but given his own 'mental' accent, there's some irony. "Well, not all, but the part of Missouri," she turns the word into 'Miss-ur-ah' to exhaggerate her drawl just for him, "holds on to the accent a little more strongly than the cities."
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It's good she doesn't reach for him - Jonothon's reaction to sudden touch is more along the lines of "startled faun" than anything else.

Americans have many different variations in the way they talk, but some accents - like Colette's - are far more noticeable to him as a foreigner.

Her laugh is something else, too. Can give a man the shivers.

~It's quite lovely. At least it is with yer voice.~
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'Startled faun' would probably have resulted in a combination of blushing and a compulsion to provoke it again that might have left them at romantic comedy levels of adorable awkward spiraling.

Now she just gets to go a little bit pink as he compliments her voice and her accent.

"You are too kind! I don't tend to think too highly of it, myself, but thank yew." Yes, she has extended 'you' into another word in part in honest fluster, and part because she is entirely tickled by having a guy with a good accent compliment hers.
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~Long time ago I dated a girl who hated her accent because she thought it made people think she was stupid. Like they'd take her less seriously because she's from Kentucky.

I always figured sod it, you know? Wot do people know anyway? And if they underestimate you, so much the better.

Anyway, you've a lovely voice. Don't suppose you sing?~
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"She's not wrong. People do assume, but I'm too stubborn to do anything but agree with you about what they think on it." She laughs again at the suggestion that she might sing. Sure, she hums. "Can't carry a tune in a bucket. I just happen to enjoy a good song."
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~'A tune in a bucket.' That's brilliant, that is.~

That laugh has really won him over entirely, getting past his natural shyness.
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"I've got more, trust me. Bound to happen with my family." She's not sure where to go from that, but the fact he's got a calmer look to him has her buying time more casually with her drink.
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~Yeah? Wot with all the strangeness you alluded to, I shouldn't wonder,~ he says with a quick wink.

~No judgment. Me family are all entirely mad, so anything else to me seems fairly normal.~
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"Oh, I'm sure my family could compete," she says brightly. The injuries to her family pride would require her to have much of it at the moment, but that's been gone for a while after a few revelations.

"Though I do have my own weird."
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~Really? I hope yours are at least pleasant people.~

[He folds his long fingers over one another and regards her over them with warm eyes.]

~Do tell.~
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"Depends on which of the people. It's a big clan."

Her eyes drift to his hands. Hard for her not to with the gesture. She wonders if he plays an instrument.

"Nope. There's no cheat code to it skip to that level. You gotta peel back the layers. Though you already know what I do to pay my rent. I think. I did mention the crime scene cleanup gig?"

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