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the ASS-KICKING meme.

{ the ass-kicking battle meme }
war. war never changes.


  • post with your character's name & series in the title. any preferences or notes to other players go here too.
  • tag around using the RNG, or feel free to make up your own scenario if you already have an ass-kicking prompt in mind.
  • kick ass and take names.


1. GEAR UP. Can't fight a battle without the proper equipment, right? You're doing whatever you need to protect yourself from the enemy. Charging up mana. Strapping ammo to yourself. All in a day's work.

2. BATTLE ROOM. You can't just storm in there unless you want to get yourself riddled with bullet-holes-- so you've gotta plan how to down the enemy, and fast. Maps, floor plans, elaborate attack strategies.

3. PEP-TALK. All soldiers need it before going into battle. Fighting the end boss? Going up against an old friend? Better raise that morale of that pal of yours. Maybe they're nervous.

4. LAST GOODBYE. You know it's a lost cause, or that it'll be a tough fight. Say what you need to before you head out there.


5. STAKEOUT. You and your buddy have been waiting for the target to appear for some time, whether you're cramped in a loft with sniper rifles or at a bar undercover with a pistol strapped to your thigh.

6. INFILTRATION. Whether you're navigating your way through hi-tech laser security systems, avoiding trip wires and empty can noise traps or sneaking into the enemy's lair in the dark, you're a pro at infiltration. I hope.

7. UNDER FIRE. From whatever common enemy or beast you pissed off, they're after you, teeth flashing or guns blazing. Better think quick.

8. SUDDENLY, UNARMED. Whatever weapon you use has been deactivated, knocked out of reach or broken. Ensue amazing karate skills.

9. MAN DOWN. You've been downed in battle by whatever you're fighting. Let's hope you're just unconscious and that your comrades are gonna avenge you.

10. AMBUSHED. You've been caught completely unawares by a horde of baddies - now would be a good time to start ass-kicking.


11. CELEBRATE. The boss is dead, the world is saved. Pop open that bottle of bubbly, will you? Time to think of all the domestic fun that awaits you now this is all over.

12. HEAL UP. Whatever you fought is dead, but it sure did tear you a new one before it went down. Time for some first aid.

13. REFLECT. What's changed, now that the battle is over? Is the battle ever really over?

14. MOURN. You lost some good guys back there - nothing's going to change that. You better come to terms with it before it consumes you.

◦ betrayal
◦ using unfamiliar weaponry
◦ disguising/going undercover
◦ 'you think you're on the wrong side'
◦ unfamiliar territory
◦ blacking out/memory loss
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Bayonetta | Bayonetta

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[ Wanna fight alongside/against a fellow Smasher? ]
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[personal profile] gotafever 2017-03-23 12:50 am (UTC)(link)
[Sure! Does a co-op fight against Master Core/Master Fortress sound okay? I know that you can't fight Master Fortress in Co-Op, but after trying (and repeatedly failing) to beat Classic 9.0 with no customs, it should be cathartic.]
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[ Heck yeah! I couldn't even beat it on 9.0 (I'm a casual scrub). I'll throw down a starter but if you don't like it, then feel free to make your own! ]

It was rare to take on the Classic Challenge as a team. But ever since the Master Hand and Crazy Hand had begun to take on challengers together from the start, it made sense to permit teams to enter.

As they entered the Final Destination, Pikachu was very happy! The challenge had been difficult but fighting alongside Bayonetta had proven to be an experience. She wasn't like any other fighter he knew, being able to slow time and strike her enemies continuously with the guns both in her hands and in her heels. He knew that when the time came for them to fight each other, she was going to be a tough opponent to face... which meant he only liked her more. The point of Smash was to grow stronger through battle, together.

But that would come later. For now, it was time to carry out the time-honoured tradition of fighting the ones in charge of it all, the Master Hand and Crazy Hand. Pikachu dropped to all fours, smiling and ready to fight. "Pi?" Was Bayonetta ready too?