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the ASS-KICKING meme.

{ the ass-kicking battle meme }
war. war never changes.


  • post with your character's name & series in the title. any preferences or notes to other players go here too.
  • tag around using the RNG, or feel free to make up your own scenario if you already have an ass-kicking prompt in mind.
  • kick ass and take names.


1. GEAR UP. Can't fight a battle without the proper equipment, right? You're doing whatever you need to protect yourself from the enemy. Charging up mana. Strapping ammo to yourself. All in a day's work.

2. BATTLE ROOM. You can't just storm in there unless you want to get yourself riddled with bullet-holes-- so you've gotta plan how to down the enemy, and fast. Maps, floor plans, elaborate attack strategies.

3. PEP-TALK. All soldiers need it before going into battle. Fighting the end boss? Going up against an old friend? Better raise that morale of that pal of yours. Maybe they're nervous.

4. LAST GOODBYE. You know it's a lost cause, or that it'll be a tough fight. Say what you need to before you head out there.


5. STAKEOUT. You and your buddy have been waiting for the target to appear for some time, whether you're cramped in a loft with sniper rifles or at a bar undercover with a pistol strapped to your thigh.

6. INFILTRATION. Whether you're navigating your way through hi-tech laser security systems, avoiding trip wires and empty can noise traps or sneaking into the enemy's lair in the dark, you're a pro at infiltration. I hope.

7. UNDER FIRE. From whatever common enemy or beast you pissed off, they're after you, teeth flashing or guns blazing. Better think quick.

8. SUDDENLY, UNARMED. Whatever weapon you use has been deactivated, knocked out of reach or broken. Ensue amazing karate skills.

9. MAN DOWN. You've been downed in battle by whatever you're fighting. Let's hope you're just unconscious and that your comrades are gonna avenge you.

10. AMBUSHED. You've been caught completely unawares by a horde of baddies - now would be a good time to start ass-kicking.


11. CELEBRATE. The boss is dead, the world is saved. Pop open that bottle of bubbly, will you? Time to think of all the domestic fun that awaits you now this is all over.

12. HEAL UP. Whatever you fought is dead, but it sure did tear you a new one before it went down. Time for some first aid.

13. REFLECT. What's changed, now that the battle is over? Is the battle ever really over?

14. MOURN. You lost some good guys back there - nothing's going to change that. You better come to terms with it before it consumes you.

◦ betrayal
◦ using unfamiliar weaponry
◦ disguising/going undercover
◦ 'you think you're on the wrong side'
◦ unfamiliar territory
◦ blacking out/memory loss
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Sara Lance | DCTV

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locked to @zimnij_soldat

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It'd been all hands on deck. Team Arrow, Team Flash, and the Avengers dividing and conquering against the ridiculous task of stopping the next alien invasion, which had gone off without a hitch. Mostly.

Demi-gods, metahumans, and the latest tech suits, and somehow she'd still ended up unconscious underneath a pile of rubble.

One moment, she was clearing an apartment building of its remaining inhabitants, ordering them onto the last quinjet that would shuttle them to safety, and the next that building was crumbling to dust in front of her.

God knows what went down between that moment and now, but somehow she's blinking her eyes open in a bed at the Avengers med bay, which is becoming an all too familiar setting these days. She attempts to lift her head, hissing as every muscle in her body screams she do the opposite.

She mutters a curse, grimacing and forcing herself to sit up.
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[personal profile] zimnij_soldat 2017-03-21 10:15 pm (UTC)(link)
None of them had even cracked a smile or made a smart ass remark when he'd lost his shit once the message had gone over the comms, not even Stark. She wasn't the only one in the building when it finally gave up the ghost-- Hawkeye and Mister Terrific were trapped inside, too, but when Bucky had arrived on the scene, everyone had known where to point him. And Steve-- of course-- had thrown him his shield when it was clear just one vibranium-laced fist wasn't going to do enough to dig her free.

It's that same metal hand that can be found pushing much more gently against Sara's shoulder as she tries to sit up in her bed.

"Don't you dare try and get up, Sara," he says quietly. "The docs say you need to stay right where you are, and I swear I'll tie you down if I have to and for once, neither one of us will enjoy it."
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The little movement she's managed comes with a wave of unpleasant consequences - nausea, double vision, and a deep, aching pain that runs all the way from her temples to her toes.

She shuts her eyes a moment, nose wrinkling as she settles back on the bed at his direction.

"Is the doctor you're referring to the same one that turns into a raging green monster? 'Cause he's really more of a scientist than a physician."

Still, her hand shifts to take hold of his arm, and she manages to blink open her eyes to look up at him.

"Don't suppose he prescribed me liquor for treatment."
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He snorts at the jab in Bruce's direction, both because as usual, Sara's wit hasn't lost any of its sharpness, and because she's using it instead of resting, which is against what's good for her. James shakes his head.

"No, we actually do have MDs on staff here. Lots of really smart ones, in fact, and they all say you don't move."

When she reaches up to grasp his arm, the touch is too welcome for him to get mad about it.

"No booze. But you are getting the very best painkillers, though. And one of those clicker things that lets you control it."
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The snort brings a smile to her lips, worn as it is, and she rests her head back on the pillow as she looks up at him.

"Tony has a PhD or two. Bet he'd let me drink," she murmurs, hand slipping down to toy her fingertips against his.

"Painkillers I'll take. How long 'til I'm allowed to move, at least?"
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"Not exactly the voice of reason there, babe," James replies, letting his fingers lace into hers, gripping gently but enough to let her feel his contact. He blinks, forcing himself to focus on keeping Sara's spirits up instead of just how breakable this has reminded him she is.

"At least another six or eight hours of being pretty still while they knit whatever they need to however they do it--" the science was way beyond him, but the speed and effectiveness he appreciated and understood. "Then bedrest for at least four or five days after."
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"I'm just saying, he's supposed to be a super genius, so..." She smirks up at him, running her thumb along the curve of his palm.

"Sounds like fun. Bet I can make it in on my feet in three days, tops." She shifts her legs, testing the pain in her muscles. Still, even if she's the one that caught a building on its fall, she's fairly sure he looks just as tired as she does.

"You been here all night?" She furrows a brow.
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UGH work has been hell, sorry about the slow

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James blinks at the question, then gives her a smile that's equal parts sympathy and weariness, all rolled up together.

"Sara, it's been two days."

And judging by the exasperated looks on the faces of the med center staff, it's clear he's been hovering at her bedside every minute of it.
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<3 now worries at all!

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She furrows her brow at him a moment.

"Wait - seriously?" She shifts in her bed, glancing around. "No wonder everything hurts." And then, turning back to him. "You should go upstairs, get some sleep. I'm fine, I promise. Just... need a freakin' shower."
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James nods. "The first few hours were a little dicey, but the techs here say that being unconscious while the machines work means shorter recovery times."

He smiles warmly at Sara's insistence on him getting some rest. Hooking a thumb towards an armchair that has clearly been slept in a few times, James shrugs. "I'm good. And no showers for you until the bandages are off. Until then, it's strictly sponge baths."
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Brow still knitted, she lets her glance flit from the cramped armchair and pillow, then back to him.

"C'mon, I know you've slept in some crappy places in your life, but there's a perfectly good bed upstairs." She reaches for his hand again, giving it a squeeze. "Look at me. I'm fine, okay? Just sleep for a couple hours at least and when you wake up we can talk about that sponge bath."
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James returns the squeeze, but doesn't move apart from glancing over at the chart hung at the foot of her articulated bed. "I'll make you a deal-- they're coming in about half an hour to do x-rays and tests and so on. I'll catch some sleep after they wheel you away, all right?"

There was at least a 50% chance that he wouldn't simply wait for Sara to come back, since he knew that now that she was conscious, they were out of the woods for the most part.
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She considers him a moment, the worn slump of his shoulders, the hefty scruff of his beard.

"Half an hour," she allows, bringing his hand up to press a kiss to his knuckles. "Then you can't come visit me 'til I call you."
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James frowns, deeply, but he knows Sara far too well to mistake the tone of her voice. Even weakened and battered, her will is still plenty strong.

He leans over and kisses her hand in turn. "All right, it's a deal." Taking a seat on the edge of the bed, his expression softens. "Everybody's very impressed with what you did."
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She smiles up at him as he kisses her handd, reaching up to graze her fingers through his hair. Now that she's awake, it looks like his spirits are lifted at least, and for a moment she wonders exactly how dark he went while she was under.

"They all would've done the same. Guess the Avengers team spirit's wearing off on me."
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Suffice it to say that it was a good thing he was able to focus on Sara and being at her side instead of having anyone left to punch. Otherwise, the Avengers were likely to have been facing yet another inquiry into just how much latitude they gave their members in combat situations.

He nodded. "Maybe, but you and I know it's different for people like us."
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She's gotten that hint due to the relieved, roughed-up state of the medical crew. She has a feeling he hasn't been all that pleasant to be around the past two days.

She watches him a moment, squeezing his hand.

"Guess you're rubbing off on me."
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He smiles widely. "Too easy," James says, opting to not make an obvious double entendre at that comment as would be typical for most of his and Sara's conversations.

"I will say it goes both ways, though. All I care about, though, is you getting better, okay? I love you."
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That one gets a laugh, a little worn but easy and more content than she may have a right to be, considering she just survived a building literally falling on her.

"I love you, too."
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"So where are we going next? I mean, once you're up and at 'em again, I definitely think we've earned some vacation time."

Not only will it be some much-needed recuperation, they've always had excellent luck with their getaways.
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She purses her lips a moment, thoughtful, fingertips grazing along his knuckles.

"It's been about a year since Kowloon, you know."
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His eyes widen. "Has it really?" James laughs. "Part of me thinks it can't have been that long, the other thinks it has to have been much longer. Do you know what I mean?"
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She grins, nodding.

"April in Kowloon, yeah. And trust me, I know what you mean. I think this is the closest I've ever gotten to an anniversary before."
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"Same here." There were girls he'd known for a couple of years back in Brooklyn, maybe dated on and off in the meantime, but Sara was different. In pretty much every way.

"We'll have to do something to celebrate, then."

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