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Classic Hug Meme

Hug Meme: Classic Version

Post with your character, canon, and any notes/preferences. (If it is normally impossible for your character to give or receive hugs, like if they don't have limbs or are incorporeal, be sure to tell us whatever you're changing for them to participate.)

Tag other people; either roll a number from 1 to 8 or pick a hug, and give them that hug.

Get tagged.

Enjoy the aftermath!

1. Friendly Hug: The default hug; a hug as a show of platonic affection. Is it a normal hug, or a pouncetackleglomp? You decide!

2. Romantic Hug: Kissing isn't the only way that lovers share physical affection. Show your feelings with a romantic hug!

3. Comfort Hug: They look so sad... give them a hug to cheer them up!

4. Awkward Hug: You really don't want to give this person a hug; maybe you just had a fight, or you're just too stoic/manly/badass to do hugs in general. Too bad, you have to give them one. Do your best!

5. Scoop Hug: In addition to a hug, the hugger picks up the huggee slightly off the ground. Works best when they're bigger and stronger, but hey, seeing little girls try to pick up 6-foot badasses is cute too.

6. Surprise Hug: Sneak up on them from behind with a surprise hug!

7. Violent Hug: Hugs are supposed to be friendly, what gives? Whether you're squeezing the wind out of them or are just getting them into the perfect position for a backstab, you're only giving this person a hug in order to hurt them.

8. Other: Reroll, pick your own, mix and match, etc.
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Daniel Rand | Marvel (616 or MCU)

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Matt's caught on that some days, he just has to schedule meetings later in the day. And that's the beauty of being his own boss, honestly, is that he can do that. Most of his clients don't mind honestly. No one wants to be sitting at a table at nine in the morning, talking about legal issues - except for other lawyers, apparently.

But he's not meeting his first client of the day until after lunch, so he sleeps in. When he wakes up, he's not surprised that Danny's side of the bed is empty, and for a moment he assumes that Danny is gone as usual. Until he gets up and moves to the door and hears soft, even breathing coming from the living room. Matt rubs at his eyes as he shuffles towards it, flopping down behind where Danny's sitting and wrapping his arms around him, chin going on the blond's shoulder.

"Didn't go to work today?"
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He hears Matt behind him but doesn't move, though his breathing changes enough to acknowledge the presence, not that his partner's even trying to mask the sleepy shuffling.

"No." He waits until Matt's settled behind him before leaning a little of his weight back against him, turning his head to nose at his scruffy cheek, noting the fading crease lines from the pillow still on his skin.

"I took a sick day."
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Matt just hums, too tired for more agreement than that. His arms tighten a bit around Danny to nestle the two of them closer together. Sometimes it's nice to just sit around with Danny wrapped up in his arms.

"Sorry for interrupting you."
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"You're never interrupting me, my day's already better." His mouth twitches up into a smile as his own arms come up so he can cover one of Matt's own lightly, thumb dragging back and forth across his knuckles.

"You're in late. No clients today?"
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Matt laughs a bit from where his face has become pressed into Danny's neck. You're so sappy, Danny.

"Not until the afternoon." Which he's extra thankful for now, so he doesn't have to extract himself any time soon. He feels like they could both use the hugs right about now. "Then I'm going to get a feel for new office spaces. If you want to come with me."
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He twists a little, then untangles himself from Matt long enough to sit facing him, settling in the space between his thighs so he can hook his own legs over them, practically in his lap. Danny knows Matt doesn't care if they're facing or not, but he wants to look at him.

"You know I can clear out some office space at Rand for you. I know it's not the easy walk, but then I could tote you in with me."
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Matt waits long enough for Danny to readjust then his arms are back around the blond's waist.

"I wouldn't want Hogarth thinking I was encroaching on her turf," he says with a bit of a laugh. "And I don't want you getting sick of me."
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"It's my turf, besides, she isn't around that often, she parked Foggy there to baby sit me." He echos Matt's laugh, reaching for his hands to lace their fingers together.

"I'd never get sick of you. Though my assistant might leave me for you."
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"Because she likes me more?"

Matt smiles, nose pressing into Danny's neck. His thumbs make little circles on Danny's back where his hands are clasped. Honestly, having an office space at Rand wouldn't be awful. It'd look professional and modern, and suggest that Matt knows what he's doing. It'd make a good impression.

"Could I get an office and a small waiting room?" he teases. "I'm not sure if Foggy wants to see me that often, though."
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"I think she's been fooled by your roguish good looks and charm."

He grins and shifts to tangle them together a little more, leaning to bump their foreheads together.

"I can put you on 12. I've kept that space empty because... ya know, upstairs. Gets a little rowdy."
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"Isn't that how I trapped you?"

Matt grins back, tipping his head to bump their noses together and then their lips. "I promise I'll pay you back for the investment."
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"I think so. I don't know what came over me." He grins, accepting the kiss before leaning in for another. "Are you sure it's not some secret, super power?"
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"I'll never tell."

Matt accepts each kiss with a kiss of his own. After a while he pats Danny's butt.

"I think I need to shower."
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"And a toothbrush." He teases, though if he really minded he wouldn't be going in for another kiss. "Do I get to join you?"
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"I guess. But only because you're giving me an office."

Danny gets a nudge so Matt can stand. He stretches before taking Danny's hand, walking to the bathroom.

"I'll brush my teeth if you get it started."
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"You act grateful now, but wait until you learned that I've put you on the same floor with our technology development team." Yup, a whole floor full of caffeinated computer nerds.

Danny trails along with him, leaving him at the sink so he can cross over to the shower to turn the water on, stripping out of his sleep pants and tee.
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"You know all that clacking is going to drive me crazy," he says, around his toothbrush.

Matt finishes with his teeth, rinsing his mouth before he strips out of his pyjama pants to join Danny in the shower.
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"Mm. I guess if you're nice to me I can invest in some sound proofing." He backs up against the cool tile wall, giving Matt some room to enter the shower before reaching to pull him into his arms.
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Matt looks offended, even as he leans into Danny's hold.

"I'm always nice to you. You're the one telling me my breath is bad." He kisses at Danny's jaw.
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His lips curl up, and he tips in to kiss Matt again, mostly because the minty is nice.

"Only when you first wake up." He's content to stay like this, wrapped around Matt while the warm water pours down on them, just hot enough to kick up steam around them and soothe tired muscles.
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"You knew what you were getting into."

Matt's clearly in no rush. He hums and gives Danny a lazy kiss, then drops his head so his cheek can rest on Danny's shoulder. Maybe he can reschedule his appointment.
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Thankfully their hot water lasts forever in this apartment, so he's fine with lingering, running his hands up Matt's back in a soothing motion.

"You've been pretty affectionate lately, are you in trouble for something I don't know about yet?" He teases, nuzzling his temple.
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"Am I not allowed to be affectionate sometimes?"

Matt snorts a bit, and just for that he's going to try and nestle in closer. "I thought you liked it."
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"You're totally allowed, and I do like it, just usually I have to start it." He's still teasing, tone light as his arms tighten around him.

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