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Smut Picture Prompts Meme: Full of Ragrets Edition

the  smut picture prompt meme



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Michael Corvin | Underworld | M/M

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Greetings ^^

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[Hope you don't mind building off the last scene we did. I can always change it otherwise.]

Type-O blood, the late night dinner of champions. Michael sucked at the blood bag, taking some consolation from the fact that he wasn't actually drinking from a human. The hybrid couldn't help but notice that he was less grossed out by the act every time he drank, wondering if that was his vampire side at work. It was at least preferable to hunting humans.

Setting the now-empty blood bag in the medical waste bin, Michael wandered into the main foyer of the castle and, from there, up to the bedrooms. He wondered if Declan was home, or out and about. Even though Michael could actually go out into the sun, he'd become more of a night person ever since the vampire had taken him in.
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[ This works perfectly ! ]

The thing about old castles was the ability to renovate them into something of their former glory with an added modern twist. While Derek mostly lived in the lower levels during the day when he attempted to sleep, he liked having the ability to use the rest of the palace during the late night hours when he could move freely.

One of his favorite rooms was a grand bedroom, outfitted with a balcony that overlooked a mini library. Even in the modern day of being able to access information at the touch of a button, every now and again, he would search through dusty old pages instead. He sat beside a stack of books of vampiric history, the room was scattered with candles and the dim light they provided. Truly the ultimate vampire cliche, he knows.

He doesn't quite take notice to Michael's presence in the room as he sets down one book in favor of getting up and walking towards one of the bookselves in search of one that wasn't already in his stack.
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Somehow Michael figured that Derek would be here. The hybrid could have chosen this room as his sleeping area, but he'd instead taken a much smaller room, which he guessed had been a guest room when this castle had first been built. It wasn't his place to take over Derek's favorite room.

"Interesting reading tonight?" He asks casually, strolling into the room. Michael had browsed through these books a few times, learning more about the strange world he now belonged to.
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"Not particularly. Figured I'd brush up on old history." Derek ran his finger along the spines of the large old books as he searched for the one he needed. "It's still as boring as I recall it to have been. The battles on the other hand..." He pulls out a leather bound book from the shelf, holding it with two hands as he walked back to his spot before dropping it on the floor with a heavy thud. "Are the truly fun parts to read about."

He looked towards Michael, "Care for a lesson or did you have something else on your mind?" He asked, not at all opposed to sharing the library space if he wanted to read up on the world that has long been hidden away. Having the company of the hybrid was refreshing and it made his days pass by faster than they used to.
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"Honestly, I just felt like hanging out tonight." Michael shrugged and sat down where Derek had dropped the book. "From what I understand, vampires and lycans have been fighting each other for centuries." He'd read about the origins of both species, even if he thought they sounded a little bizarre. Two immortals becoming things not quite human upon being bitten by a bat and a wolf. Though the fact that they were his ancestors made it more fascinating for him than it would any other vampire or lycan.

He gazed down at the book, feeling like the cover or the pages would rot away if he dared touch them.
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"That sounds perfect." Derek said quietly before he took the spot next to Michael, moving some of his stacked books a little farther away from them so it wouldn't feel too boxed in. He glanced over at him before he opened the large book, flipping through the pages with a delicate touch.

"Since the fifth century, if I remember correctly, William's first generation werewolves were an infectious breed. Once bitten, it was only a matter of minutes before you too were one of them. It was powerful enough to turn someone even in death." Derek grinned, now that he knows someone connected to the line of the very first immortals, he couldn't help but be a little more excited about it, even if it was just a refresher in memory.

He stopped at the chapter he was looking for, the very beginning of the war and how Marcus had turned Viktor and Amelia to gain their help in capturing his brother from his own uncontrolled rage. He lightly tapped his finger at the pages.
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"It's really been that long?" Vampires and werewolves really had been around for a long time. Michael couldn't help but wonder just how well they'd managed to keep all this a secret back in those days if vampire legends had become a thing, and turned into something of a pop culture icon in the modern era.

He couldn't help but get a chill at the idea of the dead rising as feral wolf creatures. Michael looked down at the pages, touching them softly. "William, the first werewolf, and Marcus, the first vampire. My great-great... very great-uncles, I guess you'd call them." Apparently the third son who had remained human was lost to history. Viktor he would have a hard time forgetting.

His eyes scanned the page, reading about how William had finally been captured, but Marcus wouldn't allow the others to kill him.
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"A little hard to believe, I know." The oldest of their races were well into their thousands by now. It was probably easier when whole villages were wiped out in a single night, turning them into horrifying bedtime stories of how the monstrous wolves of the night will get you if you misbehave. He could only imagine how vampires were percieved back then until someone slipped and had let themselves be known.

Derek chuckles a little, "Definitely puts everyone else's family trees to shame." He says as he watches Michael with the slightest turn of his head, bringing his leg up to rest his arms against his knee. To think Lucian had to dig through so much bloodline history just to find him. How much trial and error that must have been.

"Guess that makes Alexander, your grandfather, with all of us... honorary grandchildren?" He tilts his head, this was a confusing family tree on a grander scale.
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The idea that he was descended from immortals had been weird to Michael at first. Then again, was it any weirder than finding out vampires and werewolves were real and becoming a hybrid of both?

"It would be kind of funny, if it wasn't so confusing," Michael said. He delicately turned the page, gazing at the illustration of a first-generation werewolf. Now that was what he called a monster. He was actually kind of glad he didn't turn into one of those.

"You'll understand if I'm not about to start thinking of you as my honorary brother or anything," He said it in a good way. In the short time they'd known each other, Michael had come to appreciate Derek's company and friendship.
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Derek's glad for the existence of the Lycans in the sense that they didn't have to worry about William's infectious breed in the modern era. He can only imagine the chaos of mankind's possible extinction if everyone was turned into either species. Not that Alexander would have allowed such a thing to begin with.

"Imagine having to somehow explain that to someone like I wonder how many greats is too much to add to a family title." He stared at the illustration for a few moments before Michael turned the page again, one that illustrated a battle between the two.

"I'm fine if you didn't. I would probably be a little concerned if you did." His mind had wondered to inappropriate places the night they first met and again since he moved in. Those thoughts were far from anything suited for a family love to have.
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Michael gazed at the page, taking in the picture and accompanying text. William and his strain of lycanthropy had to be stopped sure, but what the vampires had done to the proceeding lycans he had a hard time swallowing. No wonder Lucian had wanted to put a stop to all this. All this fighting and killing. Especially after what Viktor had done to him​.

He looked over at Derek. He was more than grateful that Derek had taken him in and shown him kindness. He had also admitted​ to himself more than once that the vampire was easy on the eyes. Ever since they'd first met, in fact. "I like it when it's just us. Just spending a quiet night together."
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There was no record in the coven libraries that held the truth of what had transpired with Lucian rebelling against Viktor and the beginnings of Viktor using him to infect humans in the prospect of using them as slaves after trying to use the first generation werewolves failed. So he was thankful for coming across this record from Tanis before he was exiled and before Viktor decided to bend the truth to blame the war on Lucian.

He imagined things might have gone differently if Viktor was never bitten but here they were. A covenless vampire spending quality time with the first hybrid.

Derek met Michael's gaze, "I like it too. But...", he drops his leg and pushed the book further away from where it sat to straddle Michael's lap. Placing his hand against his chest while the other ran fingertips along his jaw. "It doesn't have to stay quiet." He said as he stares at Michael's lips, unsure if his advancement was welcomed or not.
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Michael doesn't object or try to push Derek off. On the contrary, he leans into the touch on his face and wraps an arm around the vampire. "No, I guess it doesn't." He takes the plunge and leans in to press their lips together, kissing him softly and cupping his cheek in hand.

How long had he been wanting to do this? A few days after moving in? The night Derek took him in? Hard to say.
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Derek's been wanting to kiss him since the night they met, he thought about kissing him right then and there as a tease before he brought him home. But went against his usual impulse and waited it out until now.

He drops his hand from Michael's face as his lips met his, leaning forward against him. Derek lightly bit against Michael's bottom lip, tugging with his fangs against the skin before deepening the kiss. Tasting the faint notes of copper on his tongue from when he fed earlier.
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Michael put his free arm behind him to prop himself up and keep from falling over. He moans softly at the feel of those fangs on the soft flesh, and makes the sound again as Derek resumes kissing him. The hybrid sucks on the vampire's tongue, touching it with his own tongue.

His hand slides down off of Derek's face to trail down his back, until it rests just above his pants. Michael slips his hand under the vampire's shirt, stroking his skin.
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He grins against his mouth at the sounds Michael makes, wanting to hear more of it.

Derek snakes an arm around Michael's neck as they kiss, grabbing a handful of his hair as he tugs his head back, exposing his neck. Taking the moment to break from the kiss as he licks a line against the center of his throat. Shortly after, he takes his time peppering Michael's neck with kisses and bites, not hard enough to draw any blood.

He wasn't sure what tasting Hybrid blood would do to him, whether his body would reject it or not. So he had to be a little mindful of just how hard he was biting.
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Michael's lips fall open in a soft sigh, his flesh getting goosebumps at the feel of that tongue and those fangs. He'd been told that normally vampires couldn't consume lycan blood, but did his hybrid nature make his blood safe? Or did the lycan half still make his blood unsuitable for consumption? Either way, Michael wasn't about to invite Derek to bite him, so as not to risk it.

For now, he just lets himself enjoy this, moaning as Derek's tongue lavs over the sensitive skin.

Michael's hands trail further up the other man's back, starting to slide his shirt off.
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Derek lays a final kiss on his neck before he rakes his fangs across the skin, leaving a trail of faint pink lines in their wake. It was the closest he could get to biting him without causing himself harm. He didn't mind at all if Michael decided at one point to bite him, knowing that his blood was safe. There's faint glow of bright blue in his eyes when he leans back in Michael's lap, licking his own lips.

He releases his hold on the other man to help with taking off his shirt, tossing it somewhere behind him. Probably landing on some of the books they're no longer paying attention to.

"Off." He says, sliding his hands under Michael's shirt to lift it over his head, tossing it in the direction of the other. Letting his hands glide over the ridges of his muscles.
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Michael hisses softly at the scrape of teeth. Not out of pain, really, but more from being unexpected. Not that he minds. They begin to heal as Derek takes those fangs away from his skin.

Once his shirt is off, the hybrid kisses Derek's shoulder and neck, hands roaming over his bare back.

"There's a nice, large bed over there. Unless you like it on the floor."
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Derek arches his back against the touch of his hands, giving a testing roll of his hips as he bares his neck to Michael.

"I only take it on the floor when I'm impatient and right now, I want to take my time with you." He says as he lifts his head to look at him. Bringing his hand to touch Michael's face again to lay a kiss against his lips as he shifts out of his hold and off his lap. For the lack of a better phase, Derek liked to play with his food even on the account of his new lover.

He's quick to his feet, holding out a hand for Michael to take before he places his fingers on the front loops of his jeans. Steering him away from accidently stepping on the piles of books and towards the bed.
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Michael smiles against Derek's lips, tongue flicking out briefly to brush those fangs. There's just something undeniably erotic about bringing fangs into kissing.

He allows himself to be pulled up, careful not to step on any of the books until they reach the bed. The hybrid smirks and pushes Derek onto the mattress, gazing down at him before bending down to loosen his shoelaces and slip his footwear off. Once his shoes are off, Michael climbs into bed with the vampire, his hand drifting down his lover's bare torso.

"I plan to enjoy every second with you." The hybrid eyes the other man's neck, licking his lips. His eyes suddenly turn black as his teeth become fangs, leaning in to bite Derek on the neck and sample his blood. He pulls away after a few seconds, not wanting to leave his new lover too weak to actually continue.
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