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The darkest timeline is a phenomenon when there are multiple possibilities for a situation to turn out and progress forward. Each has a different outcome, but one of those possibilities. One of them is the darkest timeline. The timeline in which everything goes wrong and there's no turning back. The villain gets the weapon that will end the war instead of the heroes, you fuck up someone's food order and they turn out to be the health inspector, the cabin you picked has an axe murderer in it, you come back from a pizza run and the whole room is on fire and everyone has grown evil beards--wait, what?

In any case, explore those here: it may not be the end! Maybe you just have to live with this shit forever because there's no way out.

• Top level your character.
• Include any details you might think are relevant about how you want your timeline to go. Or don't. As always, we're not the cops.
• Reply to other people's top levels!
• Have fun!

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He thought he'd heard footsteps down the hall and if he listens a little closer, he can faintly hear rustling, which makes him grin with affection at the thought of seeing his 'legal' guardian. It's still odd to think of it that way, but ever since Charles had officially adopted him, Kurt had begun to adapt to the idea of having someone who would always be there. At the time, it'd been a good distraction for both Charles and Erik, some twisted sort of way to bring them together when they all needed them the most.

"Coming," he returns, scoffing at the inducer on his wrist and heading in the direction of the telepath's voice. "You know, I'm going to have to talk to Hank about fixing this thing. It never fails to jam up when I put this stupid collar on. Must be interference of some sort." He arrives just in time to see Charles barely keeping a stack of folders on his lap and hurries over to catch a few before they end up on the ground, a somewhat cheeky smirk tugging his lips up while he rebalances the pile. "We need to find a way to make carrying things easier for you."

His shoulders shrug. "Same as always," he mutters, eyes rolling as he takes some of the envelopes to make the load easier for the other mutant. "Erik thinks you should brain blast all of them."
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It's still odd to see Kurt with the image inducer. Jarring. Charles is so used to his naturally blue features and fangs and tail that he sometimes has to rub his eyes when that familiar voice comes from this boy who looks so very human in the lack of a better way to describe it.

"He's in a bad mood," Charles warns as he piles the folders on Kurt's arms for a moment while hanging away his coat. Then he reaches back and slides his fingers against Kurt's cheek momentarily before taking half of his load back onto his own lap. "Thank you."

"Hank keeps saying the same thing about finding a better way to transport things. I just can't seem to think that attaching a basket to the chair is a good idea." Mostly it's silly.

He gives a soft sigh as Kurt delivers Erik's message, which shouldn't come as a surprise to anyone. "Of course he does. And to be honest, I'm inclined to agree with him if this current trend keeps going on."
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Being back in the mansion means that he can at least loosen his tail from around his torso and let the appendage slither free from beneath his shirt and jacket. The one single thing that continues to remain blue, regardless of the rest of him appearing normal; the only way it stays hidden is to keep it still and honestly, it's easier to hide it beneath his clothes.

"Of course he is." Another huff from his end, head shaking at the comment, but his arms are held out and ready to accept the folders as soon as Charles hands them over. He opens his mouth to grumble about Hank never being in a good mood anymore, but the brush of fingers over a scarred cheek past the illusion of the inducer is enough to make him stop. "... you're welcome," he breathes out, reluctantly allowing the man to take the bundle once more.

"You could hire Jean as a part-time secretary." Kidding--he's kidding.

There's a disbelieving snort at first, though when he stops to think about it: the papers, Hank being upset, Charles' slightly disheveled demeanor. "Wait," he starts, returning cornflower blue eyes to his father figure. "Are you serious? What did they say this time?"
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It's true. Hank is never in a good mood anymore. But Charles understands why and he never bothers Hank about it. Kurt stopping his train of thought about Hank makes Charles smile, too. He's a good boy. The feel of the scarred cheek under his fingertips makes Charles breathe a little easier too, because that's 100% Kurt.

"I'm afraid she's probably much more interested in other activities," he muses with a small smile. Yes, he knows you're kidding.

Charles just doesn't have much of energy to keep up with the joke. The smile disappears in the next moment and he urges Kurt to follow him. "You probably don't want to know. But I will tell you in any case over dinner. We have plates in the fridge waiting for us. And then you can tell Erik the news tomorrow."
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"You say 'activities' and all I can imagine is how much time she spends with Scott." Which, to be honest, he doesn't want to think about. What they do in their alone time is none of his business and it would be a smidgen too voyeuristic for his tastes to wonder.

Poor Charles. He wants to do more to help, but at this rate, he's at a loss when it comes to ideas of what he could offer. One of these times, Kurt's going to make him not work for the entire day and demand that he relax for once in his life. We all die, so no reason to rush to the grave any sooner. God, what a morbid thought.

And follow he does, easily keeping pace beside the chair while struggling with the collar around his neck. Eventually, he shuts it down long enough to smack the inducer with the heel of his palm, forcing the thing to turn off and making the hologram fade away to reveal his natural blue form. He wrinkles his nose, iridescent eyes flashing crimson then narrowing with concern. "No, most likely not, but I might as well. You already know I won't be able to keep myself from wondering when delivering the information to Erik."
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"Don't imagine, then," Charles says as he leads their way to the kitchen with a small smirk that seems almost playful. He is a telepath and sometimes those thoughts reach him, too. It is enough to make him not want to open up for the foreseeable future. And it's not just Jean and Scott. He lives now with a lot of teenagers. Sometimes it's Kurt too and certain someone who inhabits his thoughts...

I'm not dying any time soon, he responds Kurt's silent thoughts with a snort of amusement while piling he folders on the dining table and turns to roll his way to the fridge. They have this new kitchen appliance called a microwave oven that will heat their food in a few minutes. It's miraculous how this kind of professional appliances are starting to appear in consumer kitchens.

"You really should stop snooping when you're told not to look," he continues, trying to sound stern. Kurt has been drenched in the X-men project for a long while now and Charles can't fault him for it. All he would like for Kurt to make sure he's safe, not in danger. But these times aren't going to make that possible, are they? "Sometimes the information is classified, you know."
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"It's not that simple," Kurt counters, shooting the telepath a mock glare then letting his own grin return at the sight of Charles'. Ridding oneself of certain thoughts after they've invaded is becoming easier for him, but it doesn't always work. That certain person he himself thinks about being one of the harder things to purge from his mind.

Thank God, is his answer, along with a brief twisting gesture of his hand. He wants to continue with this part of their conversation, yet something tells him to think better of it and he leaves the thought at that, attention solely focused on Charles moving about the kitchen. He's not sure if he should ask to help or not.

"I don't always snoop. Eesh, have a little faith in me!" The blue boy knows he's being overdramatic, though there have been times when he's probably poked his nose where it shouldn't be. What can he say? Being able to blend seamlessly into the shadows makes for perfect nighttime camouflage; he's even been practicing his mental shielding for when that occasion might arise. "Ja, I know. I peeked once at a classified file and I swear, that was one of those rare times when you and Erik wholeheartedly agreed on something."
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Charles should really feel horribly guilty for sailing in and out of Kurt's mind as he does. But he's never before raised a child on his own and after what happened with Raven, he wasn't ready to chance it. Not that he ever controlled Kurt's mind and he had given up with the deep scans years ago, but he still had a habit of picking up thoughts. It was much more organic kind of conversation that went on between them than was comfortable with most people. Usually even mutants who knew perfectly well what he could do and that it was just as normal to him as it was for Kurt to be blue still felt uncomfortable when Charles discussed with their minds.

He waved Kurt over to take one of the plates that he had pulled out of the fridge, peeling away the layer of foil on top of the plate. "I think five minutes in the microwave oven should be enough."

He can't help but laugh at the almost indignant excuses that aren't even excuses. "Is that how you measure the level of seriousness? When I and Erik agree, it's necessary to listen?" Now he's teasing.
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He shouldn't feel too terrible, though. It's a way for Charles to look out for him and Kurt expects it nowadays, regardless of whether he notices it being done or not. He tries his best to stay out of trouble, even though he's been talked into a few things he never should have participated in - measly things that frankly, he should simply have rolled his eyes toward and left at that. Someone's apparently become a bit rebellious in his teenage years and Charles has to keep an eye on him somehow.

Charles motions him over and Kurt follows through, reaching to take the other plate once he's close enough. "Should be. You know, we have all this fancy technology and this thing still blows my mind."

His shoulders shrug as he removes the thin sheet of metal from the plate, the most innocent smile he can manage at this rate coming across his face. "It's not that ridiculous when you think about it."
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Kurt makes him worry. The little imp. Charles could do without that gut wrenching heartache just waiting to happen whenever Kurt happens to leave the house and he knows he's going to Erik and Erik is a little unstable...

Like so many of them are these days.

Charles follows after Kurt to the counter and peels away the sheet of metal from the other plate before setting to wait.

"It is quite remarkable, isn't it?" he says and eyes fondly the microwave. The thing has saved him from so much headache already. How marvellous technology is.

"You should reach those decisions by thinking and not by gimmicks," he says in a mildly lecturing tone that is another joke. He thinks Kurt really should, but to be honest, he doesn't think Kurt would look for something so shallow as to find a perfect halfway street between him and Erik. (Though, if he does, he might be a genius, because it seems to be working.)
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Should it ease Charles' conscious any, Kurt's always comes back to the mansion. It's his home where most of his friends reside and he wouldn't be able to stay away from Charles longer than a week, maybe two, but that might even be pushing it.

There's only so much Erik 'instability' that he can handle.

"It's not as high-tech as some of the things Hank's made, but it certainly does what it's supposed to do." By reheating food and all that; he can understand that it's faster than an actual oven, so it would make sense why people wanted them.

"I do think. Sometimes, I think too much and look where it's gotten me." Caught between what was supposed to be a 'peaceful' rally that he'd ended up walking away from with a black eye and busted lip. He doesn't actively seek it out, but if he has to disagree with one of them on a certain thing or point out a flaw in the other's explanation, he finds it easier to keep common ground between everyone when he doesn't agree entirely with one or the other. Humans and mutants alike in that situation.
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It's not so much the staying away part but the fact that Erik is definitely trouble and gets involved in a lot of very dangerous things. Merely being around him is dangerous.

Hank makes a lot of fantastic things and Charles has always found them marvellous. Microwave is just really simple and makes his life easier, which makes it his favorite toy of the month.

"I doubt there is such a thing as thinking too much when it comes to morals," Charles counters, this time seriously. "You should always be clear where you stand and where your limits lie. This is more important now in times like these than it ever has been before." He reaches for Kurt's hand and holds it in his own, squeezing gently. "I know you have a heart in the right place. And Erik will protect you as the best he can. But don't do something you can't get behind later."
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Thankfully, Kurt knows to duck out when things get too dangerous; it may seem cowardly and selfish, but he has too much to lose by getting himself killed. Who would help Charles at the mansion? Make sure that the other mutants didn't get harmed by the humans that might try and do something ridiculous? Erik's had him thinking and he's always made valid points, yet the blue boy consistently worries about what would happen if he suddenly decided to join up with that group.

He glances toward his and Charles' hands, the breath catching in his chest when the older man squeezes. This is one of the reasons why he wants them to be able to work together, why he hopes he's doing something on his end by coming and going between the two of them. They need to stick together in times like these and he wants to know where Charles stands, should Erik decide that eliminating the humans is the best option. Not all of them are alike, despite the popular masses being prejudice against them.

"What would you do if I decided to join with Erik?" Since they're getting serious and all. "That would mean you'd have to find someone else to do all the back and forth," he pauses, his features down-turning and his entire stance wilting. "... who would you have replace me?"