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kurt wαgnєr [ɹǝןʍɐɹɔʇɥƃıu] ([personal profile] preciousblueberry) wrote in [community profile] bakerstreet 2017-03-21 02:47 am (UTC)

Being back in the mansion means that he can at least loosen his tail from around his torso and let the appendage slither free from beneath his shirt and jacket. The one single thing that continues to remain blue, regardless of the rest of him appearing normal; the only way it stays hidden is to keep it still and honestly, it's easier to hide it beneath his clothes.

"Of course he is." Another huff from his end, head shaking at the comment, but his arms are held out and ready to accept the folders as soon as Charles hands them over. He opens his mouth to grumble about Hank never being in a good mood anymore, but the brush of fingers over a scarred cheek past the illusion of the inducer is enough to make him stop. "... you're welcome," he breathes out, reluctantly allowing the man to take the bundle once more.

"You could hire Jean as a part-time secretary." Kidding--he's kidding.

There's a disbelieving snort at first, though when he stops to think about it: the papers, Hank being upset, Charles' slightly disheveled demeanor. "Wait," he starts, returning cornflower blue eyes to his father figure. "Are you serious? What did they say this time?"

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