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kurt wαgnєr [ɹǝןʍɐɹɔʇɥƃıu] ([personal profile] preciousblueberry) wrote in [community profile] bakerstreet 2017-03-21 12:05 am (UTC)

He thought he'd heard footsteps down the hall and if he listens a little closer, he can faintly hear rustling, which makes him grin with affection at the thought of seeing his 'legal' guardian. It's still odd to think of it that way, but ever since Charles had officially adopted him, Kurt had begun to adapt to the idea of having someone who would always be there. At the time, it'd been a good distraction for both Charles and Erik, some twisted sort of way to bring them together when they all needed them the most.

"Coming," he returns, scoffing at the inducer on his wrist and heading in the direction of the telepath's voice. "You know, I'm going to have to talk to Hank about fixing this thing. It never fails to jam up when I put this stupid collar on. Must be interference of some sort." He arrives just in time to see Charles barely keeping a stack of folders on his lap and hurries over to catch a few before they end up on the ground, a somewhat cheeky smirk tugging his lips up while he rebalances the pile. "We need to find a way to make carrying things easier for you."

His shoulders shrug. "Same as always," he mutters, eyes rolling as he takes some of the envelopes to make the load easier for the other mutant. "Erik thinks you should brain blast all of them."

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