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kurt wαgnєr [ɹǝןʍɐɹɔʇɥƃıu] ([personal profile] preciousblueberry) wrote in [community profile] bakerstreet 2017-03-20 09:27 am (UTC)

Everything about the mutant legislation is wrong in Kurt's opinion. They shouldn't be forced to wear these stupid collars that track where they go, make sure they aren't going to "have a full-on uprising," despite the fact that from the looks of it, there's going to be far more fighting than sitting back and letting things simply fall into place.

A war that he is finding himself more ready to fight in than he'd ever thought imaginable.

Before the loss of his mother, Kurt might have been more open to the idea of humans and mutants trying to coexist together, but after that fateful day and the sudden disappearance of his father not long after, he'd all but lost hope for them ever being able to live side-by-side with them. Then, came the ridiculous laws put into place and honestly, he doesn't even know what he would be holding onto anymore. It's a lost cause at this point.

Thankfully, Charles and Erik have given him a sort of 'job' to keep him occupied, along with the classes he attends at Xavier's. He's an informant, delivering news from Erik to Charles and vice versa under the guise of being 'human.' Hank had set him up with a collar he'd been taught to hack and an image inducer, which allowed him to blend with ease into a group of 'normal' people and as long as they didn't get close enough to touch him, they would consistently be none the wiser.

He appears in the foyer of the mansion with a BAMF, spreading midnight-colored smoke and the scent of sulfur with the teleport. Image inducer still activated, he reaches into the bag at his side and removes the collar there, sliding it back into place around his neck with a disgruntled noise. After it's been 'turned on,' the blue boy goes about deactivating his camouflage, fidgeting with the watch on his left wrist. "Charles!" he calls, squinting at the device then tapping it with his fingers. "I'm back!"

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