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DoFP bad-end

[ ooc: written for [personal profile] preciousblueberry and [personal profile] magneticvigilante but I'm totally happy to tag it with anyone else too. ]

Charles will never forget the day when the secret service man pulled the trigger while he was busy negotiating with Raven. It had gone unnoticed by both himself and Erik. That single gun and a single man, acting out of impulse. There had been nothing to do. Raven had drawn her last breath only a minute later. But the president had survived the bullet that left her weapon the moment the bullet penetrated her body.

Charles had never even been able to get to her before Erik had cleared them all out. He had been laying under a podium, crying, choking on his own tears, feeling her fading just a few feet away.

It had been the reason that pulled him and Erik together. That and Raven's son, Kurt, who had become an orphan the moment they all had lost her. He was barely 7, blue and lacking family who would take care of him. The boy had needed a home and both Erik and Charles had needed something to focus on.

However, it hadn't taken long for the government to give them more than enough work. The Mutant Legislation happened the next year, the launch of new Sentinel program the year after, and the power dampener collar bill was voted on in the senate the same year, accepted and put to action. Every mutant would be fitted with a collar, every mutant would enter a registry and be tracked by the collar.

Fast forward a decade or so, the Xavier school for the gifted has become a safe place for those children who have to learn to live with their collars, for the children's parents to dump their unwanted offspring in and for Charles to keep fighting the good fight peacefully while wearing a fake collar. But that's not all it is. It's also a front for the X-men, lead by Erik Lehnsherr, hiding in the vast properties. The kids, as they have grown up, are often joined to the cause. Of course they aren't left in peace to handle their affairs. They're often visited by the mutant control department, who make it their business to conduct experiments and run tests when they please. The mutant legislation gives them every right to do so, lawfully.

Of course they fight but it's becoming harder and harder to get through with anything with the development of the Sentinels. They raid mutant research facilities, torture chambers really, rescue as many mutant children as they can, try to halt the development of new anti-mutant weapons. There's been talk of a full terrorist war and Charles has tried to speak against it as much as he can. But he has to admit that he lost something that day more than ten years ago when Raven was shot right in front of his eyes. He's not fighting against the idea of full blown war as much as he probably should be.

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