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Re: Yes good. :)

[ Oh gosh yes, this is excellent.

Houou comes from the most tragic of canons where he's the head of a struggling ninja clan that gets mixed up in deadly sword high-jinx and he watches one after another of his family/clan fall to bad luck and general awful life choices.

He's pretty honourable in that he believes all ninja are born to die for their clan/cause and he's taken that to /really/ logical extremes - he's stolen from/aided the killing of his closest friend because of clan rivalry/survival - but he's no murderer, there's always a reason and especially now he's older, (200+ years?) he's more likely to talk/trick his way out of situations.

He has this pretty awful ability where he can take literal body parts from people and absorb their skills/extend his life time with theirs, but it's a bit of a head fuck for him so it's not something he does without necessity. Otherwise he's charming af and has that 'nothing left to lose vibe' about him.

Sworn in for some time for ease? We can roll them both into the obscurity of their futures - Houou would have been just glad to have something/someone to live for otherwise - so familiar enough for gentle snark, but still respectful enough that realising either of them could be in deep, makes Houou want to die because he's a professional /damn it/.

If you've got any starter ideas, shout, but if not we can trot out something deliciously cliche and fantasy au appropriate? :3 ]

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