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So why can't you sleep?

  1. You're sleeping in someone else's bed/couch/room and it's just too uncomfortable and wrong to sleep!
  2. were sleeping but someone (or something) just crawled into your bed what wait no what? (Possible variants include 'you were sleeping on a train and someone crumpled into your seat' and 'you woke up in a college library with someone else on top of you.')
  3. You had a really awesome time last night! Then you slept in. Then you got up super late. And now here you are...
  4. You were sleeping but someone set off the smoke alarm...
  5. It's a dramatic, angsty moment and so you're staring off into the moonlight being pensive!
  6. Plot twist: it's actually the timezone you're in, midnight in the timezone you just left, you're probably traveling, and you can't sleep for another eight hours if you're lucky.
  7. Some dick's playing music really loudly, but, unlike the smoke alarm, you can do something really direct about this.
  8. Because you're hype for something that's going to happen really early in the morning, and you woke up even earlier, but that's okay! You can make breakfast, read up on the news, clean, and otherwise work off that energy and surely you won't wake up anyone or anything else around you!
  9. Something else!
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Molly Hooper | BBC Sherlock

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[[ooc: hi I'm also punchmeitssubtext and I kind of couldn't resist. So #6, same timeline as the other thread if that's okay. sorry not sorry :D]]

It's one of those nights where their schedules don't match up. She's had an overnight the day before, Sherlock's had to make a day trip to Glasgow, there hasn't been much time for more than a few affectionate texts between them. The gossip rags are still taking an interest, which is terrifically irritating, but the staff at Bart's are so protective of her that she's only had one run-in with a reporter so far, on her commute there.

Sherlock's either asleep or absorbed, and few of her other friends are up. However, around 1 in the morning, her phone chimes with a text.

To: Molly
From: Unknown Number

Is this Molly Hooper? I'm so sorry to bother you. This is Sherlock's mother. Mycroft gave me your number. I'm in New York and was hoping we could chat a bit. Nothing ominous, just getting to know one another a bit. Or perhaps planning tea when we get back from the States? I'll save you some playbills. :) :)
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[Yass. Mummy Holmes! lol. Sherlock is not going to be amused.]

Molly's sleep schedule is atrocious lately, thanks to a crazier than normal work schedule (and possibly due to an insomniac Consulting Detective who has sometimes been keeping her up far later than she's used to). But she can't blame him for why she's up so late tonight. That's her own fault. She got home from Bart's that morning and instead of letting herself only sleep for a few hours, she didn't set her alarm and instead slept a good part of the day. So it was no wonder that her body had no interest in settling down now.

She's in bed, reading the most boring article she could find in this month's Journal of Pathology and hoping it will put her to sleep, when a text comes in. It's not Sherlock's text sound, so she already knows it's not him.

Who it is though, she is not prepared for. Molly stares at the phone in a bit of a panic. Of course Mycroft would give their mother her number. He probably finds it amusing. Molly is curious about her, she's just unsure if she should be taking calls from her even before Sherlock's introduced them. It would be rather rude though to ignore her. Not really the first impression she wants to leave.

To: Mrs. Holmes
From: Molly

Hello Mrs. Holmes. This is Molly. I would be happy to have a chat or set up a time to meet when you're back. I know Sherlock was planning on introducing us then.
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[lol no he is not. btw if you're ever in the mood for SURPRISE CUMBERMOM, I recommend an old Hammer Horror movie called Captain Kronos: Vampire Hunter. she's in it and there are a couple of moments where you can see EXACTLY where Benedict got a couple of things from her!]

She can't know, at the moment, but her return text has just inspired a little squeak of joy several time zones away.

To: Molly
From: Mrs. Holmes

Hello Molly! Haha. Bit ironic, as we're seeing Hello, Dolly tomorrow night. Very excited about both of you!! :)

Please call me Wanda. There's really no need to be formal. We'd love to meet you when we get back from New York, perhaps over tea. In the meantime, I hope you don't mind my telling you, you looked absolutely radiant in the photographs--both of you. I've never seen Sherlock so happy.
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[ooc: I'm always in the mood for cheesy, old horror films so I'll have to check it out.]

Molly is surprised that her first conversation with Sherlock's mother is happening via text. She is also surprised that his mum is so...mum-like, with cheesy jokes and emoticons. Where on earth did Sherlock and Mycroft come from?

To: Mrs. Holmes
From: Molly

Thank you. That's very nice of you to say. It was a lovely night thanks to Sherlock. Although it's still a little odd to know that so many people have seen those photos.

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[ooc: ermagerd Hammer put the whole dang movie up on youtube. CHEESY VAMPIRE ANTICS AND CUMBERMOM]

To: Molly
From: Mrs. Holmes

I was surprised myself! In my day, you only got the Tatler roundup of premieres and parties at the beginning of the month, not every night. Everything does move terribly fast these days, it seems.

Oh goodness. I completely forgot. Tim (that's Sherlock's dad) just pointed out it's terribly late in the UK. I'm not keeping you up, am I?

(Well, that would explain where Sherlock's tendency to forget the obvious comes from, at least.)
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[ooc: whoot! Thanks. That'll be my entertainment for the night.]

To: Mrs. Holmes
From: Molly

It's alright. I was awake. Work has my sleep schedule pretty messed up right now.

Are you enjoying New York?
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[ooc: LORDY I am sorry this took so long! but in other news I just got back from Beauty and the Beast and I cannot tell you how much I want to write that AU.]

To: Molly
From: Mrs. Holmes

Lots of overnights? Sherlock mentioned you do a lot of work in the morgue, which I imagine must be fascinating.

(Okay, maybe it takes a moment for the resemblance to show, but...)

It's been wonderful. We love the theatre, so we've been doing as much as possible--plays, musicals, opera. A few years back we saw one you and Sherlock would have absolutely loved, about a young man who starts murdering his way into a family inheritance.
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[ooc: That's okay! A Sherlock AU set like BatB? Was the movie good? I haven't seen it yet but I have mixed feelings about it.]

To: Mrs. Holmes
From: Molly

Yes. They've just been sporadic so I never get on a good schedule.

Molly is not going to exactly mention her son's hand in the current state of her schedule.

I do quite enjoy the work though.

Which sounds like an awful thing to say when you work in a morgue.

That sounds lovely.

The theatre part, not the murders.
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[ooc: It was okay! I enjoyed the stuff they added, but I still kind of prefer the original, and I wish they'd deviated more from the original the way Maleficent did from Sleeping Beauty. It was fun, though. and lol yeah I have a terrible weakness for fairy tales in general... and, well, love DOES make Sherlock more human!]

To: Molly
From: Mrs. Holmes

I'd be far more concerned if you worked in a morgue for this long and DIDN'T enjoy it!

Do they really get everything wrong on the crime shows? Sherlock says they do, but I think some of it must be real.

The murders were terribly funny.

Are you a theatre fan? Besides ballet, I mean.
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[ooc: Yeah the whole live action version of cartoon thing is interesting. I heard they're maybe doing The Lion King? Like, wut? lol. And you're right about Sherlock. He is sort of a beast. XD I can definitely picture that AU. Doesn't Belle even slap the Beast at some point in the movie or am I mixing that up with the Wizard of Oz?]

To: Mrs. Holmes
From: Molly

They don't get everything wrong. Just a lot of it. They make it seem like things happen overnight as well.

I do enjoy the theatre. Not so much opera, but plays and musicals and the symphony.

She doesn't go nearly as much as she should though considering how much she has access to in London.
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[ooc: lol wuuuut live-action Lion King. I know the guy who directed Les Mis is apparently doing a live-action Cats which makes ABOUT AS MUCH SENSE. and i uh. may have some notes on my phone for that AU, you can't prove anything. >.> you ARE thinking of Wizard of Oz, but she does still basically capture his heart by standing up to him, which I love. :D]

To: Molly
From: Mrs. Holmes

Really? I would have thought your computers and so forth would be very fast. Or is it the chemical processes themselves somehow? I'm sorry to say I neglected chemistry terribly in university, but that's mostly my own fault. Except in the last year, when it was Tim's fault as well. :)

Do you have a favorite show? Or one that you've always wanted to see?

Don't tell him I told you this, but Sherlock knows all the words to The Pirates Of Penzance.
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[ooc: Cats is the worst. But then I'm not a huge Andrew lloyd Webber fan. Les Mis though I love. One of my favorite musicals.]

To: Mrs. Holmes
From: Molly

It's the processes themselves as well as the backlog of work. DNA tests for example can take months to come back.

It's so hard to choose one. I love "Into the Woods" though and "Wicked." I guess I like fairytales. I'd of course love to see Hamilton. Are you seeing that while in New York?

I won't say anything but I will have to figure out a way to get him to sing some for me. :)
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[ooc: yeeeeeeeah I'm not a Lloyd Webber fan either. With you on Les Mis, too! always loved it... even if I was 13 when I first saw it and my mom decided I should read the entire 1200-page book before she'd buy me a ticket, lol.]

To: Molly
From: Mrs. Holmes

Months? Well, that would make the crime shows drag a bit, I suppose. :) What's the average? or does that depend on what sort of tissue you're sampling?

Tim's been putting us in the lottery every day, but so far no luck.

We saw "Wicked" on the West End, and though I've never seen "Into the Woods" I am very fond of the Rodgers and Hammerstein "Cinderella"!

He used to pretend he was the Pirate King. I don't know if he's told you, but as a boy he was absolutely bent on becoming a pirate.
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[ooc: yikes. I still haven't read it although I think about it. I saw it on a NYC trip with my HS band and wept. I've cried every time I've seen it since. And I hardly ever cry at anything.]

To: Mrs. Holmes
From: Molly

Yes. I understand why they speed things up a bit.

It depends more on how backlogged the labs are who do the tests. If they're tests we can do on site, they take much longer but depend on the type of test we're conducting.

I'll keep my fingers crossed for you!

He's not told me about the pirate thing but John might have mentioned it off-hand once. It's adorable.
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[ooc: haha it's... well, it does go on about a lot of stuff that doesn't matter, but it's pretty good. and YEAH Empty Chairs At Empty Tables gets me more often than I like to admit. ;_; ]

To: Molly
From: Mrs. Holmes

So what are the quickest things you can generally determine on site? Chemically and biologically, I mean.

Thank you, dear! If we get in, we'll definitely bring you back a playbill. :)

It was really very cute. He must have built about half a dozen different pirate ships for himself before he was nine. I'll bet he can't wait to read Treasure Island to Rosie--he made us read it to him so many times I still know most of it by heart.
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To: Mrs. Holmes
From: Molly

We can determine blood type, toxicology, if they have any diseases. I test biopsied material for oncology. The rest of the pathology lab does any number of chemical and microbiological testing for living patients, but my work is focused on the deceased.

Treasure Island will probably be next week at this rate. He's already reciting Shakespeare.