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So why can't you sleep?

  1. You're sleeping in someone else's bed/couch/room and it's just too uncomfortable and wrong to sleep!
  2. were sleeping but someone (or something) just crawled into your bed what wait no what? (Possible variants include 'you were sleeping on a train and someone crumpled into your seat' and 'you woke up in a college library with someone else on top of you.')
  3. You had a really awesome time last night! Then you slept in. Then you got up super late. And now here you are...
  4. You were sleeping but someone set off the smoke alarm...
  5. It's a dramatic, angsty moment and so you're staring off into the moonlight being pensive!
  6. Plot twist: it's actually the timezone you're in, midnight in the timezone you just left, you're probably traveling, and you can't sleep for another eight hours if you're lucky.
  7. Some dick's playing music really loudly, but, unlike the smoke alarm, you can do something really direct about this.
  8. Because you're hype for something that's going to happen really early in the morning, and you woke up even earlier, but that's okay! You can make breakfast, read up on the news, clean, and otherwise work off that energy and surely you won't wake up anyone or anything else around you!
  9. Something else!

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