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So why can't you sleep?

  1. You're sleeping in someone else's bed/couch/room and it's just too uncomfortable and wrong to sleep!
  2. were sleeping but someone (or something) just crawled into your bed what wait no what? (Possible variants include 'you were sleeping on a train and someone crumpled into your seat' and 'you woke up in a college library with someone else on top of you.')
  3. You had a really awesome time last night! Then you slept in. Then you got up super late. And now here you are...
  4. You were sleeping but someone set off the smoke alarm...
  5. It's a dramatic, angsty moment and so you're staring off into the moonlight being pensive!
  6. Plot twist: it's actually the timezone you're in, midnight in the timezone you just left, you're probably traveling, and you can't sleep for another eight hours if you're lucky.
  7. Some dick's playing music really loudly, but, unlike the smoke alarm, you can do something really direct about this.
  8. Because you're hype for something that's going to happen really early in the morning, and you woke up even earlier, but that's okay! You can make breakfast, read up on the news, clean, and otherwise work off that energy and surely you won't wake up anyone or anything else around you!
  9. Something else!
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joseph joestar | jojo's bizarre adventure | ota!

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professor hershel layton | professor layton series | ota!!

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sam murphy (original) f/m

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Djem Ahmad | OC

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[Open to all options, though no.7 might be a bit tricky.]
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Dr. Angela 'Mercy' Ziegler ⛨ Overwatch ⛨ OTA

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Kaname Chidori | Full Metal Panic!

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[kurz is stumbling around in the dark, searching for that damn control panel to turn off the damn alarm that just keeps going on and on and annoyingly on]

Souske, I swear to god I'm gonna kill you...! [is the logical explanation behind this ridiculousness, of course, because who else would think it made sense to have a fire drill in the middle of the night?]

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ivor grames | original | ota

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Hayley Marshall - The Originals

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76 | overwatch

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ana amari ( overwatch )

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Joy Meachum || Iron Fist (MCU)

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Hiccup | How to Train Your Dragon | OTA

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sooraya qadir | marvel 616

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mcgillis fareed / iron blooded orphans

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danielle moonstar | marvel 616

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keith / voltron: legendary defender

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Rip Hunter | DCTV - Legends of Tomorrow

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[ -- peggy can't sleep on the waverider. something about the concept burrows deep into her thoughts, agitating them. instead, she tosses and turns. and she can't complain about the bunk (not really) because it's no softer nor no harder than many of the cots she'd slept on while in active service. but it's been three days since the so-called legends plucked her from her place in the timeline, and in those three days she's barely gotten a reason why. something about aberrations; churchill's bunker; the fate of the ssr.

tonight, it gnaws at her. and it gnaws at her all the more that she can't be certain whether it is night. so she huffs a sigh, swings her legs out of bed, and buttons her blouse back into place before deciding to snoop around. her first target is that roundish office-like room off the bridge -- where she'd seen the captain retire to on more than one occasion.

she's pulling a book off a shelf when he finds her. ]

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Hana "D.Va" Song ☆ Overwatch ☆ OTA

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Matt Murdock || Marvel

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Rackam | Granblue Fantasy

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Fai D. Flourite | Tsubasa Chronicle

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[So, the circumstances that led these two individuals to somehow inhabit rooms rather close to each other were long and, well...they don't really matter. Cheap motel rooms, slightly classier hotel rooms, AU in which they live in an apartment building in the middle of downtown Chicago, a jamjar...

It doesn't matter because it's ass o'clock and things like details can wait until noon. This is what matters: there is a room between theirs.

It is locked. The owner is nowhere to be seen.

The owner's phone is also nowhere to be seen, but it can be heard as apparently it had an alarm or...someone really, really, really wants to talk to the owner, or...or something, because it's cheerfully ringing at ass o'clock and shows no signs of stopping. In fact, let's say it's Gotye's Somebody that I used to know repeating endlessly.

Tsurumaru's standing outside at the door. It is, again, locked, and he's contemplating exploring the wonderful world of breaking into rooms.]


[However, he has no idea how to pick a lock. Fuck.]

Well, what do you think? [This is said to Fai who's doing whatever the hell he's doing - it doesn't matter that they probably don't know each other, Tsurumaru's talking to anyone who's out suffering with him as but you treat me like a stranger and that feels so rough! wails out from the locked room.


He'd chat up Kefka or Darth Vader, ominous villain vibes and all.]
Honestly, I'd open this door, turn it off myself, and tell off whoever it is - do you know? But I have no idea how locks work.

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...that is beautiful /cackles

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Charles Xavier | X-men movies

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Kara Danvers • Supergirl

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Re: Kara Danvers • Supergirl

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((ooc: Interested in a Barry for mutual insomnia?))

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Mary Crawley | Downton Abbey

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Q | James Bond | ota

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