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The Road

The Road

Maybe you’ve always been traveling this road. Maybe you just started. But, either way, now you have a companion. They say it’s not about the destination, it’s the journey. Now you’re going to have to find out.

1. Post-apocalyptic. There’s not much left of the world out there. But there’s still this road, and at the end of it, they say, there’s a haven.
2. Epic fantasy. It’s a long and winding road, through forests and plains, and all manner of treacherous fairies and giant spiders along the way. Supposedly, at the end of it there’s a castle, a dragon, and a treasure.
3. Yellow brick road! A journey through a world weird and wonderful, and at the end, if you’re lucky, is a way back home.
4. Road trip! Route 66, cheap motels, diners, small-town America and the open highway.
5. The Eternal Commute. Welcome to hell. Or New Jersey. Either way, really. The two of you are stuck in this car, in traffic, and you’re getting nowhere. Eventually, one day, you’re going to get to your destination.
6. Wilderness road. Maybe you’re lost, or stranded, or this is all you’ve ever known. All you know is there’s only one road in all this wilderness, and if you’re ever going to get back to civilisation, you’re going to have to follow it.
7. Shangri-La. You’ve heard a rumour about this road. It goes somewhere. Somewhere special. El Dorado. Atlantis. Camelot. But if you ever want to get there, you’re going to have to follow the road. Don’t stray.
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[ Would you be interested in a post-apocalyptic scenario? I can start. ]
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[ Sorry about the delay! I'm canonblind, but go right ahead :) ]
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She halts in a stand of blackened trees and surveys the road, the asphalt pushing through the forest like the silver trail of some great comet that had charred the land. And when she brushes her hand on a skeletal branch the wood crumbles to ash, is lost on the wind.

She could make herself scarce in the wilderness while there was still a wilderness but the surrounding devastation took care of that. Should she return to greener pastures, or hazard the desert road? There is danger in either direction. She heads out.

The paving is uneven but the going is relatively easy. Her old dress shoes will carry her a while longer, though she can't say how many miles are left in her body. The moon sits ponderous in the sky and the road's surface markings resemble a shimmering fin to her tired eyes. Occasionally the girl stops to rest, and after a time, she sits down on the road and neglects to rise again. She calmly lays her head on the asphalt, like many have done before her, and closes her eyes. Just a little while....