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The Road

The Road

Maybe you’ve always been traveling this road. Maybe you just started. But, either way, now you have a companion. They say it’s not about the destination, it’s the journey. Now you’re going to have to find out.

1. Post-apocalyptic. There’s not much left of the world out there. But there’s still this road, and at the end of it, they say, there’s a haven.
2. Epic fantasy. It’s a long and winding road, through forests and plains, and all manner of treacherous fairies and giant spiders along the way. Supposedly, at the end of it there’s a castle, a dragon, and a treasure.
3. Yellow brick road! A journey through a world weird and wonderful, and at the end, if you’re lucky, is a way back home.
4. Road trip! Route 66, cheap motels, diners, small-town America and the open highway.
5. The Eternal Commute. Welcome to hell. Or New Jersey. Either way, really. The two of you are stuck in this car, in traffic, and you’re getting nowhere. Eventually, one day, you’re going to get to your destination.
6. Wilderness road. Maybe you’re lost, or stranded, or this is all you’ve ever known. All you know is there’s only one road in all this wilderness, and if you’re ever going to get back to civilisation, you’re going to have to follow it.
7. Shangri-La. You’ve heard a rumour about this road. It goes somewhere. Somewhere special. El Dorado. Atlantis. Camelot. But if you ever want to get there, you’re going to have to follow the road. Don’t stray.
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Of course fairies, giant spiders, and dragons don't exist right? (We don't talk about the Shimadas' dragons, okay?) But in dreams anything is possible, and this one is full of elements out of a storybook. It's hard to say if this dream is Jack's or Angela's, but both star as the main characters. Perhaps they're both creating this, and a person's dream state can be shared. Whatever the case, it starts on an idyllic path in the woods, and a Swiss princess set on reclaiming her deceased parents' castle from the dragon who killed them. With her is a gruff, mysterious man who has agreed to help her in this task, but she hardly knows anything about him, beyond the fact he can fight.

"Are you an adventurer, or a soldier perhaps?" she asks, clutching her magical healing staff a little bit tighter.
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"Whatever I get paid to be."

Gruff is right--but Angela's assessment is correct. Right now, he's a bodyguard, but he's filled both those roles in the past, among others. He's admittedly advised against this course of action, but Angela isn't to be swayed, and Jack is indebted to her family in one way or another. Whether he likes it or not, he's along for this ride--and he still has a sense of duty. He's not about to let her do this on her own.

"I'll see you safely where you need to go."

He can promise her that much, despite everything.
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What a vague answer! Angela doesn't like that lack of clarity, but beggars can't be choosers, can they? No one else would be willing to help her in this endeavor. Well, Sir Reinhardt would, of course, but the princess feels he's too old to go fighting dragons and he's off somewhere helping people with his squire anyway. She won't pull him away for this.

"My thanks, sir. Ah, what should I call you?"
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Angela will find sooner rather than later that Jack does vague very, very well. Still, he knows that if they're going to foster some kind of working relationship, it's not going to do either of them any good to be hostile. Jack is fairly self-aware in that he knows he's difficult to get on with, and often does a very good job of exacerbating the situation all on his own.

So when she asks for his name, it's the one thing he'll offer her--a temporary concession.

"Jack." Short, sweet, and to the point. "Just Jack."
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"All right." It's good enough for her, and the fact that it's short is a good thing if she finds herself in trouble and needs to shout for him.

"I suppose you may call me Princess, for brevity's sake." Your Royal Highness is just a mouthful, and Angela isn't something people call her. There's always been a distance between herself and those around her. It's been lonely at the top -- now even more so with her parents gone -- but people expect her to act a certain way and she follows along. That's the thing about royalty: they're as much servants as those who serve them.

"I do hope the path is safe along the way." While it is a concern, she's simply trying to make polite conversation.
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He grunts affirmatively to let her know that it's understood, but then seems to reconsider and answers her verbally.

"Princess it is."

He'll call her whatever she likes, but it seems he can't exactly turn the gruffness off. At her second remark, he manages to bite back the obvious comment: if the path was safe, he wouldn't have been hired in the first place.

But Jack does seem to recognize that such quibbles are pointless. Instead, he holds out his hand.

"I can take your bag."
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Angela hesitates, but then hands over her bag. It's kind of him, and she rushes to ask, "I hope it's not too heavy?" She did her best to pack practically for this trip, with sensible pants and shirts instead of what a princess would normally wear. But she also wanted to prepare for everything, so there are bandages and ointments in case her magical staff fails, and plenty of dry food in case the hunting isn't fruitful. There definitely isn't anything fancy inside like jewels or silks. Most of that was left behind in the castle anyway for the dragon to lay claim to in his hoard.
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"It's not too heavy," he says, trying to sound a little nicer with that assertion. Jack is more than capable of carrying both his load and hers, and he emphasizes that by taking her bag and swinging it rather effortlessly over his shoulder. He's used to traveling light, especially when he lives the kind of life he does. It's no extra effort to carry both of their packs.

After that, however, he starts down the road in silence, not much of a conversationalist. Still, he's careful to match his pace with hers so as not to wander too far ahead.

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"Oh, good," she says with relief, doing her best to not be a neurotic mess during this adventure. She needs to see this through and reclaim her throne, but she's no dragon fighter. It's why she's so grateful someone took the job, because her people need her and she can't help them out here, without resources, alliances, or anything else a ruler has at their disposal.

"Have you ever fought a dragon before?" she asks. Somehow it hasn't come up before now. It was a blessing to get anyone to help her at all, really.
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"Yes," he answers simply. It's not something he's going to brag about, so he says it like it's a fact, because it is. Hopefully she'll find that reassuring, even if he doesn't follow it up with much of an explanation.

Still, he's not going to lie to her.

"Not by myself. Had a team, but I know what I'm doing.
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"Oh," she says, a bit of trepidation in that one word. "We are a much smaller team. I hope that won't be an issue." Because she's not even a fighter! She has the ability to heal, and has some training in diplomacy, but the dragon has already made it quite clear that he doesn't wish to talk things out. She has a singed dress that demonstrates that very well.

Up ahead on the path, there is a brief shimmer of lights before it fades away again. Angela frowns and looks up through the leaves. Did the sun produce such an effect? But no, the lights were many different colors: pink, green, blue, and gold. How odd.
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Really, Jack is perhaps a little less confident on his own than he is with the backing of his old compatriots, but he’s also nothing if not stubborn. If this is his mission, he’ll see it through to the end no matter what. Still, he picks up on the hesitance in her voice—Jack doesn’t especially blame her. This is much more important to her than it is to his.

“Shouldn’t be. I know we’re strangers, Your Highness, but I’m a man of my word.”

He’s pretty sure she asked him not to call her that, but anything else feels a little too casual. The silence settles around them again, giving him the opportunity to turn his attentions to the forest around them. Being vaguely paranoid, he notices something off around the same time she does, but doesn’t stop to think about whether or not it’s just a trick of the light.

Jack holds his hand out to stop her.

“Hold on.”
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She's about to remind him not to call her that when he stops her and her mouth moves to form the word What, though she stops short. Her eyes take in their surroundings, and she can hear a rustling sound that she can't be sure isn't just the wind through the trees. Not moving anything but her head, she tries to get a sense if there's really something there, or if it's just the two of them being overly cautious when the strange lights appear again.

Blue, pink, green, and gold lights fly across the path before them, and now she can catch something within the source of these lights. Something small. Immediately, she understands and her eyes widen. Fairies. Vicious little things. She looks towards Jack to see what they should do.