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[ Steven is following the road. That's all he's really knows anymore. Just the road in front of him, the road he's been told leads to someone who can answer all his questions. Who it is, and exactly how they know the answers, he's not sure. He's following this road based on a rumor he heard, one of those that everyone seems to have heard but no one knows exactly how or from who. No one had ever heard of anyone actually following the road to completion, but they all knew what happened if you did. An oracle of sorts, maybe a genie, everyone's version was different, but all agreed that it was something that knew the answer to everything.

Steven's questions burned in his mind, spurring him on, ever on. He'd reached a point in his life where he needed to know the answers, needed to know what had become of his mother, how exactly she was a part of him. He missed her, Dad missed her, the gems missed her. If there was some way he could restore a part of her to them he had to know. Pushed forward by his indomitable childlike spirit, a spirit which could not help but yearn for it's mother, he followed the road.

He lifted his head, a quick up and down to check that the road was still continuing as expected with no obstacles. He blinked, moved his head back up again. There was someone there, walking ahead of him. In all his time on the road, he'd not come across a single other traveler. And now, this. Excitement filling him, displacing the tiredness that he'd grown accustomed to suffusing his body, he rushed towards them, calling out as he did so. ]

Hey! Heeey!

[ He slowed to match her pace as he neared. ]

Are you following the road too? My name's Steven!

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