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( awesome! I was imagining a more bizarre kind of scenario - consider blair witch meets junji ito's stories of obsession with following after something that will probably get you in a really bad situation in the end. here's a little starter, tried to go with the "supernatural/compelling" kind of location but lmk if you'd like me to switch it around! )

For her it was just like that constantly plaguing nightmare: the dense, humid forest marred only by a beaten dirt track dented from countless footsteps before her own. An unknown destination, however beckoning if only by a strange compulsion, a desire to either flee or get there depending on the night and today - this morrow of excessive dew, of lingering mist and an eerie absence of the sounds of animals, it was a bit of both.

"How long have you been searching for this?" Adora's voice was tragically monotone despite the effort placed in expressing her curiosity. Deep down she did want to know - what manner of place was this, so compelling yet difficult to find and even more difficult to find an end to? She'd come across this young man not long before, their fates seemingly intertwined by this trip. She'd been quite (foolishly) honest: it was a compulsion for her, a compulsion to keep moving and to not stop. To not look back lest something consume her existence and make it null. Foolish indeed, for in the end she'd probably sound crazier than she intended. But with their steps falling more or less in tune and no sudden disappearances, she'd felt the need to finally break the silence.

"Or did you just happen across this path? Did it call for you?"

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