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What would you do if dinosaurs were on the loose? Be it in a theme park, a major city, or down in the dense jungle of Isla Nubar here is a chance for you to find out.

Disclaimer: Based mostly off Jurassic Park I, II, III because I haven't seen Jurassic World yet.

Clever Girl What was that sound? Is that a ringtone? You may just be in a literal pile of shit because hiding has not worked out for you.

Escape: There's the plane off this death trap! Or animal control. Hope those tranqs work.

Don't. Move Noise. Movement. Light. Remember they're predators. But at least you saw them first. Do your best not to attract their attention

Rampage You would think not making 10 tonne creatures angry would be the smart thing to do, right? You're caught in a stampede. Or maybe someone thought it would be easy money, but now there's a T-Rex running about. And it's headed your way.

Tourist Despite the possibilities of death, the park was meant as a place for people to see dinosaurs in their native habitat. It's nice. Peaceful, even. To see the herds crossing the plains, or making their way around the different biomes.

Sketchy Science Free choice. It's a movie right? Who cares if real dinosaurs had feathers?

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