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What would you do if dinosaurs were on the loose? Be it in a theme park, a major city, or down in the dense jungle of Isla Nubar here is a chance for you to find out.

Disclaimer: Based mostly off Jurassic Park I, II, III because I haven't seen Jurassic World yet.

Clever Girl What was that sound? Is that a ringtone? You may just be in a literal pile of shit because hiding has not worked out for you.

Escape: There's the plane off this death trap! Or animal control. Hope those tranqs work.

Don't. Move Noise. Movement. Light. Remember they're predators. But at least you saw them first. Do your best not to attract their attention

Rampage You would think not making 10 tonne creatures angry would be the smart thing to do, right? You're caught in a stampede. Or maybe someone thought it would be easy money, but now there's a T-Rex running about. And it's headed your way.

Tourist Despite the possibilities of death, the park was meant as a place for people to see dinosaurs in their native habitat. It's nice. Peaceful, even. To see the herds crossing the plains, or making their way around the different biomes.

Sketchy Science Free choice. It's a movie right? Who cares if real dinosaurs had feathers?
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Scott Summers | Marvel Comics

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(Anyone up for a trip to the Savage Land? Or maybe the Savage Land comes to us?

Also, I had to.)
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[ooc: yesssss up for this. can I start with Bruce and have him Hulk out later?]
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(OOC: Hmm... Scott brings Banner to the Savage Land to perform some medicine on the Fall People? Or Scott meets Bruce already in the Savage Land, having Hulked out at some earlier point? "Don't ask.")
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[ooc: combine the two, Scott finds shirtless guy trying to help people because he found himself there after a Hulk out? and somehow dinos happen.]
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It was a sad thing to realize that waking up in the middle of a dense jungle, alone, shirtless....really didn't phase him much anymore. Bruce sighed and just went with wherever the Hulk's energy had spent itself.

He had first looked for water, failing that, signs of civilization to find out where in the world he was. It certainly was a lush jungle he had come across. With strange animal calls he could hear in the distance. Some of those calls making him a little more apprehensive than usual.

A dirt road was promising, even if it only looked like a foot traffic one. But Bruce had been trudging along it for some time before he found a unconscious boy with a hurt leg. Being the scientist he was, he quickly made a splint and carried him along till he got to a village. One thing led to another and Bruce found himself helping a few others that had gotten themselves injured one way or another. He did hope that once he'd finished, they could point him in the direction of some food and a clean shirt.
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The X-Men had a policy of visiting the Savage Land once every six months, less if there was an emergency. Luckily, this time was a routine visit with supplies that would aid the Fall People and other neighboring tribes.

Cyclops piloted the Blackbird with a teammate who had never been to the Savage Land. Danielle Moonstar had been trapped in an elevator with Scott a few weeks ago, which had led to some unexpected positives: the two were now friends and not just teammates, and Scott had someone to accompany him on the Savage Land trip. It was increasingly difficult to find X-Men who were willing to go.

The snowy weather and intense cold of Antarctica greeted them, along with the glow of the Southern Lights dancing across the atmosphere. Despite this, the Blackird would be in the hidden tropical jungle in less than a minute. "We're making our final descent now."
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"All right," Dani went and did her own thing as Scott descended them down. A bow was placed over her back and a set of arrows was slung over her right shoulder; a bag of supplies for the natives hung at her other shoulder. If there was one thing that could be said about Moonstar, it was the fact that she never went anywhere unprepared. Practical and resourceful described her down to a T, and right now, she was getting the utmost feeling that a bow & arrow would be very useful--and not just because of the animals.

Once the Blackbird fully landed, she stepped out with her comrade into the lush tropical canopy and the muggy atmosphere from all the rich vegetation hit her full in the face. Something she actually didn't mind too much, but it was a nice reminder of how much she enjoyed the cold weather of the Rocky Mountains so much more.

Well, whatever. She turned to face her friend.

"You're the boss, Scott," Dani said, pointing her thumb in some random direction. "Lead the way."
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Frigid tundra quickly gave way to tropical jungle, and Scott steered the frost-covered Blackbird to a landing in a clearing not far from the Fall People's camp grounds. Once the jet was parked, Scott picked up his travel gear, supply duffel, and even his bow & arrow set. Dani had helped him kick off the layers of dust on his archery skills, and this trip would be a good way to further hone his skills.

He led her to the Fall People's village not far away, and they were greeted by the tribal elders and children. Setting aside his luggage, Scott introduced them to Dani in his passable grasp of their language (the Fall People and the X-Men had learned to meet each other halfway linguistically over the years), and he noticed that there was a crowd around the medicine tent. That meant there was another newcomer.

The elder informed Scott that there was a new healer named "Brooz", an outworlder like the X-Men. Curious, Scott approached the tent. The crowd gave way to reveal the newcomer, a scraggly Caucasian doctor.
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sorry, sooo late

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Well, a shirt hadn't showed up but at least they'd given Bruce a rope to keep his tattered pants up. He was working on washing a wound on a lady's arm when someone decidedly not a native walked up to the tent he was in front of. Something akin to surprise and fear crossed Bruce's eyes as he thought for a moment someone from General Ross's group had found him and he nearly flinched as if to run. But the man seemed unarmed, something Ross's cronies never were.

Wary, he stood, watching the other man. "Strange looking glasses," he says slowly. They almost looked like ruby quartz, if scientist Bruce had to guess. The woman also gets the same mistrustful look. Who were these people? They obviously weren't from here.
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Scott immediately noticed the alarmed, ready-to-flee reaction from the doctor. Scott supposed the way he and Dani were dressed might be cause for concern. He was apparently right, as his eyewear was the first thing commented upon. "I get that a lot," he replied.

"I'm Scott Summers," he introduced himself. "This is Danielle Moonstar. We're friends of the tribe. We're from the United States, and we've come by to deliver supplies and aid. Looks like you're also here to help, so... we're on the same side."
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also late

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Dani was quick to take pursuit after Scott just as soon as she finished up her greetings with the local tribal men and women of the Fall People. The direction he went in led the two of them to a small tent that was apparently for medical use only--as was made clear with the group of injured and sick alike that crowded around said tent.

When the group finally gave away and revealed the disheveled looking doctor at work, Dani couldn't help but raise an eyebrow slightly at the man as she approached closer and halted a couple of feet away from him. She was only familiar with Bruce in his Hulk form (and even then, she had never met the Hulk in person, aside from now) but the vibe was still there. Sort of. Okay, not really. She shook off whatever silly thoughts she had rather hastily. When Scott spoke up and introduced her, she gave Bruce a polite nod and took a step forward, kneeling down next to the lady he was aiding just as he stood.

"Scott is right. We're here to help, just like you," She pulled out a bottle of water from a pouch and handed it to the woman she knelt by. "There's no need for alarm."
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Chidori | Ninja Girl and Samurai Master

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[would probably try to slay some dinosaurs? who knows whether or not that'd be effective]
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Mitsunari Ishida | Sengoku Basara

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Harleen 'Harley Quinn' Quinzel | DC Comics

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Clllllever Chara

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[There are certain things, in certain situations, that one does not want. In this particular situation, the need for silence is absolute. Their hiding place is, for the moment, perfect enough. Next to a bubbling brook; one that they'd already made a mad slog through only minutes prior, ridding the potential of being picked up by their scent. They are freezing. Death is oh, so very close, and

Why, precisely, are they bothering to run from it?

They take a long, considering look at the creature on the opposite side of the river. It has fairly large teeth. They're fairly small. The likelihood they'd be dead after the first- perhaps second bite- pity. It's a real pity, that there's others in their life who may not appreciate the trail of thought.

This is, of course, the moment a phone rings. A phone hidden in drenched pockets, but a phone. A phone that is apparently functioning just fine. And yes, their ringtone is amazing.

Contrary to how one should respond to such sounding of their imminent demise, Chara does not flinch down. They do not freeze, their heart most certainly doesn't leap into their throat.

As the tune of their death blares in muffled cheer from their pocket, Chara bursts out laughing.

And then they start running.]
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[there are some things you learn to appreciate when you live in gotham. things like the amount of sheer insanity that can descend upon your world at any waking moment, apparently including being transported to a dinosaur-infested island.

wasn't there a movie like this?

oh, well. pop culture references ain't her problem. not when there was a fuckin' dinosaur chasin' her.]

Pick on someone yer own size, bucko!

[she shouts at it, eve though that might not be the greatest idea. listen, she's a little frustrated--and terribly worried. if she's here, are her babies? is the bat? is Red? is--

well. she doesn't wanna think about him. especially when it would prolly be better for her if the dinosaurs ate him, or somethin.

grabbing hold of a branch, she swings up into the trees; the thing chasing her keeps running, apparently not one of the smarter ones.

and that's when she sees a kid. a freakin kid, running from another dinosaur, and they're laughing.
going after them would probably put her in danger, and then she wouldn't be able to protect anyone. she'd probably die, again, and she didn't want that.

but they're a kid.

aw, to heck with it.]

Hey, ugly! I'm a way bigger meal!!

[she leaps down and waves her arms, hoping that the dinosaur's attention is taken up by her. Once it has, and it chases after her, she yells back over her shoulder.]

Climb a tree, kiddo! Be back in a flash!!
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[They came here to die and they are feeling so attacked right now.

Or rather; they aren't feeling attacked, and that is a problem in of itself. Stopping short at the sight of- well, it's hard to say precisely how or why she's decided that her attire is appropriate, unless she's actually part of the attraction- her, it takes a few moments for them to comply.

And compliance is earned through a series of instinct and the lightheaded-ness that comes with such bursts of inane cackling. Chara doesn't particularly think on it; they're halfway up the tree before they consider just lobbing their phone out into the abyss, though a better reaction would probably be to place it on mute.

They have someone out there they need to find.

And then it's just them, their tree, and the distant sound of roaring, ancient beasts, hunting down a-

If she comes back, they'll make a point of asking her. They highly doubt she's coming back.]
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['scuse you, kiddo, but her attire is appropriate for any time and weather! anyway, harley takes off. thanks to her girlfriend best gal pal, her speed is enhanced and reaction time is quicker; within maybe ten minutes of running the dinosaur off track, she's able to swing up into the trees.

after a few minutes more, she's able to climb from tree to tree, swinging towards the approximate area in which she'd left a child.

without much warning, she swings up onto a nearby branch, beaming.]

Hey, kid! Ya might wanna silence your cell phone! Just an idea, though!
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[There is very little warning, but far be it for them to flinch. There is no flinching involved; no moment of tension as they whip their head towards her, eyes narrowing. She came back.]

You're not dead. [Stated flatly, almost like they're disappointed.]
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Not yet, kiddo. Give it some time.

[she flashes a grin, perched up on the branch, and glances at the other kid.]

I'm Harley. And you are?
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Morgana | Merlin / Arthurian | OTA

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Steven | Steven Universe | OTA

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[ DINOSAURS YES. Steven is pumped, let's do this dino thing. Any adventure is welcome. ]