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Arranged Marriage (for real this time)

Marriage for love is a such a modern concept. In the past, marriage was
recognised as a social contract. Unions were entered into for many
reasons: to obtain property, to unite families, to carry on a bloodline,
et cetera. Whatever the reason, congratulations, you're getting married!

❧ Post a comment with your character's name, canon, and any preferences.
❧ If there's a specific set of circumstances you like best, set the scene.
❧ Or leave your comment blank and let others use RNG to choose the scenario. Feel free to mix and match.
Please note the prompts below are merely suggestions and you're more than welcome to come up with your own situation.
❧ Have fun!

① Station → You come from a royal, noble, or otherwise distinguished family who has chosen a suitable spouse for you.
② Feud → You are being married to put an end to the bitter enmity between your two families.
③ Economics → Your economic state and/or your station will improve through the union, though one of you may be marrying down.
④ Empire → You and your spouse are merging your businesses and/or property to create something more influential or profitable.
⑤ Tribute → You have been offered as a gift or appeasement, alternately you're the spoils of war.
⑥ Bloodline → Carrying on your distinguished family name has fallen to you and the equally well-bred spouse of your family's selection.
⑦ Disapproval → Your marriage has been arranged to keep you away from the person with whom you truly wish to be.

① First meeting → This is the very first time you're meeting your future spouse.
② Courtship → To get to know each other and encourage affection, your family has approved of you going on dates.
③ Engagement party → Be it a huge, formal affair or a small, intimate get together, you're celebrating (or pretending).
④ Wedding day → The big day!
⑤ Reception → The big party!
⑥ Wedding night → Every meme needs a smut prompt, right?
⑦ Honeymoon → Where will you go with your new spouse and what will you do there?
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Ororo Munroe/Storm | X-men (films) | ota

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Hiccup | How to Train Your Dragon | OTA

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Claire Bennet || NBC's Heroes || OTA

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oruha ; clover ; m/f

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lacie baskerville ; pandora hearts ; m/f

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Frisk | Undertale | OTA

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//No 6 for scenarios, since they're a child.
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zed martin | constantine

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Laurent of Vere ; Captive Prince ; M/M

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John Watson | Sherlock | OTA

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Grace Ford | OC | M/F

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Xander | Fire Emblem: Fates | M/F

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Athrun Zala | Gundam SEED | M/F

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Ky Kiske | Guilty Gear | M/F

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ivor grames | original | ota

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Gladiolus Amicitia | FFXV | OTA

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Iris Amicitia | FFXV | People her age for shippy things

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Kara Danvers | Supergirl | OTA

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Belle | Beauty and the Beast | OTA

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Mia Winters | Resident Evil 7 | OTA

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Viktor Nikiforov | Yuri!!! on Ice

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(( cross canon and aus welcome ))
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[ Hello! Would you be interested in a thread with Oruha? ]
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Lunafreya Nox Fleuret | ffxv | ota

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[ No smut, please. ]
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Re: 7

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[The wedding had been a success. Everything had gone to plan since Ardyn had married his bride; Lady Lunafreya Nox Fleuret. It was a political marriage but more a marriage of love also. Ardyn loved the woman now standing next to him in her wedding dress, while he was dressed in his usual finery. He adjusted his trademark fedora and looked down at her with a fondness.

It was a quiet evening and they were about to board a gondola in Altissia. It was their honeymoon period. A perfect time to get to know one another better as husband and wife.]

Such beauty tonight. Even the stars cannot shine bright enough to match your pretty eyes.
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Tohru | Miss Kobayashi's Dragon Maid | F/F

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