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Friday Night Excursions Meme

It’s Friday night, and you don’t have plans. Or maybe you have some really excellent plans involving your couch and your laptop, but your characters are in dire need of a social life. Grab your friends or text that cutie you swiped right on, you’re going OUT.

1. Blind Date - You swiped right. Or, maybe this is an old-fashioned blind date, where your friends set you up. All you have is a time, date, place, and a name. Better hope they’re a good conversationalist, or you’ll be climbing out the bathroom window.
2. Game Center - Who’s ready for some SKEE-BALL? Mini-golf, anyone? Grab a friend or a date and school them in a game of laser-tag. Drunken laser tag? That’s what Friday nights were made for.
3. House Party - Sure, you were invited. Your friend’s cousin’s ex-roommate lives here. And you know… that guy. Fred? Fred. Okay, so maybe you’re crashing the party, and it is a rager. Get ready to get blackout drunk and jump off the roof, because it is Friday night and we are here to PAR-TAY.
4. Bar/Club Scene - Well, it’s better than drinking alone. Maybe you came with friends, maybe you’re just desperate to forget your loneliness, maybe you just honestly like sitting alone at the bar with a book. But hey, maybe you’ll meet someone cute, or maybe some jerk will try to slip something in your drink and you’ll end up best friends with the bartender who gets him arrested. Maybe you’ll try out a hip new club and get your grind on.
4a. ALT Bar/Club Scene - When I say BD you say SM. Or, maybe your alt club experience this evening is going to be one of those new hipster speakeasies. Maybe a swingers club? Whatever it is, you’re going to be walking a little bit off the beaten path tonight. Grab your tiger-print thong and curl your mustache, you’ve got an invite somewhere exclusive.
5. Meetup - You don’t need no dang romance (or maybe you do). You’re going to be spending the evening with your new crochet group. Craft beer enthusiasts. Improv acting troupe. Parcheesi players. Only, whoops, turns out everyone canceled except the two of you.
6. Great Outdoors - You know what weekends are for? CAMPING. Pile into the camper or heft your camping backpack, the world outside awaits. And if the wild world outside is a bit intimidating, there are always more suburban outdoor activities, like streaking through a moonlit park or starting a dumpster fire. Probably better to stick with camping. Camping builds character.
7. Great Indoors - The whole reason that humanity invented houses is because indoors is just plain better. You’ve got your couch, your pet, your laptop, some tea and a good book. And maybe a good friend or significant other to stay in and cuddle with you? Go on, invite someone over. You can make dinner, or order pizza, or just skip dinner and get straight to "dessert". There’s no work tomorrow, let’s stay up all night on a Sex and the City marathon.
8. Wreaking Havoc - Ordinary Friday night plans are for losers! Let’s put on our Halloween costumes and go TP a house. Let’s start a riot and party like it’s 1999. Go wild and crazy, paint outside the lines. It’s Friday!
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Adam Parrish | The Raven Cycle

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[OTA for gen, M/M for shipping.]
Edited 2017-03-17 16:36 (UTC)
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Abel | Starfighter | M/M

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(How about a Friday Night D&D session for X-Men and/or various Marvel characters? Could be fun, could be a train wreck.)
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(Crashed by a certain teen speedster who may have committed the entirety of every relevant rules supplement to memory in prep?)
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(Sure, that would be fun. And it would come in handy, because IRL I don't exactly have an encyclopedic knowledge of the rules. I'm familiar enough with the gameplay.)
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(Rules lawyers are fun until you're trying to figure out the accelleration due to gravity and its impact on hit dice because someone had the great idea to use a 45-degree upward angle and max distance to summon a celestial bison to drop on the dragon's head. Real story.

I'm not as familiar with the current incarnation, but I could probably fake it, anyway.)
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(That is hilarious. I'd be down.)
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Ragnar | old World of Darkness | ota

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[1 looks especially cool, but all of these are great.]
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Raphael Santiago | Shadowhunters

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Derek Hale | Teen Wolf

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((Who dragged him along?))
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Danny Mãhealani | Teen Wolf

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((OTA but M/M for smut))
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Ben Wheeler | ABC Family's Baby Daddy

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((Sweet he found a baby sitter))
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Djem Ahmad | OC

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((Sure! I might be a bit slow tho, work has me temporarily impersonating a dead bumble bee this weekend :')))
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((Been there, done that, bought the t-shirt. Take ALL the time you need!

I rolled a 7...internet watching marathon and takeout, considering these two?

(And I'm not sure if the amount of time it took me to find a d8 means I need more dice or fewerdice..) ))
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((I'm alive!

That sounds perfect for them, let's be real - did you wanna start or shall I?
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((Yaaay, work didn't kill you! :D

Enh, I don't mind starting--how about a text?))

[Ben swings his way onto the bus, bag of food in one hand and phone out in the other, texting.]

Soooo i've got chinese--your place or mine? Keep in mind that if it's at mine my mom might insist on sharing and watching movies with us...
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((When in doubt, a text with this guy is always a good starter))

Urgh, praise your face - I'm starving.

haha, in that case shall we say mine? My brother's on a double tonight so he won't be back til like 2am
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((good to know!))

Sweet. I'll be there in like 5 minutes and I'll try not to eat it all on the way!

Ben plugs his earbuds in and mostly tunes out the rest of the bus ride. He'll get off at Djem's stop, walk the rest of the way there, whistling and ring th--uh. Right. Text.

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Doug Witter | Dawson's Creek | M/M

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((Hopefully you aren't in the drunk tank))
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Raven [ Teen Titans ] OTA

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( Libraries, bookstores, goth clubs, oh my! )
Edited 2017-03-17 20:08 (UTC)
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[Anything beats waiting around for the weekend crime spree to begin. Or maybe that is the outing.]
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Tohru | miss kobayashi's dragon maid | F/F for smut

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Grace Ford | OC

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T'Challa | MCU | ota

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[m/m for any shippy nonsense]
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Janice Rand | Star Trek (Alternate Original Series) | OTA

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jeaniegrey: jeaniegrey. (pic#11134211)

jean grey | x-men apocalypse

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Kaname Hagiri | Yu Yu Hakusho | voice testing

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mettaton | undertale

[personal profile] fuckbot 2017-03-18 07:35 am (UTC)(link)
[ m/m for shipping or smut. ]
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sherrie christian | rock of ages

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Derek Lockwood | Original | OTA

[personal profile] doctricis 2017-03-18 09:52 am (UTC)(link)
andgracetoo: straight on smile (c'mon just let's go)


[personal profile] andgracetoo 2017-03-18 04:26 pm (UTC)(link)
Another Friday night, another shift at the local bar. It wasn't much, but it had a relaxed atmosphere most of the time. Weekends got a little more rowdy, but Sam found she didn't mind. Especially since that usually meant more tips.

And so Sam was in pretty good spirits tonight, making her way down the bar to where a new customer sat. "Hey," she greeted, offering a wide smile. "What can I get'cha?"
doctricis: (Why did love open up my scars?)

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Derek wanted to try out a different bar than his usual bunch and fortunately enough, he actually got off his shift at a decent enough time to enjoy his Friday evening. He didn't think much of the bar itself but the atmosphere was pleasant compared to his loud usuals. He'd be lying if the blonde behind the counter didn't interest him as well, taking an empty stool up front.

"White Russian, please." Derek said with a smile in return as he lightly tapped the bar with his fingertips. His mother always made it a point to be polite and to leave tips where he could.
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[personal profile] andgracetoo 2017-03-20 11:11 am (UTC)(link)
Cute and polite. It was her lucky night. She kept her smile on and started reaching for bottles. His order wasn't one she got too often, and she actually liked when people ordered different things like that.

"You got it." There was a bit of a flourish as she poured, eyeballing the measurements. Bartending was just one more opportunity for her to show off, which she took advantage of for more tips.

"Did you need the food menu? The kitchen's still open for another hour or so."
Edited 2017-03-20 11:11 (UTC)
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Ororo Munroe/Storm | X-men (films) | ota

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Ben Braeden | Supernatural | OTA

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Matt Murdock || Marvel

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((MCU or 616))
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Joy Meachum || Iron Fist (MCU)

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