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Sweetest Smut

Sweetest Smut.

Smut is great. And, to go hand in hand, kink is good. Angst is good, romance is good, sexy sexy sexy is grand, the whole nine yards. Some days, though, you just want to play adorable smut - where "cute" wins out over smoldering sexiness - and nothing else will scratch the itch. Whether it be a first time, canoodling between lovers, an awkward rendezvous, friends to more, someone learning the ropes, an attempt at showing true feelings, amusing "messing around," or anything your mind can come up with, the only rule is that things must be absolutely face value or in a twisted way.

How to Play 
  • Comment with your character, preferences, etc. 
  • Comment to others, using the RNG to pick your prompt. 
  • Or do things the old fashioned way and pick your own. 
  • Play! 
1. First Time: Finally, you guys are taking the next step. You're bringing intimacy into the relationship. Hopefully, things will go well... 
2. Celebration: Whether it's Valentine's Day or a birthday, today's a special day. Is there a better way to celebrate than being together? 
3. Spontaneous: Maybe you're both in the kitchen, or perhaps at a friend's house for a party. Whatever the case is, you can't keep your hands off each other. You need it now. 
4. Romantic Date: Isn't it nice to do something together? Question is, though, will you use the darkness of the movie theater or the space under the table to your advantage? If you can wait, there's always the bed later on. 
5. Love Confession: You've just told that special person how you feel. Now, you're going to show them. 
6. Trying Something New: Once your comfortable with a person, you may fall into too much of a rut. Luckily, there are many ways to spice up your love life...and not all of them involve handcuffs! Just a few of the more fun ones. 
7. Reverse: The person who usually tops or instigates the contact can get a break. Today, the submissive is the dominant, because there's a degree of trust here. 
8. All About You: You're going to treat the person you love to the ultimate pampering. Roses, champagne, good food- and, of course, good sex. 
9. Honeymoon: You've tied the knot. It's time to consummate the relationship, even if you already have before. No judgement here; the honeymoon's a clean slate. 
10. Making a Baby: Your biological clock is ticking, and you want to bring new life into the world with the person you love. The time's right, the person's right, now all you need to do is let nature take its course. 
11. Fail Sex: When you've been together long enough, your special moments are bound to go wrong once in a while. Oh, well. At least this person cares for you enough not to laugh...a lot. 
12. For the Last Time: What's fluff without a little angst? It's like peanut butter and jelly and goes together perfectly. The two of you are about to be separated, maybe for a long while or maybe even forever. 
13. For the First Time in a While: You've been apart for what seems like ages, and now you're back together. That means you can make up for all the lost time and show your sweetheart that you still care, no matter what. 
14. Making You Feel Better: So, your significance other is having a bad day, is sick, is jealous, or something else. Time to make them feel loved! 
15. I'm Sorry: There was a fight. Who knows what it was over; you don't even remember? But now you feel bad, and want to patch things up. 
16. Goofing Off: Not all sex has to be super serious, man. Play around, eat food in bed, watch your favorite TV show while doing the deed, whatever. Just have fun! #yolo 
17. Choose Your Own Adventure
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[No 10 nor 12. Otherwise, have at. <3]
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Wolfgang Mozart | Amadeus

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(Not: No 10)
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Scott Summers | Marvel Comics | m/f

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(Canonmates, crosscanon, AU, etc. all welcome.)
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Spring break had descended upon Xavier's School for Gifted Youngsters. Quite a few students had either gone home or gone on road trips, effectively halving the mansion's population. Among the people to leave were Scott Summers and Stephanie Rogers, who went on a camping trip.

Scott had been much harder to convince about taking vacations prior to dating Stephanie Rogers. She set him at ease, and they took the burdens of leadership off of each other. Out in the road and in the wilderness, they weren't Cyclops and Captain America, superheroes and teachers of the next generation of superheroes. They didn't have to hide or downplay that they were a couple. They were just Scott and Steph, sharing a tent.

"Good morning," he greeted her when she woke up as sunlight and sounds of nature filtered into the tent.
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Stephanie really was enjoying her role as substitute art teacher at the mansion but boy was she glad when spring break rolled around, a chance to actually relax without having to think about lesson plans and grading assignments. So when Scott suggested they do something away from the school, Steph jumped at the chance.

Camping was the perfect idea, it brought to the two of them back to nature and the forest seemed to have a calming atmosphere about it that made their worries disappear and allowed them to just be themselves.

"Mmm... morning." She replied still a little sleepy, even though she smiled at Scott.
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In Scott's opinion, Stephanie had taken to the duties of teaching rather well. And after a certain point, the student had even stopped thinking of her as Captain America. She was Ms. Rogers, the substitute art teacher. Which was good, because Piotr's leave had become indefinite as his father's health was declining. It was becoming a question of if he would return to the school, not when.

This camping trip was an excuse to get away from such worries. Scott, Steph, and the rest would deal with that after the break. For now, Scott relaxed in Steph's arms, enjoying the wonderful sight of her sleepy smile.

It was safe to say Scott had it bad for her in the best possible way. "Sleep well?" He felt the need to apologize for the hard ground of their camping spot, but he reigned in the impulse: his best gal used to camp out in WWII Germany.

Not that is was immediately clear by look at her. She had the body of a super soldier, but she still had feminine curves, which Scott's hands started idly caressing.
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Not wanting to get up or move from her comfortable position wrapped around Scott, Stephanie snuggled closer to the other team leader as he began to caress her partially clothed body.

"Very well with you acting as my pillow." Steph answered before tilting her head up slightly to press a kiss against his stubble covered jawline.
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"Always happy to be one," he replied as his hands continued to explore her curves.

Of course, his shorts were starting to sport a very un-pillowlike bulge that was pressed against her thigh. It was a direct result of the way she was kissing his jawline.
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"Though not at the school." They still had to be careful around students in the public areas of the mansion, so times together like these were rare and special and she wanted this to be prefect now that they could do more than just talk.

The blond's athletic body shivered under his touch as a blush began to form over her cheeks upon feeling his growing erection pressing against her bare thigh, the thought that she had caused that reaction made her happy and she continued to pepper kisses onto Scott's face and neck.
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"Best part is, the school's miles away." And so were their X-Men and Avengers responsibilities. Sure, a world crisis could pop up at any moment, but they both had people they trusted to hold down the fort on their respective teams. In Scott's case, it was Storm.

Scott and Steph were free to be themselves and enjoy each other in the middle of nowhere.

He looked up at her with an adoring look that probably looked awkward with his ruby quartz sleeping goggles. He watched her blush and shiver in response to his touch, her body reacting to his. Her kisses on his face and neck grew more intense, and he welcomed them. She seemed to have far less experience with sex than he had, so he was content to let her explore and take control.
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"And so is the Tower." Steph murmured into his skin as she curiously began to rub her thigh against the bulge in his sleep shorts, wondering what would happen.

The hand on Scott's chest began moving around, exploring the naked and toned expanse and accidentally running over a nipple as the hand moved.
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Steph's grinding action elicited a pleased groan from Scott. When she touched his nipple, it sent a jolt of pleasure straight to his manhood. He couldn't help rocking his hips against her.

He was now fully-erect within the confines of his shorts, and Steph's body was so close...
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"Are you okay?" she asked concerned upon hearing his gasps, not realizing that they groans of pleasure and not of pain as she'd never heard anything like the sounds Scott was currently making. "I didn't hurt you, did I?"
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Scott tried not to chuckle; he patted her shoulder in a comforting manner. "No, you didn't hurt me. Definitely the opposite. Keep it up."

It was dawning on him that this was perhaps the first time she'd been in a situation like this. He was going to have to make her first time a memorable learning experience.
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The blush on her cheeks darkened at his answer, embarrassed by how stupid she probably just sounded to him with her lack of knowledge on sex and foreplay.

But with renewed vigor, Stephanie's thigh rubbed back along the throbbing clothed length and her fingers went back to teasing Scott's nipple. "Like this?"
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Scott didn't find her stupid at all; just adorable. That probably would have sounded condescending if he'd said it out loud, so he focused on letting her get used to what she was doing with him.

Her eagerness was paying off. The friction of her thigh against his length was making him groan more and more in the same appreciative matter. "Yes... like that...."

He moved a hand to her breast; his thumb rubbed her nipple through the material. "This is how it feels." Well, he was willing to bet hers were more sensitive than his, but same basic idea.

They continued the coordinated rubbing motions. His voice was gentle. "Now ... try moving an inch to the left ... and scoot up a bit." That would cause her to rub her crotch against his, separated only by their respective thin fabric.
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A very shocked gasp issued from between her lips when her own nipple was suddenly rubbed, causing pleasure to zing throughout her body as the nub hardened against Scott's thumb and making her want more.

Stephanie moved as she was told to, trusting Scott's instructions and wasn't disappointed when more pleasure could be felt this time in her groin when their covered ones were pressed together.

"Are they all that big?" she asked innocently about the length of his member pressing against her crotch, having only accidentally seen Bucky's back before the war.
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Pleased by her reaction, Scott kept rubbing her nipple. They were now rubbing against each other, body to body, crotch to crotch. The temperature inside the tent was rising.

"Some are that size, some are bigger, some are smaller," he told her, kissing her cheek. "Do you want to see it?"
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"I'd like that as I've never seen one properly before." She confessed with a nod. "But we'd have to stop touching and I really like the touching."
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"There will still be plenty of touching," he promised. "We're just going to give each other better access." He eased Steph up off of him so they could undress; he rid of himself of his t-shirt and sleep shorts.

His member, fully erect, was now in plain sight. He hoped she enjoyed the view; he definitely enjoyed his view of her.
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Following Scott's lead, Steph removed her panties and thin strapped sleep top to leave her equally nude with her arousal very slightly evident between the top of her thighs.

"It really does look pretty big," she commented while wondering how it would fit inside her fully. "Can I... can I touch it?"
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Scott sucked in a breath when he saw Steph in her full nude glory. He was captivated by her body. He moved in and kissed her, hoping to alleviate some of her nervousness.

"I did promise there would be more touching," he replied with a smile, lying on his back and beckoning her to move in and touch him.
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The kiss did seem to calm her a little, she gave a reluctant moan when he moved away to lie back down for her to explore his naked body some more.

Stephanie knelt at Scott's waist, just within arms reach for him to resume touching some of her as well as the super soldier lent inward slightly to get a better look at his manhood before hesitantly reaching out to touch the hardened length with a couple of fingers.
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Scott slid his hand across her chest, shoulder, neck, cheek, and any other part of her he could reach, but in a patient and reassuring way. She was exploring a male sex organ for the first time, and his touch let her know it was okay.

"You can use your whole hand if you'd like."
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She turned her head to lovingly press her lips into the palm of his hand when he tenderly stroked her cheek before carefully wrapping her own hand around Scott's cock, Stephanie could feel the throbbing need of the erect organ which had her curiously beginning to stroke up the length towards the bulbous head.
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The throbbing in his member was practically calling out for her; when she started stroking its length he made a pleased moaning sound in the back of his throat.

One hand guided the motions of her hand, while the other continued to caress her skin.
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Her breathing was becoming labored as she became more aroused with one of his hand touching her bare form, very glad to learn how to pleasure Scott in this way as the other hand directed hers along the rigid shaft.

"It feels hard but silky at the same time." Steph gasped out while starting to rub her thighs together, needing to feel some friction between her legs.
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Her labored breathing and thighs rubbing together were noticed by Scott, who was just as turned on. Precum formed at the tip of his cock. "This might sound gross, but if you smear that around with your thumb, it'll add some lubrication."

Meanwhile, his hand slid down her body until they reached that treasured spot between her thighs.
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