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Are you tired of building up to the act? Do you sometimes wish for a chance to skip the conversation and go straight for the scenario you've always wanted to experience?

In that case, rejoice! This meme was made for you.

  1. Post with your character in the middle of having sex.
  2. Any scenario and level of description is allowed!
  3. Other characters reply as your character's partner in that fuck!
  4. Keep going and finish the act.
  5. Go for another round or have fun with cuddling and afterplay.
  6. Have fun!
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Tohru | miss kobayashi's dragon maid | F/F

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Makoto Kino pushed her big breasts against Tohru's own mounds, right as she spread her own legs above her partner's own, senshi outfit all but destroyed by the seams as she herself groped Tohru's butt in an attempt to keep her in.

"Stop moving your tail around! You're really heavy as it it!" She playfully slapped Tohru's ass, "want everyone to realize we're not actually enemies?"
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"Would that be so bad?" she whispered into Makoto's ear. Living like a normal couple. The knights would never accept them on this world, though. The dragons would never accept it, either - her father would want to kill the human who had stolen her heart. She placed a kiss on Kino's lips, and wrapped her tail around Kino.
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Makoto, in turn, returned the kiss to the dragon, arm wrapping around the tail as she squeezed Tohru's human thigh.

"I'm Sailor Jupiter, soldier of thunder and courage," she pushed her left breast to show what remained of her uniform, "and you've just destroyed my senshi outfit. People might catch on you didn't actually capture me. I'll end up as the depraved one!"

She laughed as she rubbed her breasts against Tohru's chin to then nibble on one of her horns.
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"D-Depraved!? What do you think I- ahhhhh..." Flesh pressed into her lips, and teeth on her horns. She licked the skin, long tongue traveling over the mound. But. But...! "What I have is an innocent love!" Another kiss, between the breasts.
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Makoto pressed her chest against Tohru's face, squeezing her big breast on her lips.

"And I keep asking you to keep the dragon parts in bed," Makoto smiled down as she nuzzled Tohru's blond hair, then sinking Tohru's face between her mounds, "so I won't win any points..."

She panted as she thrust her hips against Tohru and took the time to further tease, "your innocent love stole the heart of a sacred sailor senshi and had her brought to bed!"
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"Ah, please don't say things like that.... Talking about sacred beings just makes me want to destroy a city or two..." Sacred beings were the enemies! They helped the humans to hunt her kind and kill so many of her friends. It wasn't nearly as sexy as, say, taking Makoto in her lips and biting one of the nipples.
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"It's a matter of speeEEEEEEH!" Makoto's eyes widened as the toothy dragon nibbled on one of her nipples, "you're a meanie! Your own boobs are already brimming with milk, fatso!"

She leaned backwards onto the bed to be beneath Tohru, big breasts leaning onto her sides as she pushed one of them onto her mouth. Makoto's free hand then repeatedly slapped Tohru's ass, "bad dragon! Bad!"
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"Wh-What!? I'm a good girl! I'm being on my best behavior in this world!" she promised, wincing with the smack. "And I'm not fat! I'm perfectly well proportioned for a dragon my size! Sheesh."
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"It hurts when you bite too hard. You have hard teeth, you know." Her finger ran around Tohru's body, trailing first on her forehead, then lowers to her lips, runs around her boobs which move to her touch, to then grab them.

All while the dragon-girl suckled on her breasts, Makoto had her own hands squeeze Tohru's breasts.

"You're really hard to control as it is. Do you want me to mount you?" Her hands rested then on Tohru's waist.
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"I'd never let a servant of the gods ride on my back! ...But maybe... if it was you..." she muttered, looking away. "Ah, but no more spanking my ass! You should be petting me on the head and calling me a 'good girl' and 'my sexual plaything'!"
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Makoto smiled. Rising herself on her elbows, she put a finger over Tohru's lips, then pet her hair, nuzzling her nose and kissing her face as their boobs mushed eachother.

"My good dragon," she bumped her nose with Tohru's, "I keep teasing you because you're such a good girl and a sexual plaything, that you have the face, boobs, and ass that I can't ignore."

In reward for taking the hard spanking, Makoto rubbed Tohru's probably-red ass lovingly, moving her fingers between Tohru's legs.

"What should I do with my big plaything?"
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"A-AH! Take me, Jupitor-san!" She wiggled her tail back and forth, enjoying the feel on her red ass and then shoving the tip of it toward Makoto's lips. She wanted more of that!
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"HMMF!" Makoto was suddenly muted when Tohru's tail pushed through her lips, "hmmf..." but then she closed her eyes, suckled the tail, and voraciously opened her mouth to suck it, licking it, gently pulling it with her teeth, not letting it go...

She shifted around, this time she shoved Tohru on the bed, on her breasts, with Makoto above and behind her, pushing her own big chest against Tohru's back, with one hand sliding and playing with the dragon-girl's sex, and the other hugging Tohru's tail.
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The tongue felt so good on her tail. She cried out in pleasure at being played with, her body being squeezed and rubbed. She squirmed in Makoto's grasp, and let her long tongue lick up the breast as she was suckled.
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The position they took soon had Makoto rubbing her breats, panting, and then thrusting against Tohru, pushing her head against Tohru's own in a dominating nuzzle -- when the tail curled around her breast. Makoto held it, squeezing it for Tohru's own tongue, allowing her to milk her.