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The (Possibly Post-Apocalyptic) Homesteading Meme

The (Possibly Post-Apocalyptic) Homesteading Meme

The apocalypse is over, you’ve reached the new world, the colony ship has landed, the bunker has opened, your inheritance has been bequeathed. Wherever you came from, whatever horrors you’ve survived, you’re here now. You’ve made it, and this is going to be your new home. Finally, you’ve found a little patch of land that wasn’t destroyed, or you saved up enough pennies to buy a farm, or you found the perfect fortress to keep back the monstrous hordes outside.

1. We’ve Earned This - Maybe you fought for it, maybe you’re the only surviving humans, maybe you just saved your pennies from your soul-crushing desk job. Either way, you earned this new life, and your own piece of land. Now it’s time to make it a home.
2. Robinson Crusoe - No part of this was planned. But here you are, washed up on this foreign island or distant planet, and you have no choice but to survive. There’s no way to send a message, and no one’s coming to save you. You’re just going to have to use whatever you can salvage from the wreck to make this barren place into a livable home.
3. Hermits Do It Alone - Ever dreamed about just running away from it all? Now’s your chance. You’ve purchased a piece of land somewhere so far remote that you don’t have neighbors anywhere within miles. This is what you want. And yet… you’re not entirely alone. Maybe someone has shown up on your doorstep needing shelter, maybe you just got a new neighbor, or maybe you brought them along (willing or not).
4. Manifest Destiny - Welcome to the new world. Your colony ship has arrived, and whether you’re coming from another planet or just across the sea, this land is yours now. It’s your destiny. You might have to fight the natives for it, or maybe you’ve found somewhere so unappealing or undiscovered that you’ll only be fighting against the elements—and whatever strange new foreign infections reside here.
5. Manifest Zombies - Maybe your manifest destiny (and the zombies or monsters chasing you) has led you to an established settlement. They have safety and food, but they’re not willing to let you in. You’re going to have to prove your worth to them, or you’re going to have to take it.
6. Louisiana Purchase - Expand! Settle! Homestead! Your home country or planet has just made some valuable new territory acquisitions. They’re unoccupied, rich with resources, and going cheap. Pack your trowel and buy plenty of seeds, you’re going homesteading.
7. You, Me, and this Bunker - The apocalypse has come, but you were ready for it! You’ve got your bunker, your water filtration system, your underground crops, and a room full of unwatched DVDs. Get ready to play a whole lot of two-player games of cards, because the two of you are stuck in your new home until the half-life of the nuclear disaster above ticks down to manageable levels. So, probably not within your lifetime.
8. I Think We’re Alone Now - You had your bunker, and you survived. Maybe it’s been only a few months, or maybe you were born inside that bunker, a descendant of the original survivors. It’s safe to emerge at last, into the ruins of what was once our modern society. No one’s alive out there, unless you can find another survivor like yourself. But you can probably find a nice farm somewhere, raid some abandoned grocery stores, and plant some crops.

tl;dr - Farming, housemaking, homesteading. Possibly after the apocalypse or on a new planet. Or just because you want a farm.
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[[ooc: may or may not have injuries due to whatever happened in the apocalypse. Probably keeps bees.]]
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katsuki yuuri | yuri!!! on ice | ota

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Hiccup | How to Train Your Dragon | OTA

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(OoC: Nice time to voicetest...!)
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Ororo Munroe/Storm | X-men (films) | ota

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Selene | Starfighter: Eclipse | M/M

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[Selene will probably actually be pretty good at this homesteading thing, though all of his knowledge is book knowledge rather than practical application. Open to any of the scenarios.]
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Adam Parrish | The Raven Cycle

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[PoC!Adam. Open to all scenarios, canon, cross-canon, and OCs. M/M for shipping.]
Edited 2017-03-16 18:36 (UTC)
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beth greene ( the walking dead )

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[ where everything hasn't quite gone to shit as much as it has?]

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Michael Corvin | Underworld | M/M

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Djem Ahmad | OC | OTA

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[I live for zombie scenarios, but I'm open!]
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neil josten | all for the game

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thomas nightingale | rivers of london

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[Mutated tomato plants for days.]
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beth greene | the walking dead | ota

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[Canon or cross-canon, assumed CR is fine.]
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maggie rhee | the walking dead | ota

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[Canon or cross-canon, assumed CR is fine. We can do a Glenn-doesn't-exist AU if you'd like to ship, lmao.]
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Grace Ford | OC | M/F

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[Particularly interested in 5, 7 and 8]
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Lunafreya Nox Fleuret | ffxv | ota

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andgracetoo: hands on hips and confident (i'm total pro)

sam murphy (original)

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(apocalypse or no, either is fine. f/m for romance, otherwise open.)
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Bruce Banner | MCU/TIH (2008)

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you, me, and this bunker

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[ Did anyone for one moment think that The Archive wouldn't have the most foolproof plan for the apocalypse? Obviously there are limits and uncertainties, but she could probably even tell you a pretty decent percentage for those. Plus, when you're The Archive there's not really concerns with "practical limit" and "out of budget," so everything here is... up to date and well maintained, to say the least. Probably no nuclear or particle physics, but if you need a supercomputer or a chemistry lab, those are in stock. As well as an extensive library with an incredibly comprehensive selection on almost any subject. Not to mention the basic survival necessities. Which involve an extensive collection of crayons, colored pencils and pens (for when she's older and has inevitably more sophisticated tastes), coloring books, puzzles (most of which are completely blank, for the sake of challenge), and a collection of games (both physical and electronic).

Seriously, this is well stocked. ]

The headlines are calling this the apocalypse, but if things continue the way they are, this location should be safe to exit in approximately seven years and two months. Much of the world will inevitably be inaccessible still, and the situation could change at any time, but that is my current prediction.

[ Seven years is more than half her current physical age, but the mind of an ancient isn't much concerned with that, past the possible ramifications on her physical body. ]

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logan | xmu | ota/gen

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[ he's likely the hermit who owns the land you're trespassing on, bub. idek ]
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Peter Hale | Teen Wolf | OTA

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[Open to all options. At least you have a natural hunter if you're stuck with him.]
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Dani Houston | OC

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[ has her own little place making booze which is great for trading in a post-apocalyptic world. ]
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Frank Castle | MCU

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(2, 3, 7, or 8 are the most likely options. m/f for ships)
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Hawke | Dragon Age | OTA

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[ hiding out after Inquisition is probably what he's doing. ]
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Chris Argent | Teen Wolf | ota

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