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Not so innocent feelings

Puppy Love Turned More Meme
a childhood sweetheart shipping ( or ) smut meme

When the two of you were young, you were inseparable. You played together, dreamed together, did absolutely everything together. A day without the other was unthinkable. Other people joked that you two were a pair of little lovebirds; what they didn't know is that they were absolutely right. Of course, it was the kind of innocent love that only children could have, but you were in love.

Then, life got in the way. Things changed and the two of you may have grown apart. Now, you've finally come back together and fortune's smiling as if it may be just like old times.

But that can never really be, can it? That familiar innocence is replaced with something much more adult. Will your relationship change with the times and the new urges, or will you both cling to the past? What if only one wants to take that next step while the other wants to keep memories pure?


It's always been one-sided, right from the start. As kids, one of you followed the other around like a puppy over the moon. The other wasn't cruel to the person crushing on them, yet they didn't see them in that way. Maybe their admirer was kind of an ugly duckling or a late bloomer. Maybe they were just the kind of kid who wasn't interested in icky, gross romance.

All that's in the past, because after a long separation, you two have met back up and, man, has the late bloomer finally bloomed! They're exactly the type their once-object of affection would go for.

Surely this is a dream come true and now they can get the returned feelings they've always wanted!

...right? There can't be any way there'd be a sore spot here.

  • Comment with your character, preferences, and which "scenario" you'd prefer to play, if you want.
  • This is not a specifically smut meme, but smut is possible. Please say if you're open or would prefer no smut.
  • Reply to other players.


  • Comment with your character and preferences.

  • Comment to others.


  1. Close as Can Be: You were best friends as kids. Will this newfound physical relationship change things?

  2. Grew Up Apart: You met as children, but then one of you left. Now, you're back, and sparks are flying.

  3. They're Like a Sister or Brother: Closeness meant that each of you viewed the other as nothing more than a completely asexual being, like a sibling. What's changed?

  4. One Act of Kindness: Technically, you weren't exactly close or really even friends. Yet one of you was kind to the other as child, and that other never forgot.

  5. The One True Love: You've known it from the start. They're the one, the only one you'll ever love, and you want to be with them in a new way.

  6. Like Cats and Dogs: Oh, you could never get along with them as a kid...but now...well. That fire is from a brand new feeling.

  7. Getting Hotter: Not to be mean, but he used to be f.a.t. She used to look like such a tomboy. How times change.

  8. Huge Crush: One of you harbored a giant, fat crush on the other, and this is like living the dream.

  9. Never Looked My Way: They were so high above you back then; these days, you see eye to eye. Are you bitter, or will you take them for what they are?

  10. I Said I'd Marry You: Kids make promises of marriage all the time. Does some part of you secretly want to still get married, or at least skip to the wedding night?

  11. Remember Prom Night?: You lost your virginity to them. You want a repeat performance.

  12. The Games We Play: Hide and seek. Tag. Blind man's bluff. Let's take all those games from back then and make them into a new sort of fun.

  13. A Child's Cruelty: They were cold to you as a child and you haven't gotten over it.

  14. They're Are a Sister or Brother: If there's ever someone you're close to growing up, it's your sibling. Sometimes, complications can muddle the feelings between even siblings, but can you go that far?!

  15. This is Not My Idea: You were engaged by your parents at a young age and - err - you weren't exactly a match made in heaven. Things change, however, and maybe this marriage will work.

  16. With Someone Else: You're with someone new. Why can't you let go of the past? It hurts to see your old friend, your old flame, now. It hurts more to know you're cheating with them.

  17. Barely Pubescent: Technically, you're not one hundred percent grown up yet, but you have grown up needs and want to see what this whole "sex" thing is about. And who better to try it out with someone you're close to, anyway?

  18. The One that Got Away: They say you never forget your childhood sweetheart. You sure haven't. Even being with them once more is enough.

  19. WILDCARD or make up your very own prompt!!!

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