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the crossdressing meme

meme taken from part of a super old post cuz im lazy

  • Comment with your character, preferences, info, etc.
  • Reply to others and thread.

1. It's your job. Your boss says it's for promotional purposes. Or you are filling in a part in a play. Any which way, you are getting paid to do this.

2. Wearing your SO's clothing. Your boyfriend's shirts just look so inviting, or perhaps you were curious why your girlfriend wears hose so much.

3. You lost a bet. Teaches you to make risky bets. Your honor won't let you out of this one, so be a gracious loser and don't trip in those heels.

4. You woke up in this. Whoa, what even happened last night? Everything's kind of fuzzy. Where are you...and what are you wearing?

5. It's a disguise. Maybe you are a spy, or have gone into hiding! Whatever is going on, it is a necessity no one finds out who you really are!

6. Getting kinky. Behind closed doors, all sorts of things can happen. You and your partner wanted to try something new, so why not get creative in the bedroom?

7. Curiosity. Skirts do look awfully comfy... so do those boxer shorts. Or you happen to wonder if you could pass as a different sex, if you tried.

8. You just felt like it! Of course, you could just like to dress this way. So go for it!

9. Wild Card. Anything I missed? Anything else you want to do? Go for it!
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Wolfgang Mozart | Amadeus

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((ooc: Mostly interested in 3 or 6 or 7))
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Viktor | Yuri On Ice | OTA

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((OOC: 1 or 8, let's be real here. :D))
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Letha Regis | OC

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[Character info is in her journal.]
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Sanji | One Piece

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[definitely the crossdresser. pass on 2; ota for gen, m/f is ok for casual flirting, Zoros only for shipping]
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round 2

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[that was 3, 4, or 5 as my thoughts...lbr Zoro will laugh and yell either way]
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we'll go with 3 ~

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[ 8 hours. 8 hours of wearing this shit. How Usopp managed to gather up a skirt, pair of hose, and high-heeled boots that fit him perfectly - he doesn't know, and doesn't want to. (Though he suspects he had help from their resident pervert skeleton.) He also isn't sure why the hair extensions are necessary. But he knows he won't be playing with stupid bets in place of beli in any poker games with the sniper from now on. Certainly won't be so quick to assume the other man is always bluffing, anyway.

At least half of the crew - including his lovely ladies, thank god - is all the way on the other side of this jungle island, busy with treasure hunting. And at least this outfit isn't as horrendous as the ruffly, pink monstrosity he was forced into back on Momoiro. The short, black pencil skirt is almost flattering, actually, when paired with his own button-down and jacket; and while Usopp's make-up skills aren't perfect, he doesn't resemble a clown, so that's something. Small favors.

He's still pissed. Even more so when he hears the telltale sound of snickering outside the galley, where he's chopping a little too aggressively at carrots for stew. (Something hearty and filling that will keep until the others make it back to the ship.) No doubt Usopp is sharing the story with whoever is left on board that doesn't already know about this. He really doesn't want to think about who that is, but he doesn't have much choice when he hears familiar footsteps and the galley door opening.

He doesn't look back at the unwelcome presence, just lifts the hand holding his knife with a pointed gesture, shoulders tight as he warns him, probably uselessly. ]
Not a fucking word.
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[that snickering was actually Usopp cleverly managing to hide exactly what Zoro would find in the galley, telling the story without giving away the punchline. Zoro catches no clue from him, at least nothing that would actually prepare him for the sight that meets him.

For a zillionth of a second he considers that there's an intruder aboard but no, Usopp said the cook was in here so...

Gaping, first. A pure, unabashed what the actual fuck on his face


[the laughter is coming, but right now it's caught behind pure bewilderment]
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[ ...Fine, that's technically not a word.

As much as he doesn't want to see the swordsman's reaction, he supposes he may as well get it over with all at once; so he turns, abandoning the knife with a final sharp thud that's likely to leave a notch in his cutting board. Arms crossed over his chest, he glares at Zoro with eyes laden with heavy mascara and, ugh, blue shadow. Dark red lips twist into a scowl. ]

Go on, shithead, get it out of your system.
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[First, he points. Like he's going for that's really you under there but can't quite get the words out. Then his scarred eyebrow twitches, which morphs into a full-face twitch as Zoro is caught between still being confused and the growing sense of hilarity.

Eventually hilarity wins out, though, and the half-grimace dissolves into actual laughter with a huge snort.

So that's what he meant!
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[ Sanji grits his teeth as his already pinkened cheeks take on even more color. The other man's laughter may be a sound he enjoys sometimes, but not when it's directed at him.

He's exposed many things to his somewhat more-than-occasional lover (for lack of a better term), but that part of their two year separation isn't one of them. The dress he wore and even temporarily embraced in his lapse of sanity, and the very fleeting thoughts that have passed through his mind since - these are things he intends to take to his grave. To be put in this similar situation is bad enough, but Zoro, especially, is the absolute last person he wants to see him like this, dammit! ]

I'm going to kill Usopp. [ Muttering to himself, a murderous glint in his eyes. ] I'm going to kill him and butcher him and serve him for dinner. [ Hey, it'll be meat, so Luffy won't care. ]
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You are one ugly lady. [laughing so he doesn't cry, really. He can't fathom Sanji like this for the long term in any sense. It's just so ridiculous.] How long does he got you in this getup? Or is it just till everyone sees?
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Shut it, cyclops. [ A lipsticked snarl, defensive before he can even figure out what he's being defensive about. ] I still look better than you ever will! [ But fuck, no, he doesn't care how he looks right now; he isn't meant to look good as a woman, dammit! And he is not having an identity crisis in front of the goddamn poster boy for manliness. He's already never going to hear the end of this as is. ]

7 hours. [ He grumbles, fishing for his cigarettes and lighter, clicking his tongue in annoyance when he reaches for his pants pockets first, before finding them tucked away in his jacket. ] And 35 minutes.
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[ooh, that's a new one. He really must've touched a nerve this time.]

I dunno if I can handle you in that getup for that long. I need to be a lot more drunk. [read: not drunk at all yet. But hey, he wasn't even supposed to be back to the ship yet, he simply got lost and decided he'd done his job exploring and was ready to be back]

Unless... [giving Sanji a rogueish grin as he passes on his way to the liquor] ...ripping those clothes off you doesn't count as taking them off.
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katsuki yuuri | yuri!!! on ice | ota

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( dying inside tbh )
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((*chinhands* Okay but which prompts~))
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( maybe a combo of 2 and 4? or basically just anything bc still slowly dying inside either way c: )
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((Okay but consider: Adding 1, because for God Knows What Reason they have been roped into a Disney On Ice thing? (Charity maybe?)

Viktor already called Elsa!))
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( lmao okay, that's also doable! gently tucks yuuri into snow white's dress bc princesses on ice tbh. post-show maybe? )
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((Who else could he be but Snow. Let me know if I need to change anything!))

Viktor bursts into the locker room, carrying a box. He's beaming and sparkling a bit. Oh dear.

"The costumes are here! Wait until you see, they're gorgeous!"

He is so excited he forgets to mention that he may have signed them both up to skate for the hospital fundraiser. And already put in their costume orders. Weeks ago.
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Yuuri's actually still in the process of trying to warm up a little when Viktor slams into the locker room, the hand he'd precariously balanced on the wall slipping to the point that he nearly ends up kissing it with his forehead. He recovers quickly enough though, expression twisting just a bit and mixed between concern, worry, and surprise. He does his best to keep his mouth from falling open, unsure where to start. They hadn't discussed any sort of new programs, and Yuuri hadn't mentioned needing anything different to wear...

"What costumes?" He's almost hesitant to even ask, eyeing the box warily.
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"Oh! There's a fundraiser every year for Children's Hospital. Sorry, I forgot you weren't here for it before."

It's honestly kind of hard to remember a point when Yuuri wasn't here in St, Petersburg. There was, of course, but everything just fits better with him here. Maybe Viktor can be forgiven for that?

Then he pulls out a swatch of glittering fabric. Twinkling with rhinestone snowflakes.

"Sasha's really outdone herself!"
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[definitely the crossdresser, could be for any prompt]
Edited 2017-03-16 03:58 (UTC)
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[c a n o n. forgive my lack of Ping icons in advance]
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[3, 4, 5 or 7 are more likely. 6 depends. m/m for any shipping.]
Edited 2017-03-16 12:37 (UTC)
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Eiri Yuki | Gravitation | ota

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[either role; m/m for serious shipping]
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Umi Ryuuzaki | Magic Knight Rayearth | OTA

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[ Any prompt is great. ]
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Kurama | Yu Yu Hakusho

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[If Kurama's the one dressing up, 5 is by far the most likely here with 3, 4, and maybe 8 possible depending on the situation. If it's your character, pretty much anything goes, but ask me first for shipping!]
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[She can rock a business cape tux as well as anyone, 7 and 2 are the least likely scenarios on her end, but I'm game for whatever.]