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AU Twincest

The Twincest AU Meme

Incest between twins is a subclass of sibling incest and includes both heterosexual and homosexual relationships. While in modern Western European culture, such behavior is considered taboo and is quite rare, incest between twins is a common feature in Indo-European, Asian (such as Japan, the Philippines, and Bali) and Oceanian mythology, and there are a few societies in which the prohibition on it is limited or it is partially accepted [Wiki].

For your whole life, you've been a one-of-a-kind. Maybe you've had siblings, but your siblings are different or older or younger. Nobody quite like you, nobody exactly close.

Or has it been like that? Don't you have someone closer than a regular sibling - a twin?

In this meme, you do! You're a twin. And not only that, but you're...close. Closer than close, actually, in ways the outside world might not understand. It may be a misconception, or you could actually be inappropriately involved; yet in the end, you still have each other, just as you started with. And who needs anyone else? You two don't.

  • AU your character into being a twin. It will probably be fraternal twins so you can account for differences in appearances and/or gender.
  • You can age characters up or down to be the same age.
  • Otherwise, comment with character information and then tag others.

  1. Treated Badly: The way you grew up was difficult, so you've pulled close to the only person you knew.
  2. Posing: Luckily, you look different enough that, if you should leave your childhood home, no one would know you're related.
  3. Protecting: There's usually a dominant, protector twin. That's you. You have to protect your brother/sister from all those out there who'd want to use them.
  4. Narcissism: What's better than masturbation? Being with someone who looks almost like you.
  5. True Love: Your love is just like any other couples'. How can you be blamed if you were born in the bodies of twins?
  6. No One Else Understands: Nobody gets you like your twin. It's such a relief to come to them and forget everything else.
  7. Exploring the Differences: You want to see everything that makes the two of you differ.
  8. Always Been Like This: There's almost never been a moment where you haven't been sexually or romantically involved with your twin. You don't question it.
  9. Childhood Returns: Some old habits from the past have started to resurface.
  10. Natural You were born into this world together. You're soulmates.
  11. Competition: Nearly everything's a game in you two's capable hands. You just want to see who's the best.
  12. Jealous: You want to keep what's yours all to yourself.
  13. Share and Share Alike: You've shared all your life. It's not stretch to share other people.
  14. Nonsexual: You're romantically involved, but not sexually. That's okay, you have something more pure than sex.
  15. Borderline: The one place you said you wouldn't go is the place you're getting closer and closer to. As long as there's no penetration, there's no sex, you tell yourself.
  16. Guilt: There is some self-awareness of how messed up this is.
  17. OTHER

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