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1. It's a shame I can't put "bomb ass head game" on my resume.

2. I feel like a cleansing fire is the only way to purify the house

3. You can't just drop that I might be walking into a foursome and leave it at that

4. Just calling to thank you for not dying. I love you.

5. Text her!
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you cant BURN THE HOUSE DOWN oni!! we already sold it!

and the new owners dont know anybody ever died there SO. shhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.
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WE DID? Isn't there a bylaw against selling haunted houses?

Besides, I wasn't gonna burn it DOWN. Just a little. Just the den. I'll be doing the new owners two favors if I get rid of that paneling.
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Not in California! I think that's just for uber haunted states like massachusets.

a sledgehamer would be a lot less risky in this drought they're having


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a sledgehammer would be a lot more satisfying too LETS TOTALLY DO THAT
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average time spent selecting a perfect meme response > average time spent typing a response

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you started this and now there's no stopping it

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what happens in a faerie circle, stays in a faerie circle
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I need the details like I need air, Mab. Do you have, like, a harem of dudes? More importantly, why do you invite me over when this is even remotely a possibility??
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harem implies a formal structure. it's more a loose confederation of individuals who would like to make my sexual acquaintance, from which I need a chaperone
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You are not seriously asking me to advise you against sexual escapades with three consenting adults? YOU KNOW I ENABLE.
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given certain recent multi-day escapades, there would be possibly justified complaints if I entertained the fine gentlemen. but I'm bad with temptation.
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Aren't we all.

So you need me to come over and cockblock? I can do that, but only on one condition, and I cannot stress how important this is... Will there be ice cream?
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you're asking me if I have ice cream? i'm insulted
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In hindsight, that maybe should've been a given. But c'monnnn, do you know how long it's been since I've had ice cream? It's been days, Mab. Whole days!

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Mun agrees with Mab 100%

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I had a feeling

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Ah, Oni? How did you know Wade and I were back, he just dropped me off at the apartment 10 minutes ago.

And ah, I love you too, and you're welcome?
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Hur hur hurrrrr

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Not saying I planted a tracker on your asses. But I planted a tracker on your asses.

You still owe me a dinner date, btw
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Re: Hur hur hurrrrr

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You did what? You... [silent sputtering, then silence. Then laughter]

Ok, now I know how you probably feel about me. Although, I am trying to do better - I've been getting help, learning how to dull the edges of my threads to folks so they can have some privacty.

[more silence] Maybe I've gotten too good, because I didn't feel when you were fighting with what's his name.
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Possibly. Although I don't go traipsin' through th'god-forsaken Amazon for shits and giggles. Wilson may have promised t'bring you back safe, but that doesn't mean I don't worry. He attracts trouble. We all do.

I'd consider that a good thing, chère. You shouldn't have t'feel it every time I get into a scrap.
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You might try it, Wade is... [there is a sudden grin] Wade and I get along well, when there is no one else around. And I think that jungles are just our thing these days. You know, since that's where he took me, that first time I met all of you.

[Ani pointedly does not mention the fact that she met Oni, and Logan, and even Wade when Deadpool kidnapped her and the former two went charging off to rescue the young med student turned mutant.]

I still bring up the fact I had to get rabies shots sometimes, just to get a rise out of him.

[She grows serious once more] Eh, I'm not so sure about that. I should be able to loosen my shields to tell something is going on. Even if I don't know quite what. After all, what else is my gift good for, if not to help my friends?
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If I'm gonna get that hot and sweaty, chère, I feel I deserve an orgasm.

[Ani doesn't need to bring up that SNAFU, because Oni won't fail to.] Kinda like celebratin' the anniversary of your kidnappin', n'est-ce pas? I think I'll pass.

You can't be "on" all th'time with your powers, on top of everything else you do. You'll burn yourself out.
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Ah. Um.

... [Cue a massive blush and oh look, the subject is changing. Now.]

Seriously, Oni? It was [and hands go on hips for 'emphasis'] an attempted kidnapping. Which he changed his mind on, as soon as he found out what I was. Heck, for that matter, it was Wade who brought out my latent abilities into full ah, whatever it is.

And there has to be a happy medium somewhere, you know?
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I remember that storyline so fondly

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[A wolfish grin. Oni can't help herself sometimes.]

Ani? Darlin'? I don't think you can call it an "attempt" when he left th'country with you. Maybe he didn't deliver you to th'good General, I'll give him that, but that still doesn't excuse th'fact that he blew up your house and nearly shot me in the fucking face. [It's been years, and she may have begrudgingly forgiven Wade for that incident, but that didn't mean she wasn't going to remind Ani. Lest she forget.]

I suppose so... [Her brow pinches together. She understands the dangers her work involves, and the idea of Ani piggybacking off her pain makes the she-wolf uncomfortable.] I'd feel alot better about it if you could find a way t'tell when something's goin' on without bein' fully immersed in th'experience.

Oh so do I!! <3

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