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We're not going to have a ton of prompts today, folks. However, we are going to have this. Say your character or someone close to your character dies in canon. Perhaps they die young, perhaps they're a big damn hero, perhaps they're a slithery villain that SHOULD be dead. What would happen if they didn't? How would the world change? This is your place to explore that kind of AU! Did the death situation never happen? Did they perhaps escape by the skin of their teeth? Did something (or someone) save them? How does the bright and shining (or dark and ominous) future pan out for them?

• Top level your character. If you like, you can explain any world changes you might want made. If not, you can hash it out with your future partners.
• Reply to other's top levels!
• Please note before you open this meme that there are likely (almost sure) to be spoilers for media you haven't seen/read yet! Proceed at your own risk.
• Have fun!

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Anakin Skywalker/Darth Vader - Star Wars series - OTA

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((Open to both Legend and canon verses))