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1. I probably shouldn't have slept with him. I feel like that may have given him the wrong idea.

2. I feel like a cleansing fire is the only way to purify the club room.

3. You know how it is. Tell me not to do somebody and suddenly I want to.

4. I want to start a guest book for my bedroom so when people leave they can write a review.

5. [text him!]
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I tried to warn you my brother Sigurd is extremely needy. Comes from being the middle child. But no one listens to me until it's too late.
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In my defense, I was really drunk, and he has a soft-rugged kind of look.

How do I send the message that he has no chance of it happening again?
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Soft-rugged? Thank you for that image. I'm definitely using that the next time I need to insult him.

Just be very blunt. He can take it, even if he is a whiny little shit.
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But the sex was so good. It's always good with the ones who get emotionally attached.
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Yes, but then they also get clingy. Who needs that?