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I was scared of pretty girls and starting conversations

Some Sweet Shipping

There's nothing wrong with wanting to play out some cute, fluffy interaction. So break out the butterflies in the stomach, the hand holding, the love confessions, the NOTICE ME SENPAIS, and all the adorableness you can stomach - no matter if if fits your character perfectly or not. It's all about characters getting comfortable with each other while being total goobers and showing love.

It's shameless, sure, but it's fun!

  • Comment with your character, preferences, etc.
  • Reply to others.
  • Thread and doki until your heart can doki no more.

  1. encouragement - You can't help crushing on this person because they boost your self-worth and make you feel like you're actually a decent person!!!

  2. first date - It's a date! Or not. Maybe you're just at the skating rink, the intergalactic space station, or the five an dine at the same time.

  3. badass with a crush - You're badass but you kind of want to just dote on that special person.

  4. holding hands - Such a simple act that can make your heart pound.

  5. acting like dorks and avoiding the questions - What it says on the tin.

  6. impress - Hey, hey. Look at me, I'm awesome!

  7. kiss - Happy kisses, cheek kisses, angry kisses, SHUTTING YOU UP kisses.

  8. picnics - Get close to that special person while getting some good food.

  9. hugs - You're so nice and soft.

  10. denial - Feelings? No way. Let me repress those bad boys.

  11. mean - Pull their pigtails because you like them.

  12. unusually kind - You can't help but be really nice to the one you care for.

  13. presents - Here, I brought you this necklace. Or - Here, I brought you the head of our enemies.

  14. don't know how to act - I like this person?! WHAT DO I DO WHAT DO I DO OH GOD.

  15. defending - Verbally or physically, you're standing up for your crush.

  16. telling them - You're going to confess...if things don't keep going wrong.

  17. oblivious - They don't know how you feel.

  18. loving smut - The smut option, full of cuteness.

  19. unrequited - Again, what it says on the tin.

  20. wildcard

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[Let me know if I need to change anything]

Sometimes it was hard to get to know people when you weren't entirely human anymore. Harder still was getting back into the dating scene. Michael had managed to get over the initial squeamishness when it came to drinking from a blood pack, but feeding right before a date had been a mistake. His date had wanted to know why his lips tasted like copper.

Fortunately, he'd managed to avoid scaring off Delcan after they'd gone out. Then again, it wasn't as if he told his dates that he could turn into a monster, and mouthwash took care of the blood taste.

It was raining out, so Michael had suggested they just have a stay-at-home date tonight. Sitting on Michael's couch watching TV and all that.

"Comfey?" He asked.
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"Yeah, this was a much better idea than going out," Declan said, tipping his head back to look at Michael from where he was curled up against his side. The weather was cold and miserable thanks to the rain but curled up against Michael he was pleasantly warm and comfortable.

Even though he tried to hide it, Declan was aware Michael was something supernatural. His magical abilities sensed the magic in Michael straight away. He wasn't exactly sure what he was, his powers didn't make it very clear, but he never felt like he was in any danger around him.

It was just nice and comfortable to hang out on his couch watching some cooking shows because Declan liked Food Network a little bit too much.
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Michael smiled back at Declan, wrapping an arm around his waist. Food Network was okay, even though he didn't do a whole lot of cooking. Amazing how competitive people could get over who made the best cupcakes.

When the commercial came on, Michael shifted a bit and kissed Declan on the top of his head. "I like it when it's just the two of us."
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Cupcakes were super serious business, everyone knows that. Luckily for both of them Declan loved to cook which was the whole reason he really liked to watch Food Network for hours on end. It was nice that Michael was willing to indulge him and put up with his obsession.

"Mmm, this is really nice." He turned his head, leaned back a little and pressed a kiss underneath Michael's jaw. "I mean, I always like a little action but taking some time to just relax is really nice too."

High energy was fun, Declan loved it, but it got exhausting after awhile. A night off like this really helped recharge his energy and it seemed like Michael was much more relaxed like this than when they went out.
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Michael did seem to have more energy and stamina these days, as a result of his nature. He'd done his best to keep it hidden, and thought he'd been successful so far. His werewolf half thankfully meant that he could be out during the day, at least.

Just getting to relax as opposed to going out, though, Michael did like that he had to worry a lot less about not giving himself away in public.

"I think we all need a little recharge once in a while," He leaned in to give Declan a soft kiss on the mouth.
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Since it was a commercial Declan sat up and moved so he was sitting fully in Michael's lap facing him. "You did look a little uncomfortable last time we went out. If you want to stay in just let me know, okay? I'm really not against it."

This wasn't the first time Declan had dated an introverted guy but he suspected some of Michael's hesitance had to do with whatever he was. He'd wait for Michael to tell him, though, since he seemed so careful about it.

Running his fingers through Michael's hair he leaned in and kissed him slowly. "Although, I do like showing you off."
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Michael ran his fingers through Declan's short hair, his other hand stroking his waist. He kissed his boyfriend's ear and cheek. "This is going to sound strange, but, hypothetically what if there was something... weird about me?"

Hopefully the wording was vague enough that Declan would assume he meant that he used to have six toes or was allergic to kale.
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"Everyone has their quirks," Declan said with a shrug. "Being weird isn't a deal breaker."

After all, Declan hadn't mentioned that he was a witch with a cocktail of psychic powers. It always made people a little twitchy when he started talking about his empathy and prophetic abilities. Never mind the whole seeing and talking to the dead thing. There were little signs of it around Declan's apartment, though most people thought he was just a new age guy.

"Don't worry about it." He kissed his forehead. "You're fine, Michael."
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Michael nodded, turning his head as the show came back on. He had to admit, watching how these cupcakes got decorated was pretty interesting. Michael didn't know how much one could do with sugar.

Yet, he couldn't help but wonder if Declan suspected more than he let on. "What if I had a, uh, medical condition?"
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When the show came back Declan turned around and settled with his back against Michael's chest. As much as he wanted to have this conversation with him but he also wanted to see if his favorite baker was going to win. He might pick up a few techniques too. Baking was still a bitch compared to general cooking.

"Then you have a medical condition," Declan said with a little shrug. "Look, unless you're hiding some creepy rapist murderer serial killer side you really don't have to worry so much."

It felt like Michael was right on the edge of telling him but Declan didn't want to push him over the edge. Secrets like that coming out too soon could lead to resentment and anger which was worse than keeping a secret in the first place. There was no reason to have this conversation before Michael was ready.
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"Trust me, that's not it," Michael said, letting out a little chuckle and kissing his hair again. He had yet to lose himself to the hunger and kill someone, which he was thankful for.

He took the hint and held his tongue for now. Michael could tell Declan when he was ready. For now, he watched a pastry chef make rather intricate patterns with frosting. "Those look almost too pretty to eat."
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It seemed that finally settled the unease in Michael. Declan felt him physically relax and that extra sense of his felt his emotions relax. That was better. Michael should relax when they were together. Alone they could be themselves and discus what they were watching instead of nerves.

"We eat with our eyes first," he said with a little grin. "You want it to look pretty, people think pretty means it tastes good. I can't do anything that fancy but I can make some pretty good cupcakes."

He was pretty proud of his cooking skills, just like he was proud of his bartending and barista skills. "What do you like? Chocolate? Vanilla? Red Velvet?" He tilted his head back to try and look at Michael even though the angle was awkward and made it practically impossible.
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It was hard to stay tense when Declan got excited about something he loved. He had cooked some fine meals for them both before, much better than Michael's idea of cooking, which was boiling pasta and throwing Ragu on it.

"Chocolate, I guess," Michael tried shifting so Declan could be in a position that looked less uncomfortable. Some of the cupcake and frosting flavors these chefs came up with sometimes made Michael raise an eyebrow.
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"Chocolate's great." Declan let himself be moved around a little then settled in comfortably. Now he could watch TV and see Michael. He had such a nice face it was no hardship to watch him between scenes of decorating and potential baking disasters. "But I see the faces you're making, handsome, and I think we can expand your horizons."

He shifted enough to get his cellphone out and pull up Google. "Let's try... fancy chocolate cupcakes..." He typed quickly and started to scroll through the recipes Google offered him. "Ugh, so much Red Velvet. Yeah, yeah, it's popular, give me something good... ooo, Bailey's cupcakes. You have got my attention."

Declan looked up and winked at Michael. "Think you can handle those?"
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Michael also counted himself lucky that he could eat chocolate. Maybe it just wasn't toxic to werewolves or hybrids like it was to regular canines.

"As long as you don't make me anything where the frosting tastes like Dr. Pepper, I don't see the harm." He'd seen enough episodes of this show to wonder how they came up with some of these outlandish recipes.