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Sure we've got your fun interplanetary romps, your space spaghetti westerns, your xenoromance. This is none of those things. This is you getting lost in the depths of space. This is you being stuck in a silent hulking dead ship with no idea where to turn. This is you hiding in the dark and hoping the creature doesn't see you. This is you, surviving some kind of horrors. Or not. Do your best.


YOU HAVE MY SYMPATHIES Xenomorphs, facehuggers, necromorphs, predators, whatever: the threat you're up against is some kind of being you've never seen before. Perhaps they're engineered somehow, perhaps they've evolved this way. Either way, I hope you can figure out how to kill them before they kill you.
I'M AFRAID I CAN'T DO THAT Why the hell did we think building un-tethered AI was a good idea? Your threat is an android, or a ship's AI, or I don't know, a sentient race of evil ships that want to destroy all life and suck it into tubes to make a weird baby shaped ship. WHATEVER. The point is, technology is going against you. Can you beat out something with that much processing power? Maybe having bigger firepower will help.
I LOVE... ROCKS Your threat is environmental. An exploding sun, an alien planet with an inhospitable atmosphere, your ship's life support systems have failed, your shuttle has gone down in flames. Can you cobble together some way to fix the problem before you all die?
THIS IS NOT A RESCUE SHIP Screw the other problems, what you're up against are HUMANS. Or, you know, whatever species/race matches yours. We're not xeno-racist here. Anyway, you're being targeted by your own. Maybe you're in the way of a scientific development, or you've become expendable, or they want to take over your ship, or they're just plain evil.
ABOUT 15 SECONDS Holy shit. Holy... shit. You were outside your ship making repairs and you got knocked off track. Maybe your fancy magnetic boots failed. Maybe some debris from your ship took you down with it. Either way, your space walk has become a space "holy shit help I'm going to get spaced, someone get me back on board." Try not to panic.
WE'RE THE ENEMIES You've been out in space too long. Everything is going strange and everything is a threat. Is your space sickness psychological or physiological? Is it spreading? Is there a cure?


PLANETSIDE Crash landed. In an outpost. Building a new life. You're on a planet not your own and things are going horribly wrong. What can you do when you have no way home?
STATION SWEET STATION Whether you're out in your ship or in a streamlined space station, things are rotten in Denmark. You'd better fix that circuitry before you all die. Just a suggestion.
THE GAPING MAW There's nothing around you and all you can hear is your breathing. Are you calm? Panicked? What's it like floating in the vast expanse of space?
IT'S INEVITABLE You're lost in your own head. You can be anywhere, but maybe you're the threat because you've short-circuited from being in space too long. The mind can only take so much. Try to be gentle. Try to breathe. No one's after you, it's all in your head.

As always, these are just suggestions. Also, not all examples are strictly hard sci-fi but we do what we want in these parts. Make up anything you want, as long as you're having fun!

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The Rat King | TMNT (2012)

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[Roddy is a rat person. The Rat King has a telepathic communication with rats. Want to do something together?]
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[We sure can. Did you have any ideas?]
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[I'm thinking maybe something where they encounter each other by chance and end up working together? The first four would all cover that in one way or the other, although the environmental threat would allow them to not know each other (since they could have crashed in two separate ships.)]
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[Sounds good. This version of Rat King used to be a scientist, so maybe he was part of a science vessel before the ship's AI went berserk or a hostile alien got on board (or both), and caused an accident that left Rat King in his current condition. Roddy could have been part of a rescue crew sent to investigate what happened, and then it goes tits up and Roddy and Rat King have to work together to get off the ship alive.]
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[That works. Would you like to start it or should I?]
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[I can start. Let me know if this is going to work for you or if I need to change anything.]

It had been days, maybe even weeks, since everything had gone wrong.

The ship mostly served as a space-faring science lab, studying various projects and conducting experiments. Dr. Victor Falco had been experimenting with a neurochemical which would give anyone telepathy, with rats as his test subjects. It was close to perfection, when disaster struck.

One of his colleagues had a very different project. She had managed to bring in samples of an alien lifeform, hoping to find some way it could be beneficial to life on Earth and colonized planets. To everyone's surprise, the samples had quickly grown into mature lifeforms, and unfortunately they turned out to be quite hostile. The aliens had broken free and attacked the scientists and other crew members. Dr. Falco had been in the middle of an experiment at the time, when the thing showed up and caused a lab accident. His chemical had spilled on him and the lab had caught fire. The thing had fled, and Falco had managed to escape, albeit horrifically scarred.

He hadn't tried to search for any survivors, his main priority being to stay hidden. He wasn't lonely, however, as he had his rats for company, whom he now shared a telepathic connection with. The rats brought him food, and reported on the rest of the ship to him. They told him that someone had managed to send out the distress signal when all this started, so maybe he wouldn't die here after all.
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Roddy could be fairly useful on these rescue missions for quite a few reasons, not the least of which was the fact that his DNA was spliced with rat DNA, enhancing his senses far beyond what a typical human would have. That was why, when he stepped onto the ship, he instantly realized that something was very, very wrong.

The ship was very quiet. Too quiet, and combined with that smell...Roddy wondered if anyone was still alive on this ship. He slowly walked through the ship as silently as possible, the only sound he hear were the footsteps of the two other rescue workers following behind him.

Suddenly, movement. Roddy jumped, turning toward the source of the movement before was a rat. Roddy sighed in relief, crouching down and reaching out his hand for the rat to sniff. Typically, rodents were more at ease with him once they identified the fact that he was part rat himself. And that was why, when the rat froze in terror, then suddenly turned and scurried away, Roddy stopped, the hair on the back of his neck raising.

Rats weren't afraid of him, so what had frightened the rat? With a chill, he realized he didn't hear the sounds of the two others that had been with him anymore. But he did hear something. He could smell it, too.

He didn't look back. He was afraid to look back. He just ran, darting down random corridors, hoping to lose...whatever that was.
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Dr. Falco had sensed him the moment he boarded the ship. A man who was part rat, likely as a result of gene splicing. He sent out a rat scout to investigate further, telepathically looking through its eyes. So, the beacon had gone through. He might just escape after all.

Then he saw the thing show up. Fortunately, the rat person had enough intelligence to run. The rats hiding in the vents made for an easy spy network for him to watch. If he was to survive this, he would need the man's help. Falco sent a telepathic message to the rescue worker.

There's a bathroom around the corner. Hide in there and stay quiet and you may lose it.
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Roddy didn't know how or why there was a voice in his head, and he would question it. Later. For now, he'd just do what it said and hope that whatever was going on, it would be something that worked in his favor. Roddy rushed into the bathroom, careful to close the door as quietly as he could, before going into the corner and waiting. He didn't know what he was waiting for, but he was so terrified he could barely bring himself to breathe, in case the creature, whatever it was, would hear.
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Dr. Falco watched through the rats' eyes as the creature tried searching for its prey, even stopping in front of the bathroom door. Thankfully, it passed by. Now he could only hope the other man remained good at not getting killed.

He sent another telepathic message: It's gone for now. If you want to make it out of this alive, you'll need my help. The rat will show you where I am.

As if on cue, a rat squirmed out of the nearby vent and stood before the lone rescuer.
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Another rat? The first one must have been tied to the strange voice, as well. The choice in how this mysterious stranger chose to guide Roddy was comforting, in a way. Whoever they were, they couldn't be all bad if the rats wanted to help them out, after all. Roddy opened the door quietly, looking to the rat and ready to follow once the rat began leading the way.
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The rat led him through the ship in a seemingly random path. Really, it was making sure Roddy didn't run into the monster, still on the prowl. With luck, it would rest soon.

Eventually, the rat led him to the living quarters and stopped in front of a wall, sitting aside. A panel in the wall suddenly jiggled and was moved aside from the inside, revealing a dark crawlspace. Dr. Falco, like a ghoul out of a 20th century monster movie, emerged from the crawlspace, crawling on the floor before standing to his full height and dusting himself off.

A white rat scurried up his clothes to rest on his shoulder. "Do not be alarmed. I worked on this ship." He pulled his ID badge out of his pocket, even though he looked nothing like his picture anymore.
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Roddy gasped and took a step back when he saw what crawled out from behind the panel, but stopped when he heard them speak. Whoever this was, he looked nothing like that ID picture, but he was talking to Roddy, and when Roddy quickly sniffed the air, he noted to himself that this guy smelled human. He was clearly not that...well, whatever that thing was.

"What happened?"

To him, to this ship. It was all information Roddy would like to know.
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Dr. Falco put his badge away and explained everything. How his colleague had found an alien, but lost control of it and now it was running amok. He also gave a quick explanation of how he'd been caught in a lab accident and subsequent fire. "I haven't found any other survivors. I've had only my new friends for company," The brown rat who had led Roddy here climbed up the burned man's clothes and into his open palm, where Falco gently scratched it.

"They were my test subjects, but I've come to understand them on a greater level." Even though his eyes were covered with bandages, he still gave the impression of eyes boring into Roddy. "I know that you're like them."
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The fact that the rats trusted him helped the man's case, even if the feeling of eyes boring into him unnerved Roddy.

"The rest of the people I came with don't know." They just knew he was really good at figuring out where the survivors were. "Then again, I'm not even sure if any of them know."

Through all those hallways and paths he took following the rat to get here, Roddy didn't hear the sounds of any of the rescue crew talking or moving around anywhere nearby. They could have simply never been nearby...but then he remembered how quickly the other two who had been with him went from being right there to only sensing the smell of the alien behind him.
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"I don't know what it does to those it takes," Falco admitted. "If the beast has made a lair, my rats haven't found it yet." The few rats he'd sent out in search of the thing's home hadn't returned, and he couldn't sense them anymore.

"Xenobiology wasn't my field, but I know that it hunts primarily by sound," He explained. "It's active mainly at night, and it hates fire."
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"Well, that's good to know." If it hated fire, then they were going to have to get some fire. Not to mention making everything as well lit as possible. "Do you have anything that makes fire around here? If not, we have welding torches back on the rescue ship."
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"We'll know in a moment." Dr. Falco paused, taking a moment to spy through the rats, commanding them to find anything that could make fire.

"There's Bunsen burners in the labs, a cigarette lighter in the cafeteria, and torches in the repair shed. Any of them, along with your own torches, could be used to craft a means to defend ourselves." Another pause. "There's also oily rags in the laundry room."
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"What's closest?"

They might want to gather several of these things, and the oily rags would definitely be useful, but Roddy wanted to make sure they got some source of fire on them before worrying about constructing a more solid plan, and the shorter the journey the less likely they were to be caught defenseless.
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"The cafeteria is closest, but the creature is headed that way," Dr. Falco reported. "I'm afraid our best bet is the repair shed, and the torches. My rats can retrieve the rags." Such useful little things they were.

"I can show you the way, and my rats can show me if we're in danger."
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"All right. Lead the way."

Wherever this guy led, Roddy would gladly follow. While this guy's accident was unfortunate and terribly disfiguring, Roddy was already finding himself glad that it had happened. It would be much more difficult to avoid the alien if this guy didn't have eyes and ears everywhere, after all.
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"This way."

Making sure the coast was clear, Falco led Roddy out of the living quarters, the white rat clinging even tighter to his shoulder. He stopped on occasion, and took them down an alternate hallway, lest they risk running into the alien.

They were soon at the repair shed, Falco making sure Roddy and a few more rats were inside before shutting the door. "Take anything else that looks useful, but don't weigh yourself down."

Falco began to move boxes aside, looking for the torches. He also sensed that some of his rats were already at the laundry room, and standing by for further orders.
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Roddy nodded, grabbing a flashlight, a tool belt and a couple things that looked sharp. Fire might be the better weapon, but he figured sharp things were usually effective in a pinch. He was careful not to grab more than what could fit in the tool belt, though, not wanting to tie up his hands.
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Dr. Falco loaded up on some torches, along with some strong adhesive tape, and any tools he could find. He paused, a hand going to his temple. "The creature is on the move and heading this way. Follow me."

Falco turned around, the white rat on his shoulder looking back at Roddy, then forward again. He waved Roddy along, leading him down a maze of corridors to avoid running into the thing.

Once he'd led the other man back to the living quarters, he laid out what he'd found. His rats had also done good and gotten them the oily rags. "Now then, any ideas?"

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