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Reverse psychology is easy compared to this

The Mindfuck Meme

This is not a very nice meme! Many if not all options are potentially triggering. Please use your best judgment before participating.

1. Comment with your character, putting their name, canon, and any prefs in the subject line (e.g. women only, not #4, AU, aged up, etc.). **Please note that this meme is open to both sexual and platonic content. You may wish to list non-sexual rp as one of your prefs.**
2. When other characters tag in, they'll use this handy RNG (1-15) to pick an option from the list below.
3. Have fun, fuck minds, ???, profit.


1. I Own You: You know—beyond a shadow of a doubt—that you own this person. Furthermore, you're more than willing to break them down until they accept it as truth. All that they are—mind, body, and soul—is yours. They should have known that from the beginning. Now they'll know it 'til the end.

2. We're One and the Same: You're two sides of the same coin. You practically own each other! No one else will ever complete them the way you can. You're twins. Brothers from another mother (or was that the same mother?). They won't get away—they shouldn't even desire to. Good thing you're ready to help.

3. Nobody Has Ever Loved You (Like I Do): The person before you clearly doesn't understand how worthless they are; everyone they've ever loved will and should leave them to rot. The only thing they have left—the one creature that doesn't despise them utterly—is you. They should probably start groveling at your feet for such patience and mercy.

4. By Your Bedside: You love them. You love them utterly, and just look at the thanks you get. Look how they've betrayed you! Ruthlessly! Talking to others—looking at others. Disgusting. You aren't going to allow it anymore. They need to understand the importance of your love.

5. You're a Doll, Doll: Some people just don't get it. They think they have basic human rights the same as anyone else! They don't view themselves as puppets or pets to be played with. They don't understand that they belong on a leash or sitting pretty on a shelf. Poor darlings! Lucky for them you've taken an interest in setting them straight.

6. Stop Forcing My Hand: It's not your fault you're tying them down! It isn't your fault they need to be disciplined! Theymaking you. They stared at you with those eyes! They asked how you wanted your coffee! You wish they could apologize enough for such atrocities. You'd love to let them go. You don't want to do this. You're the real victim here.

7. Kiss Me and Smile at Me: Time for a little mindcontrol up in here! With this prompt, the other person is completely under your control. Tell them to jump, they jump. Tell them to beg—oh. There will be begging. Unfortunately, the effect isn't always complete and sometimes your target knows they're being toyed with. Too fucking bad.

8. Such a Child: If this kid doesn't want to listen and do as they're told, it's high time you start treating them like the little brat they are. Up to you how far this goes, although spanking isn't a bad start. And who cares if they're actually younger or technically older—they need to learn to listen when adults are speaking.

9. A Permanent Stain: All right. All right. You'll be fine as long as you leave this mark on them. Maybe a couple (hundred) bruises will do, or perhaps a tattoo is more your style. A piercing? Sure! Or five. Whatever—all you know is you need something physical to show your connection. Stake your claim and stake it hard.

10. Escape Cockblocker: You've got containing your target down to an art form. You know all their weaknesses and exactly what shackles fit them best. You can keep their powers at bay and break their spirit (or profess your adoration!) at your leisure. Your expertise in keeping the other right where you want them is absolute.

11. BRUTALITY K.O.: It's easy to be dark and brooding. It's simple to concoct a sinister scheme or two. Violence, however, helps drive a point home with bruising finesse. All it takes is a little brainwashing between punches and voila! You've got your message across. They'll learn to love you for it in no time at all.

12. Feeling Superior: This one is all about rank. Either you're sick of chilling on the lowest rung, or you've always had the upper-hand. Doesn't matter; you're in charge now. Call it a promotion, if you will. Call it learning to excel.

13. Semi-Genderbender: You've always thought of the person before you as a distinctly different gender. It doesn't matter how they identify, you've clearly got the right idea about this. So, you might as well start pushing it. Dresses, manly trousers—pronoun-fuckery all up in here. What about scheduling them for a few… 'enhancing' surgical procedures?

14. You Don't See Me: Sensory deprivation, anyone? This is pretty standard stuff. Take away their voice, take away their eyes— take away sound or taste or touch. Use magic, use devices, use whatever comes to mind. After all, they didn't reallyneed all five senses. That's just greedy! Four—three at most and they'll be sitting pretty under your 'unique' care.

15. Creepozoid's Choice!: Pick any of the options above or a 15th of your own devising. Remember, 15 is always an open option if you'd rather not roll, or if you're looking for a mixture of options.

Originally posted on [community profile] memekingdom.

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