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Feelings yes, not necessary positive ones. Are you getting bladdered mate?
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um, maybe
that depends
what does getting bladdered mean in your weird foreign slang
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Getting drunk out of your mind, chum.
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oh right
then yes
i'm super bladdered
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So I reckoned. Did you expect me to coddle your penis or something? I'm really curious about your thought processes behind that message, Drake. Or maybe you wasn't thinking at all, which to be frank is a nice breath of air from your usual.
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wow that's hurtful
you're a cruel man harry
and here i have you as my #1 drunk contact and everything
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So you DID expect me to coddle your penis. Not finding anyone willing to put out?
Also, I was complimenting you. Good to see you kick loose once in awhile.
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maybe maybe not
the night is still young or at least middle-aged
also, that's not much of a compliment
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Much like you
I'm not completely sure WHAT you're gaining at here mate.
But okay, I got time to spare. Why the sudden interest regarding my feelings for your unmentionables ol' buddy?
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i honestly don't remember now
too much tequila
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Well that's a shame. I was really looking forward to a look into the drunken mind of Nathan Drake.
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it's mostly the same as regular nathan drake's mind just with worse spelling and a short-term memory problems
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So regular Nate also wants me to coddle his dick?
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not really because the idea of coddling a dick makes me want to retract it into my body
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As in you know treating it tenderly. Not boiling it. That was what you thought I meant?
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jesus christ not boiling my cock is the bare fucking minimum
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Then I don't see what your problem is chum, because I'd never boil anyone's dick.
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that's like saying you'd never murder a puppy
you don't get CREDIT for it
it's not a point of attractiveness
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Now you're just being cranky mate. Perhaps you ought to bothch the tequilla?
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yeah maybe
not a terrible idea
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Maybe you need to sleep or an upshack.
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i'd ask you what's an upshack but i feel like the response would be what's up with you and my name's not shack or something else stupid
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Now I wish I had thought of that.