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Minami | Yuri!!! On Ice | OTA, Misfires welcome

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1. I am wearing the tiara and YOU CAN’T STOP ME.

2. I’m 50% weirded out and 50% into it


4. Text him!
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I wanna hang out soon... The cat doesn't talk back.
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You have a cat?!?!?!

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Oh. I do. she's a calico. Here.

[ attached picture ]

Her name is Emi.
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SO CUTE!!!!!!

She's the same color scheme as you!!!
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She does. Sort of. She's got white and grey, too.

Next time you're in Tokyo, you can meet her.
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I wish my parents weren't allergic. A pet would be so cool... I mean, we have fish, but you can't walk those!

[So clearly Kenma should send him more pictures.]
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You don't really walk cats, either. They kind of... do their own thing a lot.

[ Attached is another photo of her just...sitting there, in way of his game while he's trying to play. Making his point right now. ]
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Ahahaha she IS like you!!!

You make that face sometimes! (^_^)
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I do? (´・_・`)

I don't really think about the faces I make.

[ He sends a picture of her yawning, but it looks like she's smiling with her mouth open and eyes closed. ]

You make faces like this.
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Do I?????

Don't worry, you make pretty cute faces too!

[This is how you flirt, right? RIGHT???]
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[ Exactly how you flirt!! ]


Thanks. I ... think she'll like you! She only likes people that I do.

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i TRIED i didn't have any food and he wouldn't eat the eraser i had in my pocket (TT﹏TT)

EVEN THOUGH it smells like cookies??
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Well maybe it's better the squirrel didn't eat rubber???

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omg you think so????

I ate one on accident once and it was fine but people are way different
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just a little one!!

it was shaped like a chocolate truffle and i forgot it wasnt ACTUALLY a chocolate truffle lolol
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Man and I thought ICE SKATERS ate a lot!!!
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OMG do you have any idea how hungry swimming makes you, it's a huge problem
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But hungry enough to eat stationary???!???

[Yeah THAT'S not getting forgotten any time soon...]
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I was distraaaaacted though it's not like I did it on purpose
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Distracted by WHAT exactly????

Or maybe WHO?????????

[Must've been good!]
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Got me~! ☆

Okay okay so a realllllly cute boy was flirting with Rei-chan and I thought THREESOME and stopped paying attention maybe

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Ah, I am so proud of you mon petit. You're going to be a big boy gay in no time. ♥
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Okay but
I have a serious question about it
AND IF YOU LAUGH I am never speaking to you AGAIN!!!!