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kara zor-el ▶︎ dc comics

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001. i love her so much i can forgive her for wearing crocs.

002. don't tell me i can do whatever makes me happy while also saying i have to put on pants.

003. i'm watching netflix with my cat and eating homemade bread. everyone and everything else can go fuck itself.

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[ two can play the caps lock game: ]

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why do you need an answer other than that? science is totally a good enough reason.
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Yeah, for a full-blown nerd like Timmers, maybe. But since I'm not everyone's second favourite geek, how about an explanation?
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how technical an explanation do you want?
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Just the cliff notes will do.
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it's gonna look really awesome when it's set on fire.
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Now you're talking, Supes.
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so you in? or am i doing this by myself? tte
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I'm in.

Need me to do anything?
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depends. how's your phones camera?
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Good enough.

[ spoiler: it's a “borrowed” waynetech product. ]
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nice. i'm putting you on official recording duty then
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Okay. Now I have a question for you.
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Is Superman going to be okay with this? I've already died once. Not looking for it to happen again. Or not anytime soon, anyway.
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kal won't kill you. at worst he'll give you that quietly disappointed look of his
but it's more likely he'd just give me the exasperated "what am i going to do with you" routine
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As long as I don't have to suffer a “Jason Todd, you are a very bad influence” lecture, I'm all good with what I agreed to.
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HA! no there's no need to worry about that. he didn't make a fuss about my being bff with a former flash rogue so there's no way he'd do that to you of all people. he likes you.
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Once upon a time, maybe. Back when I wore Dickiebird's hand-me-downs. These days I'm pretty sure Big Blue carries the same attitude everybody else does.
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no. he's upset and disappointed with your life choices but he still cares about you. sometimes i think he's incapable of NOT caring about someone.
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[ ugh, clark feels. ]

What about you?
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i get where bruce and kal are coming from. but i also think the absolute no-kill rule has its flaws. and i think death is too good for some people.

unless you were asking what i think about you personally. in which case you try too hard but aren't too bad at this whole banter thing so you can't be totally awful.
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[ dgfdjhgfjs, kara. ]

Aww, Supey, so you do like me.

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