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1. for the first time in my life, i still have money by the next payday. who is this responsible person and what have they done with the real me?
2. his fucking was so lame i considered painting my nails during
3. he's so in love with you that you could fuck a blood relative and he'd be like "i just want you to be happy"
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Both vivid and alarming as always.
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but no less true :)
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Unfortunately. It's not my favorite situation, but there it is.
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but the nail polish was across the room and i make it a policy not to walk more than three steps after tequila
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with a broken heel and my knickers off
discusseding: i'm not saying that's a good or bad thing, it's just what happened (just so you know twister ended van halen)

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Who cares if you bombed? Lying on the floor drunk has never done me wrong/span>
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but i'm pretty
can't afford to damage the moneymaker