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1. You know the sex was rough when you wake up with a chipped tooth. I have no regrets

2. ...I just melted into my bed. I am one with the bed. I am 600 thread count.

3. I have bruises covered in glitter and someone just asked me if I realized I'm bleeding from both ears. This is awkward.

4. you wrote "5 million gil" in the tip line for the pizza delivery man and insisted that he deserves it
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Why are you bleeding and is it being taken care of?
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I didn't even realize I was bleeding, so I'm not certain. I'll get it looked into shortly, Highness.
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Thank you. Bleeding from the ears is slightly worrying, I must admit.

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It's a concern, alright, though it's nothing too heavy or painful. I've had worse.
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[ Sigh. ]

I am glad. Although having been around for some of that 'worse,' that is possibly not as reassuring as you mean it to be.
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And wherever Cor may actually be in the world, he may hear the faint distressed sounds of a poor young man who has received the worst misfire in the history of texting.]

oh..... ok.

[Sort of at a loss......]

i think!!! that calls for a dentist.
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[ It sure wasn't meant for Prompto and Cor vaguely wonders if there's a wounded chocobo far off in the distance that he can hear on the wind.

Oh well. Damage is already done, right?]

I'm not sure how I even managed it. A dentist? Sounds expensive if you ask me.
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[Damage absolutely done.

...Done and going? Because now!!! He's thinking of Cor having sex. Tooth-breaking-hardcore-sex.

His life is a mess.]

i'm p sure i don't want to know anyway!!!

i mean. is it super visible? did you chip your front tooth? cause you gotta fix it, sir. or you'll look like the kinda guy who washes his pants with sand and calls it a day.
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[ It's the best kind.

And Cor is too hungover to worry he's shattering Prompto's view of the world right now. That and the other is old enough to be in the Crownsguard, this shouldn't traumatize him too much.]

I already alluded to it.

It's more a small bit from the front, barely noticeable. Are you saying I'm only a tooth chip away from looking like that, Argentum?
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[Well! He wouldn't know that. He's an innocent pure angel with no sinful thoughts in his pretty little head.


That might be a lie.

He doesn't need naughty thoughts of someone he hero worships!]

that's fair.


i... don't.

hoo boy. sure did paint myself into a corner of stupid, huh. i'll leave you to your reminiscing of your hot....??? night??? i guess?????? and pretend this conversation never happened.
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[ Not even Cor would believe that Prompto is as pure as driven snow.


He was that age once, thanks.]

You give up too easily, Prompto. Don't back down so easily.
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[A long, long time ago....]

it's less giving up... more of a tactical retreat? you can't even be disappointed, you taught me that yourself.

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I found the other part of your tooth if you want to put it under your pillow
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I didn't think we'd ever find it. Under my pillow?
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Yeah for... You know?? The tooth fairy?? It's prolly not worth much but 5 gil nets you a shot at the dive bar in Lestallum's southwest corner on Tuesday nights so
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that's gonna be one disappointing credit card decline
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You mean you're not going to honor it?
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cor buddy dude

do i look like i'm covered head to toe in glitter just dropping millions like they're fat stacks?
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You never know just from looking at someone. Though it's possible instead of declining it will simply go through and you'll be paying it off. Forever.
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with me what you see is pretty much... whatcha get

brb i gotta call and cancel this card. i don't wanna be that guy that does hunts the rest of his life, yknow?
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I don't believe that for a second.

I get the feeling we'll be doing hunts for the rest of our lives regardless. But go ahead.

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Master suite at Galdin Quay? Good place, very good sheets.
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It may be, it may not be. And just how did you get this number?
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And yet weirdly I have no regrets.