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Don't be so conventional

Unconventional Couple

Saying: If it fits, it ships.

The Challenge: Respond to everyone who tags you, no matter how unexpected, crazy, or mismatched the characters are. Play a ship.

- Comment with your character and preferences. If you want, you can include a one sentence or so blurb about your character. But blank comments are fine.
- Tag to others.
- RNG for prompts. Prompts cannibalized from random memes.

1. Can't deny it - you've tried to run from your feelings for so long and you can't do it anymore. It's time that you show the object of your affection exactly how you feel. Hopefully you don't lose everything in the process!
2. First time - it's your first time making love together. Is it awkward? Do you go all out or is it spur of the moment?
3. Accidental - you didn't actually mean to confess or kiss. They overheard you or it was an accidental kiss. Maybe you were just really drunk and let it slip!
4. Close as can be - you just want to make love and you've found a spot where it's just you and your partner, however you want it to be.
5. Happily ever after - somehow, you've made it work and you're both happy together, even if it meant you had to run away together.
6. Appreciation - show appreciation for your lover! With words, a look, or whatever your choice way to display affection is!
7. Cuddling - nothing wrong with a day of cuddling...
8. Vacation - you're on a vacation! Wherever you want to be. Road trip, amusement park, Grand Canyon, etc.
9. Family - you're visiting family! Maybe they find out about your relationship, maybe they already know, or however you want to play it out! Maybe you've got news you're starting a family by getting pregnant, adopting, or even getting a new pet.
10. Acceptance - someone who disapproved of your relationship before suddenly approves. How's that feel to you and your lover?
11. Surprise - you've planned a surprise! What is it?
12. Date - first date, second date, hundredth date, etc. What are you doing for it?
13. Reunited → it's been awhile since you've seen each other and nothing can ruin this moment.
14. Other - is there another scene you'd like to play out? Want to combine something? Do it here!

1. Conflict - you've just had a fight with your lover over your relationship or how you handle it. Can you find it in yourselves to forgive each other?
2. Cheated - your lover has cheated on you and you need to confront them about their reasons why and if you can work it out.
3. Found out - you've been found out by someone close to you and they're less than thrilled with your relationship.
4. Disgust - though they play along with it, they're secretly disgusted by the relationship they have with you and it finally comes out into the light.
5. Guilt - one of you is feeling guilty over your relationship, knowing it can never be truly normal or more than a secret.
6. Other - is there another scene you'd like to play out? Want to combine something? Do it here!

1. Soothing touch - what better way to sooth your lover than to make love to them and show them that no matter what other people say, you're not going anywhere.
2. Fight for you - whoever has found out about your relationship is trying to hurt your lover and you're not going to let them.
3. Won't let you go - you need your lover to realize that you won't let them go, no matter what.
4. Back together - you broke up for a bit, but whatever it is between you two, you can't stay apart.
5. Injured - your lover was injured because of your relationship and it's time to patch them up.
6. Other - is there another scene you'd like to play out? Want to combine something? Do it here!

1. Forced - you know your partner isn't interested in you like this, but you keep them going along with the relationship no matter what. Coercion, blackmail, whatever it takes.
2. Won't take no - their lips might say no, but you're not listening.
3. Control - you've given them some kind of potion to get your love interest to love you in return and they have to do whatever you say.
4. Recorded - you're not really interested in this forbidden love affair, but you must do it or you'll face some tough consequences.
5. Insult - you're cornered by those who disapprove of your relationship, hearing how filthy you are.
6. Other - is there another scene you'd like to play out? Want to combine something? Do it here!

1. Rough - you want it rough and hard tonight. Bites, scratches, bruises, etc.
2. Toys - you want to try some props tonight... toys or fuzzy handcuffs.
3. Bondage - more extreme. You're tied up, used, forced to orgasm, whatever.
4. Make up - make up sex is the best sex.
5. Public - you're feeling a little wild so why not a blowjob under the tablecloth in a restaurant or sex in the car?
6. Interrupted - oh yes, oh yes, oh--who the hell is that watching us?!
7. Other - is there another scene you'd like to play out? Want to combine something? Do it here!

1. Left alone - you woke up to your lover trying to slip away in the night because of the strain of the relationship. Do you let them go or try and fight for it?
2. Torn apart - others are keeping you apart after they found out about your relationship, giving you only minimal contact. What do you do?
3. Ending fight - the argument has turned dirty and ends with one of you storming out.
4. Parting ways - both of you have decided to part ways. It's just so much easier.
5. Always love you - though you'll always love each other, maybe it's time the relationship goes back to being strictly platonic. It would be easier... or maybe that's just how one of you feels.
6. Other - is there another scene you'd like to play out? Want to combine something? Do it here!

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