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But did you die?

The Hangover Meme

Last night was amazing. Or maybe it was terrible. Maybe you can't actually remember. Whatever happened, you definitely drank waaaaay too much last night. Now, in the harsh, harsh light of day, you have to face the decisions you've made. Or not, you can always just lie in bed for the whole day and refuse to move. That works too.

The Rules

1) Post your top comment with preferences!
2) Roll a RNG to find your prompt!
3) Reply to other top comments!

The Prompts

1) The One With the Tiger: You've woken up in someplace you don't remember being. Someone's missing a tooth. There's a tiger in the bathroom. Someone's baby is here? Or maybe you've woken up in a room full of half naked people where a rager clearly occurred. What the fuck happened? And why is there blood on your shirt?

2) The 'Nam Flashbacks: You initially wake up without any idea of what you did last night, but it' s coming back to you in horrifying visions. Oh god. No. Make it stop.

3) Kill Me Just Kill Me I Accept the Void: You wake up feeling like the Grim Reaper himself is sitting on your back playing a drum solo with your skull. You're probably on the bathroom floor. You promise yourself you'll never drink again, but we all know that's a lie.

4) Be Functional: Everything is terrible. You might throw up, the light bulb is enough to make you shrink back like a vampire, and you sat in the shower for twenty minutes and cried. But now you have to be up and awake and function like a person. Do you have a job? Or a secret mission to do? Too bad, now you gotta do it while slowly dying inside.

5) The Two Day Affair: You actually didn't drunk too much last night! But, you did the other night, and you're being punished for it. This hangover has gone on over a full day now, because you probably deserve this.

6) Waking Up In Vegas: It's like the one with a tiger, but now you're married! Surprise! Try not to vomit on your new spouse while you work this out.

7) Somebody Call the Po-lice: You've woken up in a jail cell. Maybe you remember getting here, maybe you don't. But now you've got to get out somehow, legally or otherwise, while a tiny man jackhammers the inside of your brain.

8) The Unique Cure: Everyone's got their own weird cure for a hangover. Grease, or a long run, of more alcohol. Or maybe this time you're trying some bizarre new cure that someone else swears in and down works. Raw egg? Okay, sure. If it stops the pain.

9) Still Drunk: You wake up great! You're a little wobbly, but that's okay! Life is good! Wait. You're, uh. You're still drunk, buddy. Shit.
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