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Roses are red, violets are blue, in a pinch I guess you'll do.

The E X P A N D E D Heart Meter Meme
~Special Sweethearts Edition~

You know the drill:

Comment with your character.
Copy/paste the appropriate hearts to reply to other characters.
Fill in alternate text as desired and hover over hearts to view messages.
Have a Happy (..?) Valentine's Day!



"marry me"

"soul mate"


"I’m yours"

"be mine"

"puppy love"


"ur my #1"

"say yes"

"kiss me"


"hug me"


"ooh la la"



"cutie pie"

"sweet pea"


"send nudes"

"get tested"

"I’m pregnant"


"you’ll do"

"ur my #2"

"as if "


"no way"

"fuck off"


Also, check out this awesome generator to make your very own heart meter!