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random scenario meme.


- Post your character, name, and series in the subject. Include any preferences as well.
- Pick out scenes from the prompts below or use RNG if you're really lazy
- Have fun!

① Action → Gun fights, bar brawls, fights to the death are all possible scenarios.
② Angst → Characters suffer emotionally or physically from relationships breaking up, death, injury, etc. Hurt and comfort themes are included.
③ Crack → Genderswaps, super powers, sudden compulsions are all possible outcomes.
④ Fluff → Something that is devoid of angst. It's light-hearted and might have the overtone of romance.
⑤ Gen → General fun, things that didn't fit in the other categories.
⑥ Your choice → Think of your own scenario, choose one of the above or make a combo even!

① Zombies → It's the zombie apocalypse, lock and load!
② Bar brawl → You had one too many drinks, said something wrong, and now you're being asked to take it outside.
③ Chase → You're caught in a high speed chase.
④ Gun fight → You're caught in a big shoot-out.
⑤ Fight with a friend → You're fighting with a friend, all out.
⑥ Interrogation → You're being interrogated for some offense you've done.
⑦ Aliens → Aliens are attacking and you're not going to take your probe laying down!
⑧ Final battle → This is it. The battle that will end all the fighting for you. Will you win? Will you get that peace you want?
⑨ Training → You're not actually fighting, just training for the inevitable.
⑩ No hope → You know this fight has no hope. It's not going to end well for anyone involved, but you can't turn away.
⑪ Sneaking in → You're stealing a diamond or sneaking in to kick some bad guy butt, but whatever it is, you have to practice stealth.
⑫ Blue wire → You're faced with a bomb that needs to be disarmed.
⑬ Fight for honour → You've been disgraced or someone you care about has, so it's time to fight for honour.
⑭ Showdown → Time for a cowboy-style showdown. Whoever draws the fastest wins.
⑮ War → You're caught in the middle of a war here. Remember to keep your chin up and keeping fighting.
⑯ Apocalypse → The apocalypse finally happened and now you're left to scavenge and fight for whatever is left.
⑰ Sabotage → It's time to sabotage someone's plan! How is entirely up to you. Do you set up a bomb in their toilet? Do you double cross them at the last minute?
⑱ Big damn hero → You know you have to handle this one alone, so that means disarming or knocking unconscious the person who wants to join you.
⑲ Fight club → You know the rules... you're in an underground fighting ring and you're fighting with all you've got.
⑳ Threaten → You've just been sent here to rough them up a little, threaten them into behaving.

① Injury / illness → Your character has become injured or ill! To what extent is the mun's choice.
② Last moments → You character has been gravely injured and this is their last chance to say their last words.
③ Depression → Your character is depressed, what actions they take is up to the mun.
④ Betrayed → You character has been betrayed by the other. How do they react?
⑤ Tortured → Your character is being tortured and needs rescuing or at least a sympathetic ear to help him through it.
⑥ Jealousy → Your character is feeling jealous and must deal with it, how will they do it?
⑦ Breakup! → This relationship has gone as far as it can, it's time to breakup.
⑧ Broken → For whatever reason, the character is broken, mentally or or physically.
⑨ Fight → You can't even be in the same room as your friend or lover without arguing anymore.
⑩ Lost → You lost the biggest fight of your life and now all you can do is try to pick up the pieces.
⑪ Worst nightmare → Whatever you fear the most is now real or maybe you're just trapped in a dream together, but whatever it is, it feels too real.
⑫ Addicted → You're addicted to something, alcohol, drugs, sex, whatever. It's destroying your life and you can't do anything to stop it.
⑬ Hurt you → You're being forced to hurt someone you love either by betraying them or even being forced to shout things you don't mean. It's for their own good in the end though.
⑭ Separation → You were forced to leave this person for their own safety and while you've been miserable without them, you really didn't mean to run into them again... maybe it was by accident or you were watching them from afar this whole time.
⑮ Becoming a monster → You are slowly changing, becoming a monster: vampire, zombie, demon, something you can't recover from and no-one can help you.
⑯ Frozen → You are entirely helpless, frozen, to stop some kind of disaster.
⑰ Prison → You were very bad and now it's time to pay the price by turning yourself in or maybe the law just finally caught up to you.
⑱ Fear → You're not sure why, but you are suddenly terrified and you can't deal with it. You need help.
⑲ Hated → You are now hated by the person you loved the most.
⑳ Down and out → You're living on the streets, you've hit rock bottom, and you don't know what to do.

① Sexswap → Uh-oh, you're suddenly the opposite sex!
② Forced confessions → No matter what it is and no matter how hard you resist, you're going to be compelled to spill some deep dark secret!
③ Mind-reading → You've suddenly got the ability to read minds!
④ Animal → You're suddenly part animal or transformed into an animal!
⑤ Awkward pick-up lines → You're compelled to use bad pickup lines on whoever is closest!
⑥ Back in School / Graduated → You're suddenly back in school! Or if you were already in it, you've aged and long since graduated!
⑦ Vampires, werewolves, and zombies, oh my! → You're suddenly a vampire, werewolf, or zombie! Maybe even a demon or a devil, whatever creepy crawly you can think of. What do you do now?
⑧ Ghost → You're suddenly a ghost or at least invisible. What are you going to do with this new ability?
⑨ Awkward conversations → So did you just fart or what? Any conversation goes, as long as it's embarrassing and awkward.
⑩ Crossdressing → For whatever reason, you're suddenly dressed in clothes of the opposite sex.
⑪ Suddenly naked → Oops! Your clothes are suddenly gone.
⑫ Suddenly a kid → You're a kid again! Have fun with that second childhood.
⑬ Fortune cookie → You've suddenly received a note with something that will happen in the future, either precise or vague.
⑭ Super power → And suddenly you're like Superman! Any power goes.
⑮ Bodyswap → Somehow you've changed bodies with the other person.
⑯ Back in time → Somehow, you wound up in the past again. Do you try to correct something or just sit and wait for time to jump? Maybe it jumps to various points in your life or maybe you actually think you're back in the day. Have fun, run wild with the idea!
⑰ To the future → Is it everything you've dreamed? Is it horrible? Whatever happens, you're here to witness what happens to you in the future. Either you take the place of your future self or you're just there to watch. Might cause some confusion if people start seeing double though...
⑱ Angels, mermaids, and fairies! → You're not necessary something dark or evil. You're just something different. How do you deal?
⑲ Locked in a closet → For some reason, you're locked up in a closet with someone else. Do you make nice and try to figure your way out or what?
⑳ Finger trap → You're caught in a Chinese finger trap... with somebody else! You can't figure out how to get loose either... have fun with that.

① Cuddling → For whatever reason, characters feel like being close and cuddling.
② Pillow talk → After the main event, characters are up for some pillow talk.
③ Celebration → Anniversary or some other big event is taking place and characters want to celebrate!
④ Love confession → Someone has finally decided to confess their love and today is the day!
⑤ Appreciation → You feel the need to show appreciation for that person closest to you, even if it's just a pat on the back.
⑥ Apologies → You made a mistake and now it's time to make it up in some way you know the other can't refuse!
⑦ Get back together → Why did you break up again exactly? Whatever the reason, it was a huge mistake and you both know you can work through it.
⑧ Date night → You've planned for a wonderful night together and you can't wait to get it started.
⑨ Family → You've either found out you're pregnant or you've already got that addition to your family.
⑩ Marriage → You're just about to get hitched or maybe you're enjoying your honeymoon. Maybe you've been together for years now! Whatever the case, it's time for that next big step.
⑪ Meeting again → It's time for that happy reunion finally!
⑫ Love at first sight → For whatever reason, you are now insanely in love with the first person you set eyes on.
⑬ Flirtation → You can't resist to do a little bit of harmless flirtation all of a sudden.
⑭ In the snow → Look outside! It's a winter wonderland, so why not go out and play in it?
⑮ Engagement → You've planned it all out and now it's time to finally pop the question.
⑯ Friendly games → You've set up the game station or board games for a friendly competition!
⑰ Gift → Time to give that special someone a gift just because.
⑱ Recovery → You're taking care of someone who's just recovered from some illness or injury.
⑲ Healing → Time to help mend that someone who's been through hell and back.
⑳ Better than ever → You've finally got everything you've ever wanted here. What is your ideal life and who does it include?

① Nice meeting you → It's your first time meeting this person! You bumped into each other on the street, in a bar, at work... whatever!
② Drinks → You're out for drinks! Or just chilling at home with some beers. Wherever!
③ Lost → You're lost and you kind of need help finding your way to where you're going. A little help with directions?
④ Costume party → You're at a costume party, both of you are wearing masks. Do you keep the anonymity or take it off and see whose company you've been enjoying?
⑤ Wrong number → Oops, actually you didn't mean to call that person...
⑥ Drunk → You're already drunk! Drunk dialing, stumbling into someone, showing up unexpected... what type of drunk are you anyway? Aggressive, loving, happy? How does the other react?
⑦ Old friends → you haven't seen this person in a long time!
⑧ Rivals → you're suddenly rivals! Or maybe you have been all along...
⑨ Problems → you've got a problem with each other, just got in a huge fight, whatever. Try to work it out!
⑩ What are your intentions... → This person? They're dating a close friend, family member, etc. You need to find out if they're going to hurt them! Or you need to discuss your friend/family's dating choice.
⑪ I saw you → you saw the other person doing something bad and you need to confront them about it.
⑫ Sorry but no → the other person has feelings that you just don't share. They don't necessarily have to be romantic... maybe you just don't agree with their sudden desire to quit their job and start a business making tiny, fuzzy teddy bears.
⑬ My hero → you need to tell this person how much they mean to you. They've been your best friend or your role model your whole life and they need to know.
⑭ Enabler → you're enabling the other (or each other) to do something bad, really bad. Addiction, stealing, killing, or just any other self-destructive behavior.
⑮ Cooking → Time for an impromptu cooking lesson!
⑯ Oh, sure, I remember you... → It's that awkward moment when someone comes up and seems to know you, but you have no idea who they even are!
⑰ Rescue! → One of you was in trouble, but you came to the rescue!
⑱ Boss → One of you works under the other. Is your relationship good? Are you scheming things? Or do you hate each other?
⑲ Perfect crime → You and the other person have just pulled off the perfect crime... or you're planning to! What are you doing? The heist of the century, an assassination?
⑳ Movies → movie night! Maybe it's a sleepover. Whichever the case, it's time to eat a lot and have fun.
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Sherlock Holmes | Sherlock (BBC)

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3.12 I thought some crack might be interesting...

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When Molly woke up that morning, it felt like any other day. She silenced the alarm on her phone, rolled over for a few more minutes, turned the alarm off when it rang again, and then sat up and swung her legs over the side of the bed to stand up.

There was one problem that morning though, when her legs went over the side, they didn't touch the floor. They didn't come close. And when she looked down to find out why, she realized her pants were suddenly far too big on her. It was like her bed and her PJs had both been enlarged over night. Thinking she must still be sleeping and having a strange dream, she told herself to wake up. Nothing happened.

She reached for her phone again and that was when she noticed her hand looked odd. It looked...small and child-like. Wake up, Molls, wake up.

When she realized she wasn't going to wake up, she decided that she would just play along until she woke up.

She climbed out of bed and hiked up her pants before she went off to use the loo. On the way though, she caught sight of herself in her full-length mirror and almost passed out. She looked like herself at 7-years old. She even had the messy pigtails and the freckles.

She pinched herself hard. Nothing except pain. She hit her face a bit. Still nothing but the feeling of smacking herself.

"What the bloody hell is going on?" she said outloud and the voice of a child came out.

She was starting to panic. There was no way this was happening. She needed someone to talk her out of this delusion.

Climbing back up onto the bed, she reached for her phone and texted Sherlock.

I'm having a bit of a problem. Need your help.

(Sorry this got long. Feel free to decide whether Sherlock is still an adult or whether he's also reverted to a child.]
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Crack's refreshing. I tend to RP serious stuff a lot.

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Sherlock was in his kitchen, prodding unproductively at some eggs Mrs. Hudson brought up for breakfast. He'd eaten the toast and the sausage, but he was't feeling the eggs this morning and boredom had led him to playing with his food. He'd been contemplating observing the effects of hydrofluoric acid on sunny side up eggs when his phone chimed.

"Saved by the bell," he told the eggs while he leaned back and checked the text.

One side effect of having an over active brain with a history of crime solving was its nature to produce the worst sorts of scenarios when given insufficient data. It didn't help that Molly hardly ever initiated conversation with him these days and she'd never specifically asked him for help like this. It sent up all of his alarms.

The eggs lay forgotten on his plate as he dashed to get his coat and scarf.

Where are you?
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Oh good! Glad it's ok. I thought the same about switching it up a bit. :)

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Molly was relieved that he'd texted back quickly, but also nervous. She wasn't sure how to tell someone that you've lost your mind. But, she supposed Sherlock owed her after the times she had dealt with him half out of his own mind on drugs.

In my flat.

Think I might be having a mental episode of some sort.
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The notion that what was scaring Molly was mental as opposed to physical alleviated some of the worry, but Sherlock was already in a cab so it wouldn't change how fast he'd arrive. It was strange to think that someone would choose him of all people to help when they were suffering from a self-proclaimed mental episode. Most people would (correctly) assume he'd only make things worse.

What sort of mental episode?

That was a little callous, wasn't it?

Just try to stay calm. I'll be there as soon as I can.

A little better he hoped.
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Some sort of delusion.

Molly didn't find the question callous. It was a valid question and one that she would also ask, especially as a scientist. To her, what she needed right now was a scientist, a calculated, facts-based mind that could bring her back to reality. She needed someone who was level-headed and could get to the bottom of the issue. That seemed to her like a case for Sherlock Holmes. He would be able to figure out if perhaps there was a fungus growing somewhere that was causing her to hallucinate or some other crazy thing she wouldn't even be able to think of herself. And he wouldn't judge her either. Or at least she hoped he wouldn't, given his own history.

Thank you.
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A delusion. That explained her choice in him. If it were an anxiety issue or some depressive state, he'd be a terrible choice. But a delusion was something he could work with. He'd spent most of his life convincing people of the truth when all they could see were fabrications and half-truths.

ETA: 4 minutes.

His first order of business upon arriving would be to see if there was evidence of anything chemical or environmental causing her symptoms. Barring those things, he might have to call John in for assistance. Not that psychiatry was John's specialisation.

When did the delusions start?
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Molly was getting more anxious the closer he was to arriving at her flat. She knew that she summoned him, but that fact didn't make it any easier to realize that he was going to see her having a mental breakdown of some sort. She wanted to get up and wash up and change but she was frozen in her bed, curled up. How could she get dressed when it looked like she was dressing a child's body? She couldn't even look at herself right now.

So she stayed in her bed. She knew Sherlock would have the key or pick the lock.

When I woke up.
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Before the delusion started, do you recall anything strange happening? Funny smells, food tasting off, memory lapses?

What about other symptoms. Nausea, dizziness, confusion?

Sherlock's already going through his database of poisonous substances during the ride over. At least over text, Molly seems to have her wits about her. She knows she's suffering a delusion and she's able to formulate full sentences and thoughts, so that rules out some of the toxins.

He oughtn't be so excited about the situation. But he can't help it. It's unusual and not at all like the criminal investigations he typically focuses on.
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No. Nothing.

I feel fine otherwise.

A bit scared.
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I'm here.

Sherlock was troubled by the lack of other symptoms. Most poisons aren't so specific that they'd only cause one effect, but maybe Molly's physiology could account for it.

He paid the cabbie and made his way to her flat only to find that the door was locked. He knocked, waited a few seconds, then dug through his coat pocket for his portable evidence kit. There was a set of lock picking tools in it that he rarely used because he rarely found himself locked out of crime scenes. Less than a minute later, he opened her door cautiously and looked around the main room.

"Molly?" he called out, keeping his voice somewhat gentle. If she were having delusions, he didn't want her mistaking him for someone nefarious. "Where are you?"
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Molly tapped out a quick text to him, paranoid about using the voice she, right now, thought sounded like that of a child.

In bed.
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Sherlock had already put his phone in his pocket. He frowned when it buzzed. The message reply instead of a verbal one was odd, especially because he didn't hear the sound of crying or any other reason she wouldn't be able to respond. He mentally added paranoia as an accompanying symptom of Molly's delusion on his way to the bedroom.

He knocked on the door softly, "Molly? I'm opening the door."

After a couple seconds, he did just that. He paused in the doorway and took in the image of a little girl sitting on Molly's bed. A few alarms went up at that. "Oh, hello there," he said with a higher than usual voice. "I'm looking for a friend of mine. Do you know the woman who lives here?"
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Molly had her knees pulled up to her chin and her arms wrapped around them. Her form was tiny and pushed back against the headboard. When Sherlock opened the door, how he reacted was not how she had expected. Suddenly the anxiety she had been feeling turned to horror. It sounded like he was talking to her like a child, not like who she was. Why would he do that?

"That's not funny, Sherlock," Molly said and what she heard was the voice of 7-year-old her.
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Sherlock narrowed his eyes and took a step into the bedroom, flipping the light switch on in the process. He could see her more clearly now. Mousey brown hair, familiar mid-tone brown eyes. It didn't make any sense whatsoever.

"I don't suppose your delusion is having turned into a child," he ventured tentatively.

He'd trained himself in logic and probabilities. Turning from an adult into a child was solidly in the realm of impossibility, so he was inclined to find an alternative explanation for what was going on. Perhaps it was a practical joke or some sort of trick from one of his various enemies. And there was a infinitesimal chance that they could be sharing the same delusion.
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When the light came on, Molly looked up at him with recognition on her face and no fear that a child might usually show when a strange man shows up.

"H...how did you know that?" she asked, her eyes going wide at his question. Was this delusion happening to other people too? Did he deduce it from her somehow?

For Molly, the idea of turning into a child was also well out of the realm of possibilities that she'd been trained to understand as a scientist herself. She was whimsical, but pragmatic. She didn't believe in things that she could not test and prove with a hypothesis - ghosts, psychics, fairies, luck, etc. were all relegated to fiction in her mind.

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Sherlock used his phone to take a quick photograph of her sitting there on the bed, then he texted it to Molly's mobile. He listened for the sound of the received text and it came from the spot next to her that had been obscured from his vision. If there were an adult present to send messages via Molly's phone, they couldn't have been very far. He circled the room, checking various places a person could hide. Under the bed, in the closet, in the master bath, out the window.


There was no earpiece on the little girl, either. "All right, Molly. I'm going to ask you a few questions and you need to answer me as quickly as you can. And don't look anywhere but at me. First, what was it you told me about your father when you were helping me investigate the US Ambassador's missing children? Second, what are the bones in the human arm? Third, I asked you to help me calculate something before John's stag night. What was it?"

He fully expected at least one of those questions to stump her.
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Molly tucked her head down on her knees after he took the picture. She wasn't really in the mood to have her picture taken. When her phone beeped with a text alert, she looked down at the phone next to her. She then looked back over to him but he was all over the room looking for something.

"What are you doing?" she asked him as she reached for her phone. When she brought the text up, the photo that stared back at her was the same as she saw in the mirror earlier and she dropped the phone. God, she had totally lost it. How could she be looking at an actual picture of herself and still think she looked like a child.

She blinked back up at him when he started asking her all those questions.

"What? Alright," she said shaking her head. Obviously he was trying to figure out something. "Um...my father...I told you that when he was dying, he looked sad when he thought other people weren't looking at him. The bones in the human arm are the humerus, radius, and ulna. You asked me to calculate your alcohol consumption."
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The expectant look on Sherlock's faded to utter confusion. He'd asked two personal questions and one regarding her knowledge of anatomy. He could have asked her for more anatomical detail, but his own knowledge was somewhat limited. The point was that she answered accurately and reacted the same way the real Molly Hooper would have done.

But he wasn't ready to believe it.

"I'm impressed. You're very good," he praised, checking the places that didn't make sense for an adult to be hiding. He was looking for video or audio equipment. Anything that would make two way communication a possibility. But the longer he looked and didn't find anything, the more unsettled he felt.

Eventually, he'd just have to accept what was in front of his eyes and focus on trying to figure out how it happened instead of looking for how it didn't.
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Molly frowned and in her current form it would look even sadder than if she were an adult.

"What is this? What are you doing, Sherlock?" she asked, feeling anxious and only getting worse. "Am I in danger?"

She watched him looking all over her room and she wondered if he thought there might be something there that was causing her delusion. And clearly he was testing her memory of things, but that didn't seem to be affected.

So far, she was trying to remain calm but the delusion wasn't going away and she was starting to feel panicky.
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Sherlock's search slowed down incrementally until it came to a full halt. There was nothing. If there were something to find, surely he'd be able to find it. Which left him with two possibilities. Both of which were so implausible they might as well have been left in the realm of fiction.

"I'm sorry, Molly," he said, turning back around to make sure she was still a little girl. She was. "I've come to a troubling conclusion. Your condition can only be one of two things. Either you've physically become a child or we're somehow under the exact same delusion without having discussed it before. As you know, the human body is incapable of ageing downwards and the effects of mass hysteria never target just two individuals."

There was one final possibility. He could be the only one suffering a conscious delusion and none of this was real at all. The fact that he could read her texts even while concentrating on the individual letters told him he wasn't dreaming.
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Molly's little brow knit together and her frown only deepened.

"Are you....are you saying you think I look like a child too?" she asked, the panic she was feeling now very evident in her voice. She held her child-like hands out in front of her and stared at them and then back to him. She was shaking. "It's not....how could....what is going on Sherlock?"

If this were some sort of mental experiment he was deciding to run on her after finding out she was having a delusion, she would never ever forgive him.
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"It's all right," Sherlock said, lifting his hands in his best disarming gesture. Molly's panic was starting to get to him and they couldn't both be panicking. "There's got to be a logical explanation for this. All we need to do is find it."

But he'd already looked around her room. He hadn't found anything that looked like contamination or a breach in the wall. Not that he'd been looking for those things. He gave the room another quick look over, then he stopped what he was doing to face Molly. "If we're being drugged, the best thing we can do is get away from the source. You said you woke up like this. How far did you go outside your bedroom since then?"
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"Oh my god, you do think I look like a child too," Molly said sounding horrified. She wanted to just curl up in bed and go back to sleep. Maybe when she woke up things would be fine.

"I...I haven't been anywhere else."

And come to think of it, she still had to pee and had yet to take care of that. She would need to soon.
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"Look and sound, I'm afraid," he admitted. "I'm still not sure if you're who you say you are, but you've convinced me to entertain the possibility."

Sherlock approached the bed and held out his hands towards Molly. He'd grown accustomed to handling children thanks to John and Mary's successful procreation, but it was still uncomfortable accepting that his adult friend was now a child he'd be handling in some way or another. With the offer of picking her up, he hoped it would jump start his perception when the dimensions of what he was seeing and touching didn't match.

"Let's start by going to the main room and shutting the door."

Sorry for the delay!

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You're fine~

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