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He gives you flowers and sweet pomegranates

Persephone was gathering flowers with the Oceanids along with Artemis and Athena—the Homeric Hymn says—in a field when Hades came to abduct her, bursting through a cleft in the earth. Demeter, when she found her daughter had disappeared, searched for her all over the earth with torches. In most versions she forbids the earth to produce, or she neglects the earth and in the depth of her despair she causes nothing to grow. Helios, the sun, who sees everything, eventually told Demeter what had happened and at length she discovered the place of her abode. Finally, Zeus, pressed by the cries of the hungry people and by the other deities who also heard their anguish, forced Hades to return Persephone. Hades indeed complied with the request, but first he tricked her, giving her some pomegranate seeds to eat. Persephone was released by Hermes, who had been sent to retrieve her, but because she had tasted food in the underworld, she was obliged to spend a third of each year (the winter months) there, and the remaining part of the year with the gods above.

but even that hardest of hearts unhardened suddenly when he saw her there: persephone in her mother’s garden, sun on her shoulders, wind in her hair, the smell of flowers she held in her hand and the pollen that fell from her fingertips. and suddenly, hades was only a man with a taste of nectar upon his lips

To live your life in darkness is no easy task. Evil may be just a point of view - one you may not ascribe to yourself - but a black heart or a ruthless mind is hardly quieted. While you don't regret what you've done, at least not outwardly, you do wonder if there isn't something more. Grey morality has discolored your world.

That is, until you see them.

They are beautiful, pure, good: everything that you are not. You should be annoyed or at least ambivalent to their presence; after all, they serve you no purpose, promise you no gain. But oddly enough, you are drawn to them, and not even in hopes to destroy or corrupt. No, you want to have them, to keep them with you. What to do with this newfound feeling?

Act on it, of course. You've never let anything stop you before. What you don't realize (or perhaps do, you just don't exactly care) is that the object of your...affection may not be too keen on being taken what they see as prisoner. Yet you only have their best interests at heart! Still, you do care for them, in your own fashion, more than almost anyone else, so surely a deal can be struck...

You just couldn't bear to lose them.

  • This meme, obviously, is inspired by the myth of Hades and Persephone. Feel free to be as literal or as loose with your interpretations as you'd like.
  • Comment with your character, canon, preferences, and what role you'd like your character to play.
  • Reply to others.
  • Play anything and any scenario that fits within the theme.
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Padmé Amidala | Star Wars | ota

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[Would be the pure one.]
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((Would you like to do something between these two? Some kind of AU where she lived, perhaps, but had gone into hiding until found out by the Empire?))
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((Excellent! Would you prefer to have him find her post-battle or purely at random?))
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(sorry, work was kicking my butt. Post battle? Surprise, your not!dead wife is working against you??)
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((Lulz yes excellent! I'm going to start for us. Please let me know if you need anything changed.))

Darth Vader stands at the center of the town square, waiting for his Stormtroopers to bring the survivors of the Rebel unit to him. It was a hard fight, and whoever is leading this particular troop clearly knows their way around urban warfare. He looks forward to personally interrogating them back on his ship.
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How may years has it been? She knows to the day, the hour, the minute... While Padmé has never been one to rely on luck, she could argue that whatever luck she did have, has run out. Older, certainly, and there is that mix of sorrow that has never left her, although also a stubbornness that marked her when she was a Senator. Captured she might be, but not defeated.
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As soon as she's led into the town square with what few Rebels were left alive, Vader froze upon spying her face. It can't be... True, she is older, more sorrowful and worn from a harder life than that of a Senator.

But that beautiful face, that stubbornness in those gorgeous eyes, that bearing...that familiar presence...

"Sir!" The ranking Stormtrooper saluted the Sith Lord. "This woman is the leader of these Rebel scum. Her real identity is unknown, due to the fact that her paperwork is clearly forged. But there's no question that she's the one we've been after the whole time."

The White Dove of the Rebel Alliance... How could Vader have known that it could possibly be his wife? And yet, he can't help but stare at her in shock...and fury. How dare this woman look like his dead wife?

"...Bring her to the interrogation room. Lock up the others for now." Refusing to show any more emotions around these...scum, he sharply turns and marches away from the captured Rebels.
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Whatever it is that she truly feels, it is kept within her. She has always been good at that, good at the deception, even if such is not within her heart. People had wanted to see a weak queen, and so they had, learning only in the end that she was no one's play thing. Of course her stance as a Senator had been more resolute for she had taken her duties seriously. She knows it is part of the reason why her death had been necessary, the rouse that both she and the child she carried were lost.

Yet, she also knew that taking this new life as a rebel could one day lead to her being caught. It is a risk that they all took, and she has no qualms about that. In the beginning, it had only been Obi-Wan who had forced her to live, and yet she had found a new clause, even as rumors arose. Almost as if sensing him, her eyes do raise, and they are as resolute as always. As in the arena, she is still not afraid to die. The seeds have been planted, and she has left a variety of scenarios of what to do, lest she fall.

While her lips do purse at the commend that he gives, she does seemingly manage to brush off the Stormtrooper, and one may well think that it is a normal day, the way that her strides move her forward, as if she might be in control. Some things never change.
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He had glanced over his shoulder once, barely, and he feels like he's stepped back in time. To see here walking as if she's not a prisoner, but as if she's with guards sworn to protect her, like in the days before the Empire...

No. Vader immediately looked away and continued to march away from the scene. He cannot be emotional anymore, cannot let himself be weak by memories of the past. And yet...his thoughts keep straying back to her. Padme...his wife...may actually be alive, should she prove to be the real person and not a clone or stand-in.

Which would mean that either the Emperor lied...or he was lied to himself. Somehow, he doubts the latter scenario.

Which is why, as soon as he's done sorting out a few other matters, he marches straight towards the chamber that she's being held in for interrogation. It's simple - only a cot to rest, for one does expect someone to come in with a torture droid.

But not this time. This time, he simply stands there in front of the door, staring at her even as the door slides shut behind him. They're alone, the walls reinforced to reduce any sounds of screams.
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There was an alertness, looking for an opening, even if Padmé realized that getting an opening was merely the first step. Arguably, she could likely take out one of the Stormtroopers and get his gun before anyone could stop her, but then what? While it might not be heavily fortified at the moment, she was but one in a crowd of hostile faces. No, she might not be afraid of dying, but she did not have a death wish.

She had taken a seat upon the cot, that poise still there. She may well have been within her office at the Senate, had she still an office there. Her hands, slightly more calloused than they used to be, were folded neatly upon her lap. There were stains on her clothing, and a few curls threatened to take their own action from the simplistic hairdo that she wore.

There was a spot upon the wall that her eyes had claimed, that continue to claim even as he entered. She wasn't without fear, although she fought well to hide it behind that mask of indifference. The soft whoosh of the door was registered, as was the distinct blackness of his attire. It was then that her focus shifted ever so, and her eyes meet the masked face. There was a certain clip to her voice, as if speaking to a Senator who had used his position for something that he aught not to have. "Lord Vader."

That her heart was racing she tried to ignore.
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Vader feels like he may have stepped back in time, for a brief moment. It's almost as if he was visiting her in her office, like those few times that he had done so. The feeling would be more effective if there's a desk or a table before her, what with that air of command around her.

However, he can also sense the rear within her. It is well contained, and she does a better job doing so than most prisoners. But it is there, nonetheless. He takes slow, measures steps around her, pacing the length of the room. "They call you the White Dove of the Rebellion. One of the very few who has some semblance of honor among your band of scum and terrorists."

He stops for a few seconds before turning to face her directly. "But that is not your real name, is it? Tell me...who you really are." There's that compulsion being inflicted onto her mind to obey that command. She should recognize the old Mind Trick...But can she resist it?
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There is but a slight tilt of her head, as Padmé otherwise remains still. No doubt he is used to a certain reaction and she is just stubborn enough that she won't provide it, at least not on purpose. It is different ground that she walks here, less solid than ever when she was a Senator. She knows well what happens to traitors.

There is a light pursing of her lips as her eyes narrow ever so. Her mind certainly is not weak, although he is strong. She cannot deny that, and while several moments may pass, her voice does eventually arise. Yet even then, she is not as compliant as he might expect. "You mean who I really was."

It is that look of concentration that remains on her face, as despite correcting him, she gives not an answer beyond that.
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Her refusal to obey is both expected and irritating. Expected, because his wife had always been strong-willed, and one of the strongest minds that he had come across. Irritating because she refused to comply in the first place, and simply confirm or deny that she is who he suspects her to be. The Mind Trick, after all, only works on weak minds.

"It does not matter if it's who you are or who you were," he growls as he steps closer to her, using his imposing height to try and cower her into obeying. Which, if this truly is his wife, may not work; she's always been stubborn and brave in the face of bullies and tyrants. "You will tell me your true name."

After waiting for a moment, he adds, "You do not want me to force it out if you." Because if this truly is her...the last thing he wants to do is truly harm her.
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Padmé is still the type of person that the more will that was exerted in an effort to make her break, the more she would refuse such a thing. While she certainly is aware of the imposing presence that he gives, and while she is not immune to the slight skip of her heart when he does tower over her, it does cause her to narrow her eyes, nostrils flaring for a moment.

Politics have always been her forte, as have words. Even now she knows a million different ways to answer that again without giving any real answer. Her true name... She doesn't exist anymore. The Padmé Amidala who had been a queen and a senator, a wife and a mother, ceased to exist on the day that her world came crashing down.

"Do you always ask questions to which you know the answer? It seems rather redundant, does it not." There is a certain hardness that flickers though her eyes. Tactics and threats do not work well on her, for is she not already broken? Her soul has been ripped in two all those years ago, yet he knows that, doesn't he. Her eyes lift again, that challenge within her voice. "Padmé Naberrie, formally Amidala, secretly Skywalker, now simply Padmé. Is that adequate enough of an answer for you?"
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And with that answer, his world shatters again for the first time in many years. No imposter would declare that she is secretly a Skywalker. No one besides the Emperor really knew the full truth regarding their relationship, that they're married. For her to be so bold as to give her full name...

She knows, then. She knows that he is her husband, even though he no longer goes by his old name himself. Which means...

"...Padme..." There's no anger in his voice, no intimidation in his stance now. Shock and yearning are what drives him to reach out to her, to try and touch her cheek. "...Why? Why did you fake your death? Why did you make me think that I killed you?"
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An educated guess, driven by years of information that has been gathered. Not that Padmé has ever truly spoken about all that has happened on Mustafar to anyone. Obi-Wan knows some, but she knows better than to try to bring his name up. He is out there still, aiding her when he can, keeping on eye on the twins when he is near.

"I did die that day on Mustafar." A little piece of her had, and in truth, it had been close. The force choke had not been without its consequences. Although she remains as still as she has been, lips still slightly pursed as his hand extended. He had gone down a path that she couldn't follow and that she wouldn't follow. There is still that flicker of hope within her, knowing that there is still good in him, yet after all he has done...
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"And are here. Alive." His fingertips stop just short of touching her. The yearning to touch her, to hold her close to's very strong. After years of thinking of her dead, he so badly wishes to feel her soft skin again...

But the anger returns, and his hand slowly closes into a fist in frustration. "Why, though? Why did you run and hide from me? I never intended to hurt you. I wanted to protect you, to save you and..." His voice fades as he looks down at her belly. "...our child..."

That is why he felt so full of grief, that day. Not only had he thought he had lost his only true love, but he had lost any chances of having his child - his heir and potential apprentice - with him. Losing all that he had left of his family in one day... It was more than he could bear, even as Vader.

Of course, his grief would've only been greater had he known, at the time, that he's the father of twins.
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She has never stopped believing that there is hope for him, yet the brightness that had once shown so thoroughly is clouded by that darkness. Their last meeting on Mustafar is explanation enough. She hadn't wanted to rule the universe, to stand by his side as he did so. All she had wanted was him.

In the beginning, it hadn't been on purpose. Too tired, too weak, too hurt, Padmé had not done much of anything. As time passed... She heard the tales and had put together some of the pieces. It isn't that she stopped loving him. Truly and deeply, she had once said, and it still held true, yet she couldn't deny what had been before her.

Of the children, she says nothing, keeps her face as much a mask as she can. That, right there, is her biggest secret. A boy and a girl, both still alive. "You went down a path I couldn't follow."

And even now... She sees how his fist curls, how he had lifted it once in anger against her, clenched it. There may well be a flicker of that over her face as her eyes draw away from it to regard a spot over his shoulder.
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"You still can." He growls, the old anger from that day flaring up again. "Don't be fooled any longer by whatever Obi-Wan has told you. Don't let his lies keep you from your true place by my side."

Because why else doesn't she feel that she couldn't do so? Surely, it's not because of himself. It has to be Obi-Wan, that treacherous Jedi. Why else did he use Padme in order to get to Mustafar? Why else would that Jedi injure him and leave him to die?

And yet, his anger does not burn as brightly now as it had before. Because she is here now. His one true love, whose presence has a calming effect on him, however small it may be.

"Because...he can't reach you anymore. He won't reach you anymore." He draws closer now, his hand unclenching so as to truly touch her cheek. He curses the fact that he can't feel her soft skin anymore, not thru these layers of cloth and metal. "Stay with me, Padme. Join me, and together, we can still rule the galaxy as husband and wife."
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Obi-Wan had had nothing to do with it, yet Padmé knows better than to bring up that point. She had stood by her husband when his former Master had told her what had happened, and it was with her own eyes that she had seen the truth. It is easy enough to remember that way her throat had tightened and everything had gone dark...

Yet she knows there is still good in him. She just doesn't know if he knows that. It is not just something that she can say, as she had tried that before on Mustafar. All she had ever wanted was him.

Once she might have leaned in to that touch, might have sighed his name past her lips. Ani. Her Ani. Yet she remains as she is, lips pursing and that hardness to her eyes. "Is that what you want, what you truly desire?"
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Her suspicions about the good in him may have some grains of truth in his behavior. Were he fully lost to the Dark Side, were he not so caring about her, this would be going in an entirely different direction - one full of pain and potential death at the end of it all.

And yet...his touch remains gentle, his voice pleading despite the tinge of fury and frustration. He towers over her, but not in a threatening manner at this point. It's more...protective. Almost to the point of obsession.

"...for years...years and heart raged with grief and agony. The idea that I had lost the only person that still mattered to me most, my lady, my queen... Your face haunted my dreams. Your voice echoed throughout the halls of the Senate and off the waters of Naboo."

Vader turns his head away, voice growling as he continues. "All because of that treacherous Jedi taking you away...wounding me and leaving me to die." He turns back to her, voice pleading once more as he caresses her cheek with his thumb. "Stay with me, Padme. I will protect you from any who would threaten you. I will shield you from the wrath of the Emperor himself. Promise that you'll stay...and I'll forgive your mistake of siding with these Revel scum."

Even if she refuses, however, he's not about to let her go. Not now, not ever. He has finally found her again, and he will not release her to anyone else. Not even Palpatine. Because of course, he could persuade his Emperor and Master to let her stay with him...
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There are times that she remembers all that she had once had. Those lazy afternoons on Naboo in the beginning- his teasing, her laughter. His strength and that cocky arrogance when he fought in the war. They might have had moments where things had not been easy, but the fact remained that through thick or thin, he had been the part that had completed her soul, and yet he is also the one that tore her heart right out.

She has always known his faults. She isn't blind to that, has never been. Yet Padmé could never have guessed that the dark side would have taken her husband who had glowed so brightly. He is that man, she knows, the one she loved so much (too much?) but that isn't all he is. "It was no mistake, Ani."

That nickname is used on purpose, almost calculatingly, but there is more to her voice than just that. There are years between them now, secrets, lies, hurt. "They stand for all we once stood for. They fight for liberty and freedom. I stand for that."
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The nickname almost immediately made him violently twitch, causing him to quickly pull away as if in shock. Even though it is her, his wife, the one person who would still call him's still unexpected to be addressed by any reminder of his old name, even by her voice.

"Do not call me that again," He growls in warning. A pause, though, as his tone grows lass angry and more wary. "At least...not around others. While you are still my wife, that man who otherwise bears that name is no more to everyone else in this galaxy."

That anger returns, however, upon her explanation on the Rebel. "You stand for freedom and justice. They are terrorists and villainous scum who only see to cause disorder and chaos. They are using you, Padme, in order to advance their violent resolves."
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She has never been one to take orders, and even now, that remains true. Yet, she is also a thinker, and while she may call him that again, it will be on her own terms at her own time. That shroud does seem to surround him, engulf him, and that darkness has him lost. Had she felt him a lost cause, she would not be here as she is.

"Have I ever been one to be used? To be bought? To be bribed?" While she may no longer be a Senator, she remains as she always has been. She is steady in that regard, those same ideals and beliefs as steadfast now as they were back then. Yet she knows it is a dangerous line that she walks. She does not fear death though, but she does fear him knowing the truth. Luke and Leia must be protected.

"You cannot separate us so. They and I are one in the same. I know what they stand for, what they truly stand for, and I would die for it."