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the afterlife meme

You're at the end. you've kicked the bucket. you've passed on. the point is you're dead. And however that end came out it's time for you to face the afterlife. Where will you go? Who will you meet? How old are you? What was your end like?

It's time to meet your end.

i. HEAVEN - Nirvana, Shangri La, Elysium, either way your good life has paid off and you are now paid off with eternal happiness.

1) PEACEFULLY. You died at peace, you've done all you can with your time and you came to your natural end. Now it's time to meet with those who left you behind.

2) A HERO. You died a hero. Celebrated by many. It's only fair that you get to rest.

3) TOO SOON. You died too soon, perhaps an innocent victim of some villain, or in an accident. However one thing is for certain, you shall rest peacefully here.

4) A VICTIM. A victim of a horrible circumstance, a painful death. Your end wasn't pleasant, but your afterlife will be. 

5) GUILT. You don't feel you deserve to be here. Not with all the suffering that's left behind, with your actions. Others should be here. Not you.

6) WILDCARD. Anything and everything else.

ii. HELL - Brimstone and fire. Tortured until the end of time. This is the "bad" place to end up. At least you may run into some interesting people.

1) A THE TOP. You died at the top, everyone suffering, the world at your feet. And yet look at where you are now.

2) JUST FOLLOWING ORDERS. You were just following orders. Doing what your superiors told you to do... and yet here you are.

3) DEFEATED. Unfortunately the "good guys" won, spoiling your plans. Everything you had hoped for was toppled over.

4) GUILT. Now is the best time to repent and reflect on the evil you have caused....

5) SURPRISE. No good deed goes unpunished. Perhaps what you thought was the right thing to do was really the wrong path. Maybe you had been misled. Whatever happened, you ended up here now.

6) WILDCARD. Anything and everything else.

iii. SOMEWHERE IN BETWEEN - Perhaps your in purgatory.... or in the final crossroads before you and others who have passed on must part. However, you're somewhere in between...

1) FINAL GOODBYE. One last meeting between friends, enemies. Just passing spirits.

2) FIRST MEETING IN A WHILE. It's been long. Way too long.

3) I CAME TO FIND YOU. You have fought through heaven and hell to see this person. To try and find them.

4) VISITATION. Perhaps you were both allowed a visitation between two different realms

5) WILDCARD. Anything and everything else.

iv. WILDCARD - Anything and everything in between. Any scenario, afterlife, situation that you could possibly imagine. The skeleton war, perhaps.


POST with your character's name and series title.

RESPOND TO OTHERS either using the prompts or make up your own situation. Use RNG if you feel you need some help.


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