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the horror tropes meme

The night descends, and you find yourself alone. Everything about the situation is horror movie code for "you're dead". There might be one way out... one person you can rely on to work your way out of the situation.

Of course, they might just be the person who wants to kill you.

r u l e s ;
1. Post your character with their Name - Canon - Any preferences in the subject line.
2. (Optional)
Pick a scenario for your character, and set the scene!
3. Go around and tag other people.
4. Friend or foe? Will you be helping the person you've tagged, or trying to kill them?

s c e n a r i o s ;

1. abandoned area: Wherever you are, the place is rotting and dying in front of your eyes. Old steel rusts and cobwebs dangle from every surface. It smells like mould and dust, and it's so easy to believe there are ghosts and skeletons around every corner.

2. all hallows eve: A halloween party can be a fantastic evening of fun frights and too many drinks. Or it can be a disaster, where the horrors are far more authentic and the blood on your friends' costumes isn't from the costume shop.

3. always night: Why are you out in the dead of night? Don't you know that's when the boogeyman comes out? ... What do you mean it's midday... the sky couldn't be blacker.

4. the calls are coming from inside the house: If you're home, you can't be harmed, right? The alarm would have sounded if someone broke a window... So why are there footsteps and creepy breathing coming from the kitchen?

5. camp unsafe isn't safe anymore: So you decided to spend an innocent summer at camp... You should have chosen one with a less ominous name.

6. don't go in the woods: ... Seriously? Why would you go there?

7. hell hotel: Oh, no, I'm sure that run down hotel on a hill where there are rumours of disappearances is completely safe.

8.indian burial ground: Or any burial ground. Graveyards and their dead trees are the safest places to spend a cold, gloomy night.

9. new house new problems: So you've just moved into a lovely new house! Fantastic! But did they tell you about the murderer who just escaped from prison?

10. anything else: If there's something you really want to do -- kidnapping, torture, mad scientists in their laboratory -- use this option!

(originally posted by CHECKPOINT/DELETED JOURNAL)

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